PvE Arms Warrior Talents & Builds

tbc arms warrior talents and builds

Below you will find the standard PvE build for Arms Warriors and the explanation of the choices made in it. You do place several points into Fury but most of your points are in the Arms talent tree.

The main thought behind grabbing Improved Thunder Clap, despite it not being in your normal rotation, is that it can greatly improve utility, especially if you are grouped with a Druid or Paladin tank who don’t have an ability such as this.

Impale increases the critical strike damage bonus of your abilities in all of your stances by a significant amount.

Unlike in Classic WoW, TBC Classic sees Death Wish now in the Arms tree, allowing for us to pick it up for a nice DPS increase.

Depending on your weapon choice, you may move the 5 points from Sword Specialization to either Mace Specialization or Poleaxe Specialization.

Blood Frenzy allows for your Rend or Deep Wounds to trigger a debuff, increasing all physical damage taken by the boss or target by a total of 4%. This debuff can easily be maintained at 100% up-time.

If you do not have another Warrior with Improved Demoralizing Shout or a Druid with Feral Aggression, you may be requested to pick up Improved Demoralizing Shout yourself.

Commanding Presence provides a 25% increase to your Battle Shout and Commanding Shout. Battle Shout would provide a total of 381 Attack Power, up from 305, and Commanding Shout would provide 1,350 Health, up from 1,080.

Improved Slam reduces the cooldown of Slam by a total of 1 second, down to 0.5 seconds, causing it to be more efficient to use.

Sweeping Strikes is one of our very few ways of dealing any bit of AoE damage – granted, it only affects one other target, but it’s still beneficial, especially when paired with Whirlwind.


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