PvE Demonology Warlock Talents & Builds

pve tbc demonology warlock talents & builds

In this section, we will be covering the talents and builds that Demonology Warlocks will likely want to follow to maximize their damage output, and we’ll cover why each talent is selected.

This is the more traditional approach to the Demonology Warlock build, where we see the Felguard as our main minion of choice, while maintaining our highest damage output.

Affliction Talent Tree

Improved Corruption – A single point is placed here to reduce the cast time of Corruption while still matching the Global Cooldown (GCD)

Demonology Talent Tree

Improved Healthstone – This is a great addition for not only when you are soloing content, but also for your fellow raid and/ or party members

Demonic Embrace – With increased Health/Stamina, we increase our survivability, and through the ability to use Life Tap more times throughout an encounter, we also indirectly increase our damage output

Fel Intellect – This increases not only each of our minion’s total mana, but it increases ours, as well

Fel Domination – An instant-cast spell that reduces our casting time to summon any of our minions down to just 0.5 seconds, while reducing the mana cost by 50%

Fel Stamina – While this increases our total health by 3%, it increases each of our minion’s total stamina by 15% – an increase that sees a damage increase for us further down in the talent tree

Demonic Aegis – Increasing the effectiveness of Fel Armor is always a great idea since it should always be active once you are a high enough level to learn it

Master Summoner – A talent that reduces both the casting time and mana cost of each summoning spell is always beneficial, especially if the minion dies during combat, and we want to preserve the benefit of having that minion summoned

Unholy Power – Increasing our Felguard’s damage is always a great idea (Yes, it also increases the others’ melee damage and our Imp’s Firebolt attack, but since the Felguard will be our main go-to minion, that’s an incredibly important part!)

Demonic Sacrifice – Because we won’t be sacrificing our active minion too often, this is mainly picked up as it is a prerequisite for Soul Link

Mana Feed – Even with just the one point in this talent, it allows for your Felguard to rarely ever run out of mana. 1/3 is perfectly fine, and it works wonderfully since we needed to spend 1 point to move further down the tree

Master Demonologist – Granting us an extra benefit that depends on the minion we have summoned is phenomenal and is one of the main reasons why we do not sacrifice our minion

Soul Link – Being able to redirect 20% of incoming damage to our minion instead is fantastic, but the greatest aspect of this talent is the 5% increase to both our minion and our own damage

Demonic Knowledge – The second reason why we do not sacrifice our minion as a Demonology Warlock

Demonic Tactics – Increases both our minion’s and our own melee and spell critical strike chance by 5%

Summon Felguard – As most of the time Felguard is our go-to minion, it’s imperative that we pick this up

Destruction Talent Tree

Improved Shadow Bolt – This is a major DPS increase for us

Bane – We’ll be casting Shadow Bolt often enough to have the reduction in casting time be worth it, even for just the reduction in the casting time of Shadow Bolt

Devastation – Increasing our Critical Strike Chance of Destruction spells is HUGE since Shadow Bolt is classified as a Destruction spell

Shadowburn – An instant-cast spell that can be used while on the move, a similar note to that of Life Tap

Intensity – Having a reduced chance of being interrupted during casting is beneficial

Destructive Reach – Allows us to stay further away from the mobs, and even reduces the threat out Destruction spells cause by 10%


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