Engineering Guide 1-375

Engineering Guide 1 375 TBC 2.4.3

Engineering is one of the more unique professions in WoW. It uses metals bars to create parts, which are then turned into useful inventions like the Field Repair Bot 110G. Engineers are also able to make ranged weapons like Ornate Khorium Rifle and the ammunition for them like Adamantite Shells (which come from the Adamantite Shell Machine, another invention) or Adamantite Stinger (from Adamantite Arrow Maker). In addition, once Engineers cap, they gain the ability to make a piece of  profession-specific, Epic head gear like Hard Khorium Goggles.

In TBC, with the addition of flying mounts, Blizzard has given Engineers one of the most coveted abilities: to craft one of their own. Both Flying Machine Control and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control are recipes learned from trainers, and players can build them fairly quickly.

As a complimentary gathering profession, most Engineers choose Mining due to the high number of metal bars and fair amount of gems required to reach the cap. Otherwise, purchasing all the materials to level can get costly, considering that Engineering shares these with Blacksmithing. And, all classes can benefit from Engineering, regardless of spec, especially given the addition of the Epic helms in this expansion.

Training Engineering


Beginning with Patch 2.3 Blizzard has given Engineering Trainers is any major capital the ability to train you all the way from Apprentice through Artisan, so where you train is up to you. For Alliance players, however, Ironforge is recommended simply because of the availability of recipes and Specialization quests, if you choose.


Once you reach Outland, your Master trainer will be at your faction’s first questing area in Hellfire Peninsula. For the Horde, the Master trainer is Zebig in Thrallmar, and for the Alliance, there’s Lebowski in Honor Hold.

Unlike some professions, the neutral Engineering trainer is not in Shattrath. Instead, all players can find Xyrol at Area 52 in Netherstorm.

Required Materials



* = Optional, based on choice from 360 – 375.


Leveling Engineering


1-40: Rough Blasting Powder

41 – 50: Handful of Copper Bolts

50 – 51: Arclight Spanner

51 – 65: Copper Tube

65 – 75: Rough Boomstick

Once you’ve finished crafting the Boomsticks, head back to your trainer and learn Journeyman Engineering.

75 – 95: Coarse Blasting Powder

95 – 105: Silver Contact

105 – 120: Bronze Tube

120 – 125: Small Bronze Bomb

125 – 145: Heavy Blasting Powder

145 – 150: Big Bronze Bomb

After your done making your bombs, learn Expert Engineering.

This is also a good time to pick up either Schematic: Green Firework from Crazk Sparks in Booty Bay, Schematic: Red Firework from Sovik in Orgrimmar if you’re a Horde player, or Schematic: Blue Firework from Darian Singh in Stormwind or Gearcutter Cogspinner in Ironforge if you’re an Alliance player.

150 – 175: Green Firework, Blue Firework, or Red Firework

175 – 176: Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor

  • Convert Steel Bar into Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor.

176 – 190: Solid Blasting Powder

190 – 195: Big Iron Bomb

195 – 205: Mithril Tube

205 – 210: Unstable Trigger

210 – 225: Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs

When you’re done making the slugs, head back to your trainer and become an Artisan.

225 – 235: Mithril Casing

235 – 245: Hi-Explosive Bomb

245 – 250: Mithril Gyro-Shot

250 – 260: Dense Blasting Powder

260 – 290: Thorium Widget

290 – 300: Thorium Tube

After you’ve completed making your tubes, it’s time to cross through the Dark Portal to Outlands and become a Master Engineer.


The first step of leveling Engineering in Outland is particularly materials intensive, but it sets you up for success as you continue to progress. You’ll need to make large quantities of three different components that will be used at a later level, so by frontloading their production, you save time in the long run.

300 – 310: Fel Iron Casing (x55), Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (x240), and Elemental Blasting Powder (x35)

310 – 320: Fel Iron Bomb

320 – 335: Fel Iron Musket

Before going on, you’ll need to purchase Schematic: White Smoke Flare. All players can purchase this from Wind Trader Lathrai in the Lower City of Shattrath. Otherwise, players will have to venture to the new capitals introduced in this expansion. This means that the Alliance will have to journey to Azuremyst Isle and find Feera just outside The Exodar, and the Horde must go to Silvermoon City and find Yatheon.

This is also an opportune time to grab your final pattern for leveling between 360 and 375: Schematic: Field Repair Bot 110G. It’s a rare drop from Gan’arg Analyzer in the western section of Blade’s Edge Mountains between Forge Camp Wrath and Forge Camp Terror.

If you don’t want to farm in Blade’s Edge, there is another option below, but the materials are significantly more intensive to gather and will still eventually involve farming. This set requires you to purchase both Schematic: Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles. For Alliance players, Lebowski in Honor Hold will sell it, and Horde players can find it by talking with Captured Gnome and Zabra’Jin in Zangarmarsh. After, it would be an opportune time to head over to Manaforge Duro in Netherstorm and farm Schematic: Khorium Scope from Sunfury Bowman.

335 – 350: White Smoke Flare

350 – 360: Khorium Power Core 

360 – 375: Field Repair Bot 110G


350 – 355: Felsteel Stabilizer

355 – 360: Ultra-spectropic Detection Goggles 

360 – 375: Khorium Scope 

You’ve capped! Congrats! Keep reading to find out about the two Engineering specializations and the endgame recipes available to Engineers.


In Vanilla, Blizzard gave Engineering two specializations: Gnomish and Goblin. While the distinctions between them used to come down to whether you wanted to make novel gadgets (Gnomish) or situationally useful explosives (Goblin), the decision now requires a bit more thought. Each specialization is able to craft two different pieces of Epic head gear, but the classes and specs they are suitable for vary quite noticeably.

In short, the Gnomish gear favors Cloth-wearing Healers and DPS as well as Leather-wearing melee DPS. The Goblin pieces both feature stun resist, making them especially useful for PvP, and favor Mail-wearing melee DPS and Cloth-wearing Healers and DPS.

Other than that, there is relatively little difference between the professions outside of Goblin’s ability to craft larger bombs than an unspecialized or Gnomish Engineer would be able to.

Gnomish Engineering

As a specialization, Gnomish Engineering is focused on making unique and novel items. At the highest level, you’ll also be able to make Gnomish Power Goggles and Gnomish Battle Goggles, both of which are learned directly from trainers.

To become a Gnomish Engineer, the first step is to take the quest The Pledge of Secrecy from either Tinkmaster Overspark in Ironforge or Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay. Once you turn it in, you’ll be able to begin the crafting quest: Show Your Work. This requires you to bring in:

The total materials, if you craft everything, for that will be:

Goblin Engineering

In contrast to Gnomish, Goblin Engineering is focused much more on explosives and items to be used in combat. At high levels, you will also learn two Epic headpiece recipes from trainers: Foreman’s Reinforced Helmet and Foreman’s Enchanted Helmet.

The process to become a Goblin Engineer is quite similar to the Gnomish one. You begin by taking The Pledge of Secrecy quest from Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan. After continuing to talk to Nixx, you’ll pick up the Goblin Engineering version of the Show Your Work quest. It will require you to craft:

In total, this requires:

Endgame Engineering

There are several notable endgame uses for Engineering. The first, and most obvious, is constructing your profession flying mounts: Flying Machine Control and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control.

Following that, there are a number of BoP and BoE recipes that Engineers can acquire through reputation grinding or drops in the world, dungeons, or raids. Unlike most professions, Engineering’s reputation rewards are quite sparse, so it will take you relatively little time to collect them.

Flying Machines

With the addition of flying in Outland, Engineers are one of two classes that are able to craft their own unique mounts to take to the sky. Both Flying Machine Control and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control are taught by the same two trainers in Shadowmoon Valley: Niobe Whizzlespark at Wildhammer Stronghold for the Alliance and Jonathan Garett at Shadowmoon Village for the Horde.

Though the parts for each may seem fairly easy to acquire, keep in mind that when you craft Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control, it requires an additional Flying Machine Control, so you’ll need to craft it twice.

Reputation Rewards

BoP/BoE Schematics


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2 years ago

Have fun going to 40 with Rough Blasting Powder. After completely buying the AH out of Rough Stone, and making over 200 Rough Blasting Powder, only to make it to 39/75, I gave up and made a Rough Dynamite instead for the 1 point.

2 years ago

I made an account for this site just so I could tell you how bad your guide is. Its really bad. Thanks for wasting my time and gold. Those of you looking for a guide to level your engineering, look elsewhere.

2 years ago

Honestly, this guide looks great at the start, but then you realize you need alot more mats then what it calls for and you also can do cheaper routes. Just some ideas. I would change 285-300 to Thorium Shells its way less thorium with for sure skill ups, plus you already have the dense powder

Reply to  Slayer
2 years ago

Agreed, use this guide as a point of reference and common sense will do the rest.

3 years ago

very good starting point Furious. carry on, I’ll b following you 🙂

3 years ago

Thank you for informations. Is there a way to change the spec from gobelin to gnomish for example ?

Reply to  Dreamis
3 years ago

Unfortunately the only way to switch between specializations in TBC is to drop the profession, relearn it and choose your desired specialization.

In Patch 3.2.0 Engineers were given the ability to choose a different specialization by paying a fee.

3 years ago

no word about the mote extrator, dont even know why i came here. big waste of time

Reply to  fuckoff
3 years ago
Reply to  fuckoff
2 years ago

Comment removed by moderator. No personal attacks.

Reply to  fuckoff
2 years ago

lol its great for pvp what u talk about scrub

Nikki Benz
Nikki Benz
2 years ago

How much need Gold For 1 – 375 ?

Furious is a dumbass
Furious is a dumbass
1 year ago

This is a horrible guide and is absolutely inaccurate. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!

Furious is not a dumbass
Furious is not a dumbass
Reply to  Furious is a dumbass
1 year ago

Have you made a guide? Probably not. Critics are the most useless people in the entire world. They offer nothing but a negative opinion and rarely have anything constructive to say. I thought it was a decent guide. I strayed from it from time to time but it gave me a good base as someone who hasn’t leveled engineering before.

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