PvE Frost Mage Rotation, Cooldowns, & Abilities

pve frost mage tbc rotation, cooldowns, & abilities

Realistically, as a Frost Mage, our rotation is pretty simple and easy to follow.

  1. We’ll want to start off by ensuring we have Arcane Intellect or Arcane Brilliance active to ensure we have the most mana we could possibly have
  2. Use the appropriate armor for your situation:
    • Molten Armor: This increases your chance to critically hit by 3% – this is recommended for maximum DPS, but if you are responsible for kiting, it’s best to not use this one
    • Mage Armor: This increases your mana regeneration while in combat, so for longer fights, this is incredibly beneficial
    • Ice Armor: This will be beneficial when you are responsible for kiting
  3. We’ll mainly be spamming Frostbolt as our main ability which can trigger Winter’s Chill
  4. When you are on the move at any time, you can utilize Ice Lance which can also trigger Winter’s Chill
  5. Summon Water Elemental is a major DPS boost for you. Although the chances are high that it will die if attacked, it offers another form of Frost Nova through Freeze for even greater mob control


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