PvE Fire Mage Stat Priority

PvE Fire Mage TBC Stat Priority

The stat priorities for a Fire Mage in TBC Classic in order of importance are:

  1. Spell Hit Rating
  2. Spell Damage
  3. Spell Critical Strike
  4. Intellect

Note: Spell Haste will become a high priority in later phases. However, Spell Haste is not available on equipment in Phase 1 so I have left it off this list. When it does become available, it’s placed between Spell Hit Rating and Spell Damage.

Spell Hit Rating: Like any DPS class, we want to reach our hit cap immediately. Our Spell Hit cap is 164 as long as you grab Elemental Precision in the Tier 1 section of the Frost Talent tree.

Spell Damage: This will allow for our spells to cause more damage, thus increasing our DPS.

Spell Critical Strike: Similar to above, increasing our critical strike rating means that we’ll be landing critical strikes more often for additional damage.

Intellect: Since all of our abilities cost mana, increasing our intellect is on the list of priorities.


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