Leatherworking Guide 1 375 TBC 2.4.3
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: January 16, 2020
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Since Vanilla, Leatherworking has been one of the best ways for Leather and Mail wearers to outfit themselves with gear. By gathering the leather, hides, scales, and pelts of beasts and dragonkin, Leatherworkers are able to craft some of the most powerful gear in the game. In TBC, Blizzard has expanded on this, not only by adding a huge number of BoP and BoE drop recipes but also by expanding the profession’s range through specializations. While the specializations themselves are not new, in TBC, they can make powerful pieces like Primalstrike Vest, Windhawk Belt, and Ebon Netherscale Bracers. Without specialization, Leatherworkers can also make items like Carapace of Sun and Shadow and Living Earth Shoulders.

Skinning is the only gathering profession that is able to gather the necessary materials for Leatherworking, so most players opt to pair the two. And, in terms of class and spec, Leatherworking is suitable for almost all Leather and Mail wearers, but the exception in this case is Hunters. Because of the stats available on the mail gear Leatherworkers can make, Hunters should carefully evaluate whether or not Leatherworking is right for them.

Training Leatherworking


Since patch 2.3, Blizzard has turned Leatherworking into one of the professions which can be learned entirely from trainers in any major capital. So, the choice of where to train is yours.


After crossing through the Dark Portal, all players will find Master trainers in their faction’s first questing area. For the Alliance, you’ll learn from Brumman at Honor Hold. Barim Spilthoof will do the same for the Horde at Thrallmar.

All players can also be trained by Darmari of Lower City in Shattrath.

Specializations (see Specializations section for quest details)

For Dragonscale Leatherworking, Alliance players will need to go to Peter Galen in Azshara, between The Forlorn Ridge and the Ruins of Eldarath. The Horde trainer is Thorkaf Dragoneye, who can be found in Badlands west of Lethlor Ravine.

To train Elemental, Alliance players should speak with Sarah Tanner, who can be found at the Tanner Camp in the southwest of Searing Gorge; the Horde will learn from Brumn Winterhoof in Arathi Highlands, north of Stromgarde Keep.

Tribal Leatherworking is taught to Alliance players by Caryssia Moonhunter on the edge of Thousand Needles, and it’s taught to the Horde by Se’Jib in the ruins south of Grom’gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale.

Required Materials


Vanilla and TBC


* = Not exact, based on reputation levels and recipes chosen

Leveling Leatherworking


1 – 35: Light Armor Kit

35 – 55: Cured Light Hide

After you’ve finished curing the hides, return to your trainer and learn Journeyman.

55 – 85: Embossed Leather Gloves

85 – 100: Fine Leather Belt

100 – 120: Cured Medium Hide

120 – 125: Fine Leather Belt

125 – 150: Dark Leather Belt

Once you’ve completed crafting the belts, it’s time to become an Expert Leatherworker.

150 – 160: Cured Heavy Hide

160 – 170: Heavy Armor Kit

Before continuing, you’ll need to acquire Pattern: Dusky Leather Leggings. It’s a fairly common world drop, so if you are unable to loot it yourself, it should almost certainly be on the Auction House at a reasonable price.

170 – 180: Dusky Leather Leggings

180 – 190: Barbaric Shoulders

190 – 195: Dusky Bracers

195 – 205: Dusky Belt

205 – 225: Nightscape Headband

After you’re done stitching this set off headbands, you can visit a trainer to become an Artisan.

225 – 230: Nightscape Headband

230 – 250: Nightscape Pants

250 – 260: Nightscape Boots

To continue, all players must purchase Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets. Alliance players will have to venture to the Western Plaguelands and find Leonard Porter south of the Ruins of Andorhal, and the Horde will be able to buy the recipe from Werg Thickblade in Tirisfal Glades, just outside of the Western Plaguelands border.

This is also an opportune moment to either farm or purchase Pattern: Wicked Leather Bracers and Pattern: Wicked Leather Headband. If they’re not on the AH, or you cannot afford to buy them, you must first head to Azshara and farm Legashi Rogues along the northwestern coast for the bracers pattern. To get the Headband, you’ll need to go to the northwest area of Felwood and farm Jadefire Trickster.

260 – 270: Wicked Leather Gauntlets

270 – 280: Wicked Leather Bracers

280 – 300: Wicked Leather Headband

Once you’ve completed the Wicked Leather set, it’s time to cross through the Dark Portal and become a Master Leatherworker.


300 – 310: Knothide Leather

310 – 325: Knothide Armor Kit

To continue, you’ll need to purchase Pattern: Heavy Knothide Leather. The most advisable vendor is Cro Threadstrong in Lower City in Shattrath. Otherwise, the Horde will have to head to Silvermoon City to find Zaralda and the Alliance will have to go to Azuremyst Isle to speak with Harefet.

325 – 335: Heavy Knothide Leather

335 – 340: Thick Draenic Vest

340 – 350: Felscale Breastplate

From skill level 350 through 375, the only way forward is to use recipes earned through faction Reputation rewards. The path involving the least materials requires you to be Honored with the Scryers, Friendly with Cenarion Expedition, and Exalted with your Hellfire Peninsula faction. There are alternatives for the Scyers and Hellfire Peninsula tiers — the Aldor and Sha’tar, namely –, but both alternatives require the same level of reputation and will use more materials.

350 – 355: Enchanted Felscale Gloves (Scryers) or Blastguard Belt (Aldor)

355 – 365: Heavy Clefthoof Boots (Cenarion Expedition)

365 – 375: Nethercobra Leg Armor (Hellfire Peninsula) Drums of Battle (Sha’tar)

And with that, you’ve finished! Congratulations! Keep reading to find out about Specializations and Endgame Leatherworking Patterns.


Leatherworking, like several other professions, offers you the chance to hone your abilities in a specific area once you reach level 45 and skill level 200. For Leatherworking, these are Dragonscale, Elemental, and Tribal. To discern which specialization is right for you, one of the easiest ways is to look at the specialization-specific endgame gear you’ll be able to craft. But, in short, Dragonscale is for spell using Mail-wearers, Elemental is for physical DPS Leather-wearers, and Tribal is for spell using Leather-wearers.

To train in any of these, all players will have to complete unique quests, requiring you to either craft certain pieces of gear or bring specific reagents to your trainer. Check out the details below.

Dragonscale Leatherworking

To start the Dragonscale Leatherworking quest players will need to find their respective trainers. For the Alliance, this is Peter Galen in Azshara, between The Forlorn Ridge and the Ruins of Eldarath, and for the Horde this is Thorkaf Dragoneye in Badlands west of Lethlor Ravine. From there, you’ll be required to bring them:

The total materials you’ll need are:

Once you hand that in, you’ll learn Dragonscale Leatherworking.

Elemental Leatherworking

The Elemental Leatherworking quest can be taken by Alliance players from Sarah Tanner at the Tanner Camp in the southwest of Searing Gorge, and the Horde can start by finding Brumn Winterhoof in Arathi Highlands, north of Stromgarde Keep. Instead of crafting gear, they’ll have you bring several elemental reagents to them. These are:

Once you do, you’ll learn Elemental Leatherworking.

Tribal Leatherworking

To start the Tribal Leatherworking quest, the Horde must speak with Se’Jib in the ruins south of Grom’gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale, and the Alliance will need to find Caryssia Moonhunter on the edge of Thousand Needles. They’ll ask you to bring them two specific pieces of Leather armor. These are:

To craft them, the total materials you’ll need are:

After you’ve handed them in, you’ll learn Tribal Leatherworking.

Endgame Leatherworking

In TBC, some most of the important recipes you’re able to craft after skill level 350 are either earned through reputation grinding or found in various chests, raids, instances, or zones in Outland. In fact, the only useful high-level recipes that you can really learn from trainers are those in your specialization. Otherwise, you’ll need to find the patterns elsewhere. Below is a comprehensive list of patterns for each Specialization, faction based on reputation levels, and world drop based on source. Click through to find out more about the pieces, which mobs drop them, or the drop rates of each.

Specializations (All learned from trainers):

Reputation Rewards: 



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1 year ago

For 350-355 (and even up to 360) you should be doing Heavy Knothide Armor kit, it is guaranteed skillups for 5 levels at only 15 leather. Way cheaper than what this guide suggests!

11 months ago

This guide is great up until 350, after that it really makes no sense anymore. Primals are way too expensive to just spam levels with and the reputations described that you need are completely unnecessary too to get to 375.

350-365: Heavy Knothide Armour Kit (trainer by trainer in Shattrath)
365-372: Drums of Battle (sold by Sha’tar rep vendor “Almaador” in Shattrath, only requires honoured. You will get to honoured without even trying.
373-375: Drums of Panic (sold by Keepers of Time rep vendor “Alurmi” in Caverns of Time, only requires honoured which you basically get for free just doing the Karazhan quest.

Last edited 11 months ago by Dave
Reply to  Dave
11 months ago

Note that “350-365: Heavy Knothide Armour Kit” will turn green at 360 so you may have to make lots extra, but it still is much, much cheaper than any of the listed alternatives in the above guide.

Last edited 11 months ago by Dave
9 months ago

this guide is not updated. at 260 it says you have to farm or buy the recipe for wicked leather bracers and wicked leather headband. this is false, you need to grind from 250-265 with nightscape boots then learn FROM A TRAINER wicked leather bracers and grind that to 285. Then learn FROM A TRAINER wicked leather headband and roll into the rest. PLEAS UPDATE

1 year ago

Wicked leather gauntlets can be learned from trainer. Dont do my mistake and grind for hours.

Reply to  Benjamin
1 year ago

Which trainer were you able to learn it from?

Thomas Christensen
Thomas Christensen
Reply to  Benjamin
1 year ago

Ehh where? I can not find it anywhere?

Reply to  Thomas Christensen
1 year ago

UC lw trainer had it for me!

11 months ago

Is there a reason I cant train Tribal LWing? I have 365 LW and went to the guy in STV (Im horde) and he offered no quest and only let me train 2 items (wolfshead helm, feathered breastplate). I have no other specialization either. any thoughts?

Reply to  Jshep
11 months ago

There is a prerequisite quest chain from Jangdor Swiftstrider in Feralas before Se’Jib will provide you with Tribal Leatherworking.

Wild Leather Armor (Requires 10 Thick Leather)
Wild Leather Boots (Requires 2x Nightscape Pants and 2x Nightscape Boots and 2x Wildvine)
Wild Leather Helmet (Requires 2x Nightscape Tunic and 2x Nightscape Headband and 1x Wildvine)
Wild Leather Leggings (Requires 2x Turtle Scale Helm and 2x Turtle Scale Bracers and 2x Wildvine)
Wild Leather Shoulders (Requires 6x Thick Armor Kit and 1x Wildvine)
Wild Leather Vest (Requires 2x Turtle Scale Breastplate and 2x Turtle Scale Gloves and 1x Wildvine)

If you chose to craft each of these items, the required materials for all would be:

Thick Leather x172
Silken Thread x22
Wildvine x7
Turtle Scale x112
Heavy Silken Thread x12

Reply to  Jshep
11 months ago

Same for me but I am alliance with 350 lw but I am at level 66

Reply to  Ezg
11 months ago

Did you complete the prerequisite quests?

11 months ago

this guide is fucking shit. at least 10 mistakes (expensive ones aswell)

Reply to  Socar
11 months ago

I apologize that there were mistakes in the guide. What mistakes did you notice?

10 months ago

when lvling please include items ppl will use for future LW specializations. For example, I wanted to go tribal LW (starting q is not correct in the guide – it starts in feralas, btw) , and I had to remake stuff I already made and sold while I was leveling the profession.

Include LW specializations sooner in the guide and connect these items to leveling process

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