TBC Classic Dungeon Quest Rewards

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Before entering dungeons, it’s always a good idea to have any and all quests available for that dungeon to maximize your experience gains. Below we have compiled a list of every dungeon and with it, we have listed every quest and the rewards for each.

Hellfire Ramparts

Blood Furnace

Heart of Rage (Alliance)

Heart of Rage (Horde)

Alliance (Alliance)

Horde (Horde)

The Shattered Halls

Fel Embers

Alliance Exclusive

  • 12,650 Experience

The Will of the Warchief

Horde Exclusive

Turning the Tide

Alliance Exclusive

The Underbog

  • 11,000 Experience
  • 700 Reputation with Sporeggar

The Slave Pens

The Steamvault

Mana Tombs

Auchenai Crypts

Sethekk Halls

  • 3,100 Experience

Shadow Labyrinth

  • 12,300 Experience
  • 15,800 Experience

Escape from Durnholde (Old Hillsbrad Foothills)

The Black Morass

The Mechanar

  • 12,300 Experience

The Arcatraz

  • 25,300 Experience
  • 350 Reputation with The Violet Eye

The Botanica

  • 25,300 Experience


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