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  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: July 17, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Welcome to the Survival Hunter guide for World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Survival Hunter in dungeons and raids. The guide includes Talents, Gems, Enchantments, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips.

Best Races


Dwarf: Dwarf Hunters receive a couple of different benefits: Gun Specialization and Stoneform. While Stoneform is not as beneficial to Hunters as it would be to tanks, immunity to certain debuffs and slightly higher damage mitigation from physical attacks through increased armor is always a welcomed addition. Gun Specialization is certainly beneficial as it does increase our critical strike chance when using guns. However, most phases will see a bow (whether bow or crossbow) as our BiS weapon.

Night Elf: Night Elf Hunters receive Shadowmeld and QuicknessShadowmeld has limited use when it comes to PvE, but it can offer a great tool if you are going AFK, to lower the risk of a mob attacking you. Quickness increases your chance to dodge attacks by 1% – hopefully, in dungeons and raids, this won’t be called upon since we’re all hoping that the tank(s) don’t lose aggro but it’s nice to know in the event that that does happen, we have a higher chance to avoid all forms (magic and physical) of attacks. Combined with Aspect of the Monkey, your dodge chance could be increased by 9%, rather than 8%.

Draenei: Draenei Hunters have two major benefits waiting for them: Gift of the Naaru and Heroic PresenceHeroic Presence is something your entire group can benefit from as it is a party-wide buff that increases hit rating by 1%, effectively reducing the required hit rating from 9% down to 8% for anyone in your group – note that this is not a raid-wide buff, though. Gift of the Naaru is a free heal-over-time with a fairly short cast time.


Orc: Orc Hunters receive two majorly beneficial racials: Blood Fury and CommandBlood Fury increases your attack power by nearly 300 at level 70 but also reduces healing done to you by 50%. The reduced healing shouldn’t be a determining factor in whether or not to use this, or even to question its value since while in groups, Hunters should stay below the tank’s threat. However, if they were to pass the tank’s threat, they always have Feign Death, Frost Trap or even Misdirection to try and help the tank gain aggro. Command is strictly for our pets, increasing the damage they cause by 5%.

Tauren: Tauren Hunters don’t gain anything exclusively helpful to their class but the Tauren do gain Endurance, increasing their total health by 5%. The Tauren also receive War Stomp, allowing them to stun up 5 mobs within 8 yards, thereby allowing them extra time to retreat, or more time for the tank to pick the affected mobs up.

Trolls: Troll Hunters benefit from Bow SpecializationBeast Slaying, and Berserking. Similar to the idea of Gun SpecializationBow Specialization increases our critical strike chance when wielding a bow by 1%. Beast Slaying increases our damage done to Beasts by 5%. Berserking increases our attack speed by 10-30% – the actual amount depends on your current health when it’s activated. In most groups, your healer will be able to keep you at or nearly full health, so it’s not uncommon to see the buff on the lower end of the spectrum rather than the full 30% speed increase.

Blood Elves: Similar to the Tauren, Blood Elves don’t receive racials specifically useful to Hunters. As such, we’ll cover their racials without diving deep into them: Arcane Torrent – this allows you to silence all nearby enemies for a short time, which can be helpful in terms of assisting tanks bring casters into range for their abilities. It also grants you mana depending on how many charges of Mana Tap you have currently – up to a maximum of 3. Mana Tap – this ability reduces the target’s mana, which can be useful against caster-type mobs.

Alchemy: The main appeal for choosing Alchemy is the ability to create your own consumables throughout each Phase, potentially saving you varying amounts of gold as you progress through each phase, raiding and completing heroics. The secondary appeal to choosing Alchemy comes in Phase 5, when we’re able to craft Assassin’s Alchemist Stone.

Blacksmithing: Unfortunately, the only two benefits that Blacksmithing has for Hunters would be the ability to craft several types of keys, allowing them to unlock chests that would otherwise remain locked, or require a Rogue to open. (Yes, I would recommend allowing the Rogue to unlock them if you have one in your group to save your keys) Blacksmithing does provide Hunters the ability to craft certain pieces of armor that may be of use to them such as Twisting Nether Chain Shirt. However, we would be switching this out for our Pre-Raid BiS and BiS gearing choices.

Enchanting: Enchanting provides two benefits to players: the ability to enchant our rings with enchants unique to high-level enchanters such as Enchant Ring – Stats, and the ability to disenchant items that no one needs and sell the materials on the Auction House, or hang on to the materials for when a guild member needs an enchant.

Engineering: Considered one of the more exciting professions, Engineering provides Hunter with the opportunity to craft a high-level helmet, Deathblow X11 Goggles or Surestrike Goggles v2.0 beginning in Phase 2, and upgrade to Quad Deathblow X44 Goggles and Surestrike Goggles v3.0, respectively, in Phase 5. Engineering does allow you to craft your own bullets to use, but you are unable to craft arrows until a later phase. While we wouldn’t be using these, it is possible, however, to trade in your Thorium Shells for Thorium Headed Arrow in either Ironforge or Orgrimmar.

Jewelcrafting: Jewelcrafting affords players the ability to craft gems usable only by themselves such as Crimson Sun, or Stone of Blades, along with others. The other notable thing with Jewelcrafting is the ability to craft various trinkets such as Figurine – Felsteel Boar in Phase 1 and Figurine – Khorium Boar in Phase 5.

Leatherworking: Leatherworking is invaluable for Hunters since it allows us to craft various high-level pieces of equipment such as the Netherscale Armor Set, and the Primal Intent Armor Set in Phase 1, while we are able to craft Swiftstrike ShouldersCarapace of Sun and Shadow, among others beginning in Phase 3 and Phase 5, respectively. Leatherworking also affords us the ability to create various versions of Drums of Battle.

Tailoring: Tailoring doesn’t provide anything for Hunters outside the ability to craft your own bags since Leatherworking allows you to craft your own Quivers and Pouches for your ammunition.

Gathering Professions: Because Hunters should be picking Leatherworking, they should pair that with Skinning to maintain their own supply of materials for their Leatherworking profession. Mining would not provide any benefit outside of gold making, just the same as Herbalism.


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1 year ago

The talent tree is not good for early hunters below crit cap, you want 2 points on expose weakness because bonus does not increase and the procs are solid enough at 66% and max tactician always due to it increase crit chance which is one of your main stats, in that state glyph of explosive shot is pretty much mandatory, 3 points is a waste.
Once you hit crit cap you can change the mentioned glyph for steady shot glyph and go with just 1 point on expose weakness.
-> for the rotation part you can add that during lock n load they let all the ticks of explosive shots do effect instead of using other explosive shot and interrupting the last tick, this is crucial for dps.
-> professions combos are missing, Eng-Jc for example, tinkers and the gems are massive upgrades comparing to the enchants listed, or alchemy, mixology guru thoughts is bis basically all naxx, also cooking, food is crucial when managing stats, hit or agi food for example.
->If you are in extreme need of hit, sacrifice 1% crit for 1% hit depending on your socketing it can work well sometimes, just 1 point. 32.79 hit rating = 1% hit, important to know if not using tools as rawr.
-> haste cap which is 15.94% = 523 points in order to not clip steadys with your explosive shots, is not prio but need to keep in mind.
-> its necessary some useful macros like explosive shot stopcasting in case it recharges while steady cast or a lock and load proc:
#showtooltip Explosive Shot
/cast Explosive Shot
/use 10
also you want to control call of the wild from the pet and leave rabid automatic:
#showtooltip Rapid Fire
/cast Rapid Fire
/cast Call of the wild
/cast Berserking
/use 13
/use 14
—– (berserking in case you are a trol)
#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [target=yourtankhere] Misdirection
—–or the MD one
This comment in based on simulated data from a hunter on his seventh run of wow tlk.

Last edited by luth
6 days ago

Few corrections need to be made here.

  1. Grilled Mudfish is about as good as Warpburgers (+20 agility). Ideally you should not use any +hit food.
  2. Scrolls of Agility/Strength can also be used on your pet and yourself for more dps.
  3. Fist weapons will also benefit from the crit from adamantite weightstones if you go down that route.
  4. Scorpid is not a raiding pet, scorpid is a PvP pet. Ravagers are the best dps pets, but cats, raptors and wind serpents are also pretty close.
  5. Never use the old steady shot macro. Your rotation should change based on your current weapon speed. Generally, at low haste levels (like 2.00 or slower) you want to sprinkle in multi-shots and arcane shots after steady shots. At higher haste levels you use just steady shot after every auto. At very high haste levels you may do 2 autos per steady. Prio multishot over steady whenever there is more than one target. There’s more to it but this will basically work for most people.
Reply to  Hagrim
6 days ago

Thanks, we’re in the process of updating some of the older guides like this one and appreciate the feedback!

EDIT: The guide has now been fully updated.

Last edited 4 days ago by Furious
1 year ago

u said nothing about stats…
what is the main stat for this class?
what is the hit cap for it?

Last edited by mmd
Reply to  mmd
1 year ago

Hi! Stat Priority section was added to the guide. Main stat for Survival Hunter is Agility. Hit cap for raids is a standard 8%.

Last edited by Malphaz
9 months ago

can you sey whate is bis for bm and survival hunter like mmplz?

Last edited by rengerr
Reply to  rengerr
2 months ago

Hit rating followed by atk pwr, haste, agi, int, and crit. (You still need enough crit from gear to actually get around 30-35% raid buffed to proc cobra strikes for pet.-This is for BM. Also Devilsaur is hands down the best pet. BM will oom exponentially faster than MM and SV, but the dmg is just as high in naxx content. I’ve tested all specs multiple times in different content. Explosive traps with BM are just as important for your dps table as it is for SV. it’s around 9-11% of your dps if you get them off everytime they’re up.

Last edited 2 months ago by Rick
1 year ago

On both the pve guide for mm & survival it state Tyrant Devilsaur as best PVE pet, but its non tamable unless you are BM hunter. Could you add some alternatives?

Last edited by Willy
Reply to  Willy
2 months ago

Wolf for the atk pwr buff as MM/SV. You can alternatively train a wasp for armor reduction 5% and it can fly for specific raids such as EoE(like when Maly flies away).

Last edited by Rick
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