PvE Arcane Mage Talents & Builds

tbc classic pve arcane mage talents & builds burning crusade classic

Now with all the different play styles Arcane can have for each individual player I’ll be listing out the spec out rotation to follow for each one.

Deep Arcane – General rotation is Arcane Blast until you need to regen mana then you’ll go into a 1 Arcane Missile 1 Frostbolt rotation back into 3 AB’s (Arcane Blasts) rinse and repeat and you’ll be net positive on mana gain with Mage Armor up. CD usage should be used at the start to get Arcane Blast debuffs up quicker, which will in turn result in more damage done.

Arc Fire – Same as the Deep Arcane Build, you’ll spam AB until you need to regen mana, once you need to start regening mana you will swap to one of the two filler rotations 1) 1 Scorch -> 2 Fireballs -> AB or 2) 5 Scorches -> AB

Arc Frost – This is the Highest DPS spec in TBC Classic for Mages if used right, Same as the other specs (minus Fire on Icy Veins Usage, (IV)) Pop IV and Presence of Mind at the start and Spam Arcane Blast, use IV again once the first one ends by using Cold Snap, once you need to regen Mana swap into a 3 Frostbolt -> 3 AB spam for mana Regen. Once you have enough mana for AB spam rinse and repeat till the boss is dead and you are out of mana.

Please note, if playing Arcane you will need raid support to achieve the highest potential of these three specs – Innervates, Mana Tide Totems and Shadow Priests are highly needed to make these 3 specs achieve their damage ceiling.


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