tbc classic pve feral druid dps gear & best in slot (bis) burning crusade classic
  • Author: bobodingo
  • Date: May 10, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Stat Priority

Important!!! Bears cannot use Parry Rating or Block Rating. If you have such items – replace them ASAP, as they do not contribute to your survivability at all.

Work on trying to fill out these stats first:

  1. The Armor cap is 31,672 against level 70 mobs and is 35,880 against bosses (level 73) which is 75% damage reduction. Armor higher than the cap is useless and does nothing more for survival. So work to get to cap but don’t go over.
  2. The Defense rating cap is 415 (total Defense, you will need to add 154 Defense Rating) which equals a 2.6% crit reduction – making you immune to critical strikes.
  3. Resilience is also useful and works similarly to Defense. Work on getting the combination of Defense and Resilience to be able to be uncrittable.
  4. Agility is a great tanking stat. It provides a little armor, avoidance, and also threat with crit.
  5. Expertise is used to reduce enemy chances of dodging or parrying your attacks (which is a threat increase for you).
  6. The hit cap is 9%. Make sure to have at least 6% at all times. 

While looking to max out those stats look for gear with the following:

  1. Crit rating – for more damage and threat.
  2. Strength – also increases damage and scales with buffs.
  3. Armor Penetration – a great stat to increase damage, can be found on higher-tier gear.


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Bobby Joe
3 hours ago

Expertise is also sought after to reduce the chances of being parry-hasted.

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