PvE Subtlety Rogue Talents & Builds

pve tbc subtlety rogue talents and builds

In this section we will be covering the different talent builds that Subtlety Rogues may use to maximize their damage output.

Note: While a deep-Subtlety build won’t do as much damage as the Hybrid specs, we will be including one deep-Subtlety build, as well.

In this first build, we would be prioritizing Swords over other weapons for Sword Specialization in the Combat tree. By taking Hemorrhage, you are able to increase the damage output of physical DPS in your raid. This will also be your main ability used to generate combo points. Ideally, you will use a slower sword in your main-hand, with a faster sword in your off-hand for maximum effectiveness. We also reach down into Weapon Expertise, reducing the required amount of Expertise to reach either cap by 10.

In this second build, we’ll be taking the focus away from using swords and thus, it is recommended to follow this build if you do not have access to two swords at the time. The idea behind the build is the same as the one above, but we do reach into Deadliness for additional Attack Power, while sacrificing Weapon Expertise.

In this third build, we’ll see a deep dive into the Subtlety specialization, picking up key talents as we go, such as Sleight of Hand, Deadliness, and of course, Hemorrhage. We also delve into the Combat specialization to pick up Precision, increasing our chance to hit by 5%.

Note: Subtlety, typically, is not the go-to choice for Rogues interested in completing endgame content since its damage is inferior to the other two remaining specializations. However, that does not mean that Subtlety is not viable or useful, it just means that it will typically produce less damage than Combat or Assassination.


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2 years ago

This is extremely niche, but I appreciate it for that reason.
Thank you for your effort in putting together this Sub Rogue PvE guide!

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