PvE Assassination Rogue Talents & Builds

pve tbc assassination rogue talents & builds

In this section we will be covering the optimal build for Assassination Rogues looking to excel in endgame content such as high-level dungeons, heroics and raids.

In this build, there is very little wiggle room to adjust talent points. However, the points in Master Poisoner can be switched to either Fleet Footed or Improved Poisons.

Due to Mutilate requirements – choice of weapons is Daggers. Slower main-hand dagger with 1.7-1.9 speed and a faster off-hand dagger.

The talents marked with an asterisk (*) are the ones you can swap between.

Assassination Talent Tree

Malice – Increases our Critical Strike Chance by 5% (In increments of 1%)

Ruthlessness – Gives our finishing abilities a 60% chance to add a combo point to our target – this will potentially increase damage output

Murder – Increases all damage we cause against Humanoid, Giant, Beast, and Dragonkin targets by 2% – Very helpful since this covers most of the types of mobs, save for Undead and Demon

Puncturing Wounds – Because we should be attacking from behind the target, they are susceptible to Backstab, which Puncturing Wounds improves the Critical Strike Chance of. Mutilate will also be used in our rotation, so increasing the Critical Strike Chance of that by 15% is also a huge help

Relentless Strikes – If completing a finishing move upon five combo points, you will be guaranteed a return of 25 energy

Lethality – Increases the Critical Strike Damage bonus of various abilities

Vile Poisons – Increases the damage our poisons cause

Cold Blood – When used in conjunction with a powerful ability, it can increase your damage greatly

Quick Recovery – Until you are Expertise capped (soft, if you are attacking from behind) your finishing moves CAN be dodged, and thus, having a reduced energy cost when that happens is always beneficial

Seal Fate – Increases the amount of combo points our critical strikes generate by one (The critical strike has to come from an ability that can generate combo points. i.e. Mutilate)

*Master Poisoner – While beneficial to reduce the chance your poisons will be resisted, this is highly beneficial in certain situations due to the 30% increased chance you can resist poison effects

*Fleet Footed – Increases your chance to resist movement impairing effects and increases your movement speed. If you chose to use the Enchant Boots – Cat’s Swiftness, you should not use this talent since the movement speed increases do not stack.

*Improved Poisons – Increases the chance to apply poisons by 4% (Increments of 2% per point)

Vigor – Increases our maximum Energy by 10 (Totaling 110)

Find Weakness – A direct increase to your damage for a short time following a finishing move

Mutilate – This will be your main combo point generator

Combat Talent Tree

Lightning Reflexes – Ideally better than the other options in this tier, this will increase your survivability

Improved Slice and Dice – Increases the duration of Slice and Dice

Precision – Increases Hit Chance by 5% – reduces the amount of Hit Chance required to 4% for special attacks, and 23% for regular, white-damage attacks

Improved Sprint – Removes all movement impairing effects whenever you use Sprint

Dual Wield Specialization – Simply picked up for the damage boost


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So I’ve found a better assassination build

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