PvE Combat Rogue Rotation, Abilities, & Cooldowns

pve combat rogue rotation, cooldowns & abilities

Below you’ll find a Combat Rogue’s rotation for going one-on-one with a mob or boss, or when you’re faced with an AoE pull.

Single-Target/Boss Rotation

  1. Our first priority is opening with Garrote to begin the DoT damage immediately, so it is ideal to begin every encounter in Stealth
  2. If we are using Daggers, our main combo-point generator will be Backstab and if we are using any other weapons, our main combo-point generator will be Sinister Strike. Either way, we’ll want to use either ability at least twice to reach 3 combo points
  3. Our next priority would be activating Slice and Dice with a minimum of 3 combo points
    1. With Improved Slice and Dice, spending 3 combo points will produce 21 seconds, up from 15 seconds
  4. We’ll be repeating Step 2 to regenerate our combo points and when we achieve 3-5, we’ll be using Rupture

Important Notes

  • You should ensure 100% uptime of Slice and Dice and Rupture throughout your encounter(s)
  • Use Eviscerate whenever you have extra combo points that are not required for Slice and Dice or Rupture
  • Use Shiv whenever your poison is about to fall off the target. It should only be used if the debuff is about to fall off
  • Keep Blade Flurry in mind for an extra attack speed increase and to attack an extra mob in the pull
  • Also, keep in mind that we have Adrenaline Rush to restore our energy significantly faster for a short period of time

AoE Rotation

  • Unfortunately, Rogues aren’t exactly gifted in terms of AoE damage until a later expansion. Since we only really have Blade Flurry, the more ideal situation for us would be to have marks that all melee DPS would focus down simultaneously


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