Leotheras the Blind Strategy Guide (SSC)

tbc classic leotheras the blind strategy guide (ssc)

This particular encounter consists of three different phases:

  • Humanoid Form (Leotheras begins in this form)
  • Demon Form
  • Split Form (Leotheras ends in this form)


Positioning isn’t a large priority on this encounter since you will be moving every time Leotheras uses Whirlwind. Although, most groups will tend to tank Leotheras in a single location, and after Whirlwind ends the tank will pull him back to the original location.

tbc pve ssc leotheras the blind positioning 1


Humanoid Form – You want to ensure you are running away from Leotheras when he casts Whirlwind since it stacks a bleed on you that hurts a lot. Note: Paladins can use Divine Shield or Blessing of Protection, and Mages can use Ice Block to remove the bleed. If you have happen to be a Dwarf, using Stoneform can help, as well.

It is nearly vital to remember that every time Whirlwind ends, Leotheras drops all threat, so it is imperative to wait a few seconds for your tank to build sufficient threat before attacking again. Most wipes have been a result of either too many people taking damage from Whirlwind or the threat being reset and DPS now allowing for their tank to build that sufficient threat before attacking. To help with this, Hunters can use Misdirection during phase transitions since Leotheras cannot be taunted.

Demon Form – During this phase, Leotheras will cast Chaos Blast on the tank, applying a stacking debuff that increases fire damage taken. Because of this, it is recommended that a tank with Fire Resistance gear tanks during this phase. After a certain amount of time, Leotheras will return to Humanoid Form and will continue transitioning between these two forms until he reaches 15% health.
Important Note: With every transition, Leotheras resets threat, so it is important to let your tank have a couple of seconds to establish sufficient threat.

During Demon Form, Leotheras will cast Inner Demon on random players, causing them to have to kill the mob before Demon Form expires or they will be mind controlled and cause unnecessary stress to the raid. The important note regarding Inner Demon is that you cannot receive help killing the mob, you have to kill it yourself.

Split Form – When Leotheras reaches 15%, both Demon and Humanoid form will be active. During this phase Whirlwind and Chaos Blast will occur. The main focus during this phase will be killing the Humanoid form since after killing it, the Demon form will despawn.


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