TBC Classic Nagrand PvP

Tbc Classic Nagrand Pvp

The sun-dappled fields of Nagrand are deceptively quiet near the unassuming town of Halaa, and the air is charged with nervous anticipation – like the calm before the storm. The contested city is of key strategic importance for both factions in their efforts to gain a foothold in Outland.

Tbc Classic Nagrand Pvp Halaa Location

As a result, Halaa is sure to change hands many times over the course of their struggle. The effort and focus needed to capture the city will only be matched by what it will take to subsequently hold the city from invasion. However, the occupying faction will gain a substantial benefit in the form of help from powerful NPC guards, as well as access to vendor NPCs who will offer a selection of purchasable rewards. The currency to purchase these rewards will primarily consist of tokens earned from defeating enemy players in the Halaa region.

Strength Of The Halaani

Players from the opposing faction will have a formidable task facing them if they wish to wrest control of Halaa away. However, like the defenders, the attacking side will find valuable aid from outside sources. Wyvern posts are strategically located along the outskirts of the city. From these posts, players will be able to take to the skies on the backs of controllable wyverns – able to throw incendiary fire bombs down upon the hapless guards and defending players below.

Tbc Classic Nagrand Pvp Halaa
Halaa Fire Bomb

Attacking the City

Halaa is accessible via ground assault via four narrow bridges. However, attackers on foot will be greeted (less than warmly) by elite NPC guards fighting for the defending side. The attacking side must kill all 15 NPC guards in order to be able to secure the town. These guards are extremely hardy, so simply charging and attacking them toe to toe may not prove to be the best strategy. Instead, attacking players would be well-advised to soften up the defense by flying over the town and dropping Fire Bombs. These Fire Bombs deal 900-1100 fire damage in an AOE, along with an additional 1% health damage per second for five seconds. Each flight will give the player 8 Fire Bombs which can only be used while flying on the Wyvern. The bombs will only affect Halaani Guards and enemy players.

Halaani Guards

Guards will spawn for the side that has captured the city, and all of them must be defeated by the attacking side as a prerequisite to the city changing hands. The guards will respawn after being defeated, but at a rate of one guard every five minutes regardless of how many guards were defeated between spawns. Thus, it is in the attacking side’s interest to eliminate the guards as quickly as possible. When the last of the 15 guards is defeated, the respawn timer for the next spawn will increase to 60 minutes. The attacking side will then have a full 60 minutes to take control of the city before another guard spawns in.

Tbc Classic Halaa Guards

Wyvern Posts

To be able to employ the services of the wyverns, the attacking side must take over the wyvern posts, which are located near the four bridges to Halaa. This will allow attacking players to make Wyvern Attack Runs from that post. At the same time, defending players can attempt to ground the air assaults by interacting with the explosives carts next to the Wyvern posts – nothing like the direct approach.

Capturing the City

Once all guards have been defeated, the attacking side will have a one hour window of opportunity to capture the city before the next guard spawns. The capturing process is similar to the Hellfire Peninsula PvP process. When the number of attacking players outnumbers the defending players for a long enough period of time, they will capture the town and guards for their side will begin to spawn.

Claiming Rewards

Once your side has gained control over the city, you will have access to two special NPCs: a Researcher and a Quartermaster. Your faction’s researcher is interested in obtaining samples of crystal powder found in the region. The researcher will accept these samples, found as a common drop from many creatures in Nagrand, in trade for Halaa Research Tokens. Halaa Battle Tokens are gained by defeating other players in PvP battle around the town of Halaa. These two types of tokens are the currency you can use to purchase rewards from your faction’s quartermaster.

PvP Daily Quest

Patch 2.4 added new PvP daily quests that send players to Halaa and the Spirit Towers of the Bone Wastes. These quests are available for Alliance and Horde at their respective local quest hubs.


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2 years ago

The guard respawn timer seems to be significantly longer than 5 minutes – I managed to bomb all of the guards dead once without any help from other players and getting harassed by alliance (including a few corpse runs). If the respawn was only 5 minutes I’d definitely get some.

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