Mount Hyjal Attunement

mount hyjal attunement tbc classic

Greetings and welcome to our strategy guide for the Mount Hyjal attunement process! Located in the Caverns of Time, Mount Hyjal is one of the two raids released in Phase 3 of The Burning Crusade Classic. Spanning a total of five boss encounters, the difficulty that is often associated with this raid will outweigh the length of time required to become attuned to the raid. But before players can even step foot into Mount Hyjal, however, they will need to complete the attunement process.

The attunement to enter Mount Hyjal isn’t as lengthy, such as the attunement quest line to enter Karazhan or Black Temple, but it is considered a challenge due to having to enter two Tier 5 raids to complete the quest.

Attunement Requirement

In order to begin, players will first need to complete two prerequisites in order to begin the process of attuning to Mount Hyjal.

  • Players will need to have reached level 70
  • Players will also need to reach Revered with the Keepers of Time faction.

Attunement Quest

Once players have met those requirements, they can begin the journey to becoming attuned to Mount Hyjal. You will want to speak with Soridormi, located on the lower level in the Caverns of Time, and accept the quest: The Vials of Eternity. Soridormi is requesting you to retrieve two items, which are both from the final boss of two different 25-Player raids.

soridormi mount hyjal attunement quest

Once you have obtained these items, you can return to Soridormi to turn in the quest. Upon turn in, you will now be able to enter the Hyjal Summit: Battle for Mount Hyjal raid. Keep in mind, this quest must be completed by everyone in the raid party in order for them to enter.


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