high astromancer solarian tbc wow raid guide
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: August 23, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic


  • Arcane Missiles – Even though High Astromancer Solarin DOES have a threat table, she will cast Arcane Missiles at random players.
  • Melee Damage – She causes very little melee damage, so this shouldn’t be a large concern.
  • Wrath of the Astromancer – An odd spell simply because the one we received on the PTR is different from the original spell.
    • Original – The player affected will receive a debuff that inflicts damage and after, AoE damage, while sending the affected player(s) into the air. After 5-6 seconds of getting the debuff, the player will “blow up,” causing 5-6,000 Arcane damage. The initial player affected has roughly 6 seconds to get at least 15 yards from their raid group to avoid damaging anyone else.
    • PTR – The player affected by this spell simply receives increased Arcane damage and after 7 seconds, the debuff is then transferred to another player.
  • Blinding Light – Causes Arcane damage to a player.


tbc positioning for high astromancer solrian 1
Positioning for High Astromancer Solrian in The Eye

Notes on Positioning

  • The arrow represents movement if you are affected by Wrath of the Astromancer – if you are affected, you should immediately position yourself away from the group, and then have another player stand next to you to receive the debuff and then position yourself in between the group and boss to avoid getting it again


Raid Composition

  • Tanks: (2-3) The idea behind having three tanks, if possible, is to have one tank for the adds that are summoned every time Solarian disappears (Most groups will likely opt for a Protection Paladin) The next tank would be used for tanking Solarian.
  • Heals: Similar to Void Reaver, it’s recommended to have 6-9 Healers. Some guilds may need more, while some may need less.
  • DPS: Having a well-balanced mixture of Ranged and Melee DPS is beneficial.

The Fight

Normal Form (Blood Elf Form)

  • High Astromancer Solarian will randomly cast Wrath of the Astromancer
    • Currently, it seems that it will provide second effect listed above
  • Every 50 seconds, the boss will disappear and adds will spawn that you will need to AoE down
  • 15 seconds after that, she will reappear with two Priest adds that will need to die ASAP

Voidwalker Form

  • Once Solarian reaches 20% Health, she will transform into a Voidwalker. At this point, the fight becomes a pure tank-and-spank encounter.

Notes for High Astromancer Solarian

  • While most wouldn’t consider it necessary, if you do find yourself or your group having trouble living through her damage, you may wish to use some gear/enchants with Arcane Resistance on it


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