tbc classic morogrim tidewalker strategy guide (ssc)
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: August 17, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Quick Notes

It is recommended to have two Paladin tanks for this encounter, to help deal with the AoE pulls more effectively and smoothly. If you do not have two Paladin tanks, it may be useful to have an extra tanking class on the side(s) you don’t have a Paladin tank for to help control the Murloc adds a bit better.

Healers will generally generate substantial threat on the Murlocs since they’ll be healing the entire raid, so it’s worth noting to monitor that the best you can.

While not traditionally considered a two-phase encounter, it can be said that there are two phases: the time before the Murlocs spawn, and the portion of the encounter with Murlocs.

Morogrim Tidewalker’s Abilities

  • Earthquake (An AoE damaging ability)
  • Watery Grave (Incapacitates you – cannot move or attack – and after a short time, causes half your health in damage, and then flings you into the air, causing fall damage)
  • Water Globules


tbc pve ssc morogrim tidewalker positioning

The two Paladin tanks will stand inside the doorway and down the ramp. The Murlocs will spawn inside so the Paladin has time to lay down a Consecration and bring them into the middle for the raid’s AoE damage.

When Morogrim Tidewalker reaches 25% health, he will stop casting Watery Grave and start casting Water Globules, and the raid can reposition themselves inside the doorway to avoid it before they reach you.


Main Tank – You will want to tank Morogrim Tidewalker in one location (Please see the above image for positioning) He doesn’t need to be moved throughout the encounter.

Off Tanks/Paladin Tanks – You will want to be inside the doorways, anticipating the spawning of six Murlocs following each cast of Earthquake from Morogrim Tidewalker. When this happens, you will want to bring your pack of Murlocs into the proximity of the boss to allow for your raid’s AoE damage to kill them while also damaging the boss

Healers – Focus on keeping everyone alive, and topping off players who were targeted with Watery Grave so that they won’t die to the next Earthquake cast by moving slightly closer to the location of Watery Grave to get heals off sooner

AoE DPS – DPS capable of AoE damage (I’m looking at you, Warlocks) should wait for their raid leader to give them the go-ahead before AoEing to ensure the Paladins (or other tanks) have enough time to build sufficient threat before you attack since if you draw aggro, it’s possible you will die

Single-Target DPS – DPS that have no effective AoE damage should be focusing the boss the entire encounter


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