PvE Restoration Shaman Rotation, Cooldowns, & Abilities

pve resto shaman rotation, cooldowns, & abilities

This rotation works for both Single-Target encounters and AoE pulls.

  1. The first thing we want to do is maintain Water Shield at all times for the mana regeneration it provides.
  2. The second thing we want to do is maintain Earth Shield on one of your tanks. If the fight is, for example, Moroes from Karazhan, where both tanks should be first and second in threat, it’s more advantageous to use Earth Shield on the first in threat, dubbed the main tank, since the off tank should only be hit while the main tank is stunned by Gouge
  3. The next thing to consider is your totems. More often than not, you’re likely to be placed in what is considered to be the “caster group” thanks to the abundance of helpful totems we carry for them.
    1. Mana Spring Totem – This regenerates 25 Mana every 2 seconds, for 2 minutes. (Assuming, of course, that we picked up Restorative Totems) This allows for a maximum of roughly 1,500 mana to be restored. The main advantage of this totem in comparison to Mana Tide Totem (which we’ll discuss next) is that there is no cooldown.
    2. Mana Tide Totem – Sitting on a 5-minute cooldown, Mana Tide Totem regenerates 6% of every party member’s total mana every 3 seconds for a total of 12 seconds, equaling 4 ticks. The key word is TOTAL mana, so that is after buffs. So, let’s assume that a caster has 10,000 mana – each tick will regenerate 600 mana for a total of 2,400 mana. While these two totems are not stackable, Mana Tide Totem and Mana Spring Totem can be used in conjunction with each other: Mana Spring Totem used when Mana Tide Totem is on cooldown.
    3. Tranquil Air Totem – If you are in a caster-only group, with no Paladin tank, this totem will be a massive asset to completing fights smoothly since this reduces threat caused by 20%. Note: This does not stack with Blessing of Salvation.
    4. Poison Cleansing Totem and Disease Cleansing Totem – Each of these totems does what their name suggests. The takeaway, though, is that they last for two minutes, attempting to cleanse their respective debuffs every five seconds. These totems cannot both be used at the same time.
    5. Healing Stream Totem – This one won’t likely be used at all, since the Mana Spring Totem cannot work at the same time. However, it does regenerate 18 health every two seconds for a total of two minutes.
    6. Tremor Totem – This is a phenomenal totem, removing Fear, Charm and Sleep effects for a total duration of two minutes. This is especially useful in dungeons such as The Underbog. It did seem to negate the freezing ability of Skeletol Usher in Karazhan on Beta servers. This may or not continue to work on Live Servers.
    7. Grounding Totem – This little gem redirects one spell cast at one of your party members to itself, saving your party damage, while destroying itself.
    8. Stoneskin Totem – This totem simply reduces melee damage taken by 51. Not a huge benefit when comparing 51 damage to how much damage raid and heroic bosses actually cause.
    9. Strength of Earth Totem – This increases your party’s strength by (up to) 98, allowing for more damage to be caused, and for more damage to be absorbed through blocks, if you happen to be in a tank’s group.
    10. Windfury Totem – This affords players the opportunity on each attack with their main-hand weapon to be granted an additional attack with 445 extra attack power. This isn’t beneficial if you are not grouped with melee DPS since casters don’t benefit from attack power and Hunters don’t use their main-hand weapon to attack with.
    11. Wrath of Air Totem – One of the greatest additions for a caster group, this increases their spell damage and healing by 101 for two minutes with no cooldown.
    12. Stoneclaw Totem – Similar to other items in the world that explicitly say, “In case of Emergency,” this should only be used if your tank is close to death and you don’t think your heal will get off in time, or if the tank is just unfortunately dead as it does taunt all creatures within 8 yards to it, potentially causing the tank(s) to become confused and not know what’s going on.
    13. I did leave out Resistance Totems since they’re pretty self-explanatory and small-damage totems since they’re not beneficial enough to worry about having active.
  4. We’ll be focusing on spamming Chain Heal (Rank 4 or Rank 5) Since this affects up to three targets, this heal may generate more healing than simply Lesser Healing Wave (Rank 7)
  5. Make sure to use Nature’s Swiftness with Healing Wave (Rank 12) for a big, instant heal. This can be a life saver in dire situations.
  6. While Chain Heal will be our main spammed spell, if you find you need to heal someone quicker than 2.5 seconds, use Lesser Healing Wave for a heal that can be pushed out in just 1.5 seconds


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