PvE Holy Priest Healing Stat Priority

pve tbc holy priest stat priority

In this section we will be covering what the traditional priority list looks like for stats that Priests would be interested in following to optimize their gameplay.

  1. Bonus Healing
  2. Spell Critical Strike
  3. Spirit
  4. Intellect
  5. Mana-Per-5-Seconds (Mp5)
  6. Stamina

Bonus Healing: Every healer benefits from bonus healing since it’s your direct link to providing more per heal.

Spell Critical Strike: With every heal that critically lands, it heals for 150% as much as regular heals. Along with this, we also benefit from Inspiration, which relies on us landing critical heals.

Spirit: Spirit, by default, increases our mana regeneration outside combat, but it also increases our healing thanks to Spiritual Guidance. As well, because of Meditation, we’re able to maintain 30% of our mana regeneration while in combat.

Intellect: Intellect provides us with mana – 1 Intellect = 15 Mana. It also provides us with spell critical strike rating and increased mana regeneration.

Mana-Per-5: While Mp5 does affect our regeneration while in combat, Spirit not only increases our mana regeneration (and thanks to Meditation, some of that will be within combat) it also increases our healing, so Mp5 falls below Spirit on the priority list.

Stamina: While Priests don’t find Stamina as vital as, say, tanks do, it’s still just as important for them to have stamina as a priority in the back of their minds since some bosses do cause damage to random party members, and with a higher health pool, they have a higher chance of survival.

Once Spell Haste becomes more common on gear, which will be in later phases, it becomes one of your most important stats to focus on.


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