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  • Date: January 29, 2022
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  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Greetings and welcome to our strategy guide for Hyjal Summit: Battle for Mount Hyjal in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic! Located in the northern corridor on the lower level of the Caverns of Time, Mount Hyjal is one of the two raids being released with Phase 3. Unlike Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern, both Mount Hyjal and Black Temple are home to the start of Tier 6 gear. Mount Hyjal consists of a total of 5 bosses that begins with Rage Winterchill and ending with Archimonde. These bosses must be killed in a linear order that begins with two bosses within the Alliance Camp and the next two within the Horde Camp. With Archimonde being the last boss, he is located and fought in his own area located by the World Tree on the eastern side of the map.

This guide aims to help you understand how best to prepare yourself and your raid group for Mount Hyjal by giving you an overview of each encounter, providing an in-depth explanation of each boss, discussing positioning and how you can set yourself up for success. We will also cover the attunement process and how you can reach the entrance.

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Attunement Process

Before being able to enter Mount Hyjal, every member of your raid must reach level 70, attain Revered reputation with Keepers of Time and complete the quest, The Vials of Eternity. This quest will not be obtainable unless you have reached the correct reputation level.

If you’re looking for an in-depth explanation of the process, please check out our full-length Hyjal Summit: Battle for Mount Hyjal Attunement Guide!

Finding the Entrance to Hyjal Summit

The entrance to Mount Hyjal can be located in the northern northern corridor on the lower level of the Caverns of Time, which is located in the eastern part of Tanaris. Before reaching the instance portal, you will come across a forest-like setting with some Elven architecture scattered around.

Raid Preparation

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Hyjal Summit: Battle for Mount Hyjal is a 25-man raid in The Burning Crusade Classic. Unlike Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, Mount Hyjal requires players to follow a linear order in defeating each boss. The bosses that can be found in Mount Hyjal are:

  1. Rage Winterchill
  2. Anetheron
  3. Kaz’Rogal
  4. Azgalor
  5. Archimonde

Once every member within your raid is attuned, we can begin focusing on the ideal composition for your raid group.

  • Tanks: 3-4
    • Paladin tanks are recommended for the first two bosses. They are a good choice to tank the Towering Infernal during Antetheron and on Rage Winterchill to remove Frost Armor‘s Chilled effect.
    • Warrior tanks are recommended during the encounter with Archimonde due to their immunity to Fear when using Berserker Rage.
  • Healers: 6-9
    • This number will fluctuate between each boss battle that you encounter. It is recommended to have a higher number during the encounter with Anetheron due to Carrion Storm and during the encounter with Azgalor due to Howl of Azgalor.
  • DPS:
    • Having a healthy mixture of Ranged and Melee DPS is a good idea. Specifically opting to bring a certain number of Hunters and Mages will certainly help your group defeat bosses like Rage Winterchill and Archimonde.

Trash Mobs

Each boss, excluding Archimonde, will have 8 different waves of trash mobs for you and your raid party to go through before encountering the boss. The four bosses are split into two different bases. Rage Winterchill and Anetheron are located in the Alliance Base while Kaz’Rogal and Azgalor are located in the Horde Base. If you wipe at any point during the raid, whether that’s on the trash or the boss itself, you will need to redo the previous eight waves of trash and wait for the leader NPC to respawn to start that encounter over.

Rage Winterchill
10x Ghouls
10x Ghouls
  • For the Shadowy Necromancers, Priests should be mind controlling these and buffing players with ..
  • Abominations have aura on them that deal a lot of nature damage and if there is a lot of them in one spot, Healers will have a harder time keeping the Melee DPS players alive.
  • You will only encounter a Frost Wyrm in the Horde Base and it will need to be tanked by a ranged DPS player. This player should be stepped away from the rest of the raid to not have the party hit by Frost Breath.

Boss Encounters

Mount Hyjal offers players the ability to have a mixed challenge of both trash mob waves and difficult bosses, each with their own unique hurdles for players to overcome. In terms of difficulty, neither the waves of trash mobs or the bosses themselves are considered difficult. However, if you end up wiping during one of the waves of trash or to a boss themselves, you will need to restart the entire 8 waves of trash and wait 8 minutes for one of the NPC leaders to respawn. Below, we will cover each boss that you will encounter and give you some tips for each boss within Mount Hyjal.

Rage Winterchill

Rage Winterchill is the first boss that you will encounter and is considered a DPS race. Keep in mind, you will need to clear 8 waves of trash mobs before engaging in battle with him.

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Anetheron is the second boss that you will encounter and the last boss you will encounter in the Alliance Base. Just like the encounter with Rage Winterchill, you will need to survive the eight rounds of trash mobs before the encounter with Anetheron.

  • Tanks:
    • You have the easiest job here – stand at your designated spot and never move.
    • Use defensive cooldowns if your designated healers get incapacitated by Carrion Swarm or Sleep.
  • Healers:
  • Ranged DPS:
    • If your raid is killing the Towering Infernal, you will need to burn it down after the tank has enough threat.
    • Use your personal DPS cooldowns during Heroism / Bloodlust for maximum DPS.
  • Melee DPS:
    • Make sure you are not standing in front of one of the ranged stack groups.
    • If other groups get hit by Carrion Swarm aimed at melee, you will need to reposition slightly.
    • Use your personal DPS cooldowns during Heroism / Bloodlust for maximum DPS.

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Kaz’Rogal is the third boss that you will encounter and the first boss you will encounter in the Horde Base. Just like the previous bosses, the party must survive through eight waves of trash mobs before encountering Kaz’Rogal.

  • Tanks:
  • Healers:
    • Make sure you are never within 20 yards of Kaz’rogal.
    • Use your mana regeneration abilities and items early so you can use them multiple times in the fight.
    • This fight is all about mana efficiency – downrank your spells and avoid overhealing.
    • Be quick to react with instant heals when War Stomp is coming off cooldown, as the tank can die fast.
  • Ranged DPS:
  • Melee DPS:

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Azgalor is the last boss that you will encounter within the Horde Base and that requires you to survive the eight waves of trash before encountering the boss. This boss is a battle for survival due to the boss casting Doom on a random player every 45 seconds which eventually kills them once the timer reaches 0.

  • Tank:
    • You have ~10 seconds to face Azgalor away from the raid and move him to his spot.
    • Don’t ever move close to other players, as you will kill them with Cleave.
    • Be careful with turning the boss when moving out of Rain of Fire.
  • Healer:
    • Do not slack off or lose focus while incoming damage is low — tanks can die very quickly.
    • Keep your heal-over-time and armor increasing effects up on the tanks at all times.
    • Be extra vigilant when Howl of Azgalor is available.
  • Ranged DPS:
  • Melee DPS:
    • Use your personal DPS cooldowns during Heroism / Bloodlust for maximum DPS.
    • Don’t bother trying to DPS the Lesser Doomguard — stay on the boss instead.
    • If Rain of Fire targets the melee, stay out, do not risk dying for a little bit of damage.

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Archimonde is the final boss that you will encounter in Hyjal Summit: Battle for Mount Hyjal. This encounter is considered a major battle for survival due to one death within the raid party can cause a wipe.

  • Tanks:
    • You have ~5-10 seconds to move Archimonde to the correct position & face him correctly.
    • You should never move the boss — things can get ugly.
    • If you need to move out of Doomfire Strike, only move to the left or right — don’t make the boss move.
    • Keep a close eye on the Fear timer at all times & be ready to use Berserker Rage to avoid it.
    • If you take a big hit while your healers are Feared, quickly react with a defensive cooldown.
  • Healers:
    • Do not panic — this fight is all about you staying focused and healing targets that need it the most.
    • Focus on healing players afflicted by Grip of the Legion first, as they take the most DPS.
    • Restoration Druids: Make sure you’ve put all your heal-over-time spells on the tank before Fear.
    • Use your fear-break abilities to quickly heal the tank if they take a big hit during Fear.
    • Use your cooldowns (Desperate PrayerNature’s Swiftness etc) to survive – you really cannot die here.
  • Ranged DPS:
    • Use your personal DPS cooldowns during Heroism / Bloodlust for maximum DPS.
    • Stay around your group members for group-based heal spells, but always at least 13 yards away.
    • Don’t lose focus and keep spamming your damage spells while fire is closing in — move away.
    • Mages: Use Blink to safely counter Air Burst.
    • Shadow Priests: Only use Shadow Word: Death when it’s 100% safe to do so and you have full HP.
  • Melee DPS:
    • Use your personal DPS cooldowns during Heroism / Bloodlust for maximum DPS.
    • Spread out into 2 camps of melee DPS, one on each side of Archimonde (left / right).
    • Be at maximum melee range — you shouldn’t be within 13 yards of the other melee group or the tank.
    • Doomfire Strike will inevitably spawn on top of you occasionally — quickly move out.
    • Warriors: Use Intercept to safely counter Air Burst.

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