PvE Subtlety Rogue Rotation, Cooldowns, & Abilities

pve tbc subtlety rogue rotation, cooldowns, and abilities

In this section we will be covering the optimal rotation for Subtlety Rogues in TBC Classic. The rotation itself is easy enough to use and master, so let’s get to it!

Single-Target Rotation

The first thing every player should be doing before entering a boss encounter is to ensure all possible buffs are active. If they’re not, remind the applicable players to toss out a new buff (Perhaps it recently expired)

To begin our assault, we want to be in Stealth so that our first attack can be Garrote

With 3-5 combo points, we’ll want to use Slice and Dice – we’ll also want to make sure that we are maintaining this throughout the encounter

We’ll now want to get Rupture up on the target

Hemorrhage will be our main go-to ability for generating combo points

Ideally, Shiv will be used if your poisons are about to expire on your target

AoE/Multiple Mob Rotation

If you did pick up Blade Flurry, that will be the only real difference between the two rotations – we’ll still complete our single-target rotation since we don’t have any actual AoE abilities just yet!

Note: Regardless of your chosen build, the rotation will remain the same, with the exception of the AoE Rotation with Blade Flurry, since we don’t place enough points into either Combat or Assassination talent trees to receive any abilities worth changing our entire rotation.


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2 years ago

no good actual pve guide^^

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