PvE Holy Paladin Stat Priority

tbc classic pve holy paladin stat priority burning crusade classic

As a Holy Paladin, we do have a few stats to prioritize while gearing up, gemming, and enchanting our equipment. Below you will find our recommendation for your stat priority list.

  1. Bonus Healing
  2. Mana Per 5 Seconds (Mp5)
  3. Spell Critical Strike Rating
  4. Intellect
  5. Spell Haste

Like the name suggests, Bonus Healing provides additional healing to all of your healing spells. This stat is the most influential in terms of direct benefit. The more bonus healing you have, the more damage you’re able to heal with each cast.

MP5 is NOT the same as Spirit regeneration. We are able to regenerate the mana while in combat and casting. Contrary to the name, MP5 has a regeneration rate that ticks every two seconds. For example, if you had 10 MP5, it would restore 4 mana every 2 seconds.

Similar, yet opposite, to why casters love spell critical strike rating, it increases the likelihood that our heals will be critical strikes and thus provide more healing.

Intellect is always on the list of priorities for Holy Paladins since it expands your mana pool, allowing for more heals to be cast. Also, thanks to Holy Guidance, 35% of our total intellect is added to your Spell Damage and +Healing.

Spell Haste becomes a more common stat in later phases when more gear has it present but spell haste means we can cast our spells faster which is ideal so we can get more heals off per minute.


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2 years ago

I’m confused, if you taking 5 points in holy guidance surely you will be looking to aquire more Intellect to benefit from the talent.

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