tbc classic pve feral druid dps gear & best in slot (bis) burning crusade classic
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: May 10, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Stat Priority

Important Note: While Druids CAN parry attacks while in their standard form, they can NOT parry or block attacks while in Dire Bear Form, so neither stat will be prioritized and if you currently have gear that provide either you should replace them as soon as you can.

  1. Defence Rating (154 Defence Rating for a total of 415 Defence Skill)
  2. Armor Rating (31,672 is the “Soft Cap” against level 70 mobs, while 35,880 is the “Hard Cap” against level 73 mobs)
  3. Stamina
  4. Hit Rating
  5. Agility
  6. Strength or Attack Power
  7. Critical Strike Rating
  8. Dodge Rating

Like any tanking class, Druids have a required amount of Defence skill to obtain in order to be deemed uncrittable. This just essentially means that no mob (trash or boss) will be able to critically hit you. Because critical hits are 200% of their normal damage, it’s imperative that we push the chance to receive critical strikes off the table as soon as we possibly can. If you are NOT defence capped, and a boss would normally hit you for 3,000 damage, there is potential for them to hit you for 6,000 damage, which even as a Druid with Dire Bear Form and Heart of the Wild, can be the difference between life and death.

There are two armor caps: Soft and Hard. The Soft Cap is 31,672 against trash mobs (level 70) and the hard cap is 35,880 against bosses (level 73) Because Druids are unable to block or parry in Dire Bear Form, they are unable to reach crush immunity and to combat this, Druids are the only class to be able to reach each armor cap. Crushing blows deal 150% of normal damage (So, at 3,000 normal damage, you would take 4,500 damage) Certain abilities increase your armor such as Inspiration from Priests, or Ancestral Healing from Shamans. Both abilities increase your armor by 25%. Either ability saves you 7,918 armor when accounting for the soft cap, and 8,970 armor when accounting for the hard cap.

Stamina is what Druids excel at. With Dire Bear Form and Heart of the Wild active, their stamina is increased by a total of 45%, while Warriors and Paladins cap at 5% and 16%, respectively. In combination with armor, stamina plays an important role in counteracting crushing blows.

Just like Warriors, and really any physical DPS, Druids need a total of 9% Hit Rating in order for their attacks to never miss their target. Anytime you miss an attack (Maul, Auto-attack, Swipe, etc.) you lose out on threat generation. When you are tanking a boss, it’s especially vital to make sure your attacks successfully land so that your over-eager DPS do not pull aggro.

While Agility does NOT increase our Attack Power while in Dire Bear Form, it does, however, increase our Dodge, Armor and Critical Strike Chance. So, realistically, it improves our threat, avoidance and mitigation all in just one stat. (1 Agility = 0.03% Dodge, 2 Armor and 0.03% Critical Strike Chance)

Strength DOES increase our Attack Power while in Dire Bear Form (1 Strength = 2 Attack Power) So gems like Brutal Tanzanite and Sovereign Tanzanite provide the same stats while in Dire Bear Form.

Critical Strike Rating on its own, and not originating from Agility, is a great stat to look out for, but because Agility DOES provide it along with other stats, it does fall below the above stats.

Dodge Rating in and of itself isn’t a high priority given that we need 18.92 dodge rating to obtain 1% Dodge Chance. Since Agility, as mentioned above, increases our chance to dodge, and that will be abundant in our gear while Dodge Rating is not as common.

As Expertise becomes more common on items, this stat will become important since it provides two benefits:

  1. Expertise reduces the chance that your attacks will be parried or dodged, allowing for you to generate more threat since your attacks are landing successfully
  2. Since Expertise reduces the chance your attacks will be parried, this means that it will lower the chance of the boss “parry-hasting,” which causes their weapon swing to be either reduced or reset (immediate attack) depending on how far through their swing timer they are when they parry your attack


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Better then you
Better then you
3 months ago

this is a trash stat prio lol

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