Karazhan Attunement Guide

Tbc Karazhan Attunement Guide

Thanks for taking a look at our Karazhan Attunement Guide for TBC Classic! Located east of Duskwood in Deadwind Pass, Karazhan is the expansion’s first raid and it’s a lengthy one. Spanning 11 boss encounters across a sprawling castle, there’s a lot to clear through. However, before you can step foot in the raid, you’ll need to complete an extremely lengthy attunement process.

Attunement to Karazhan entails completion of several quests and several dungeons. You’ll travel all across Outland just to earn the right to zone in. Fortunately, we’ve got the entire process covered for you below. Just follow along and you’ll be ready to get started on the first raid of The Burning Crusade Classic in no time! Let’s get started with the very first quest.

Introductory Quests

  1. Start by heading to Deadwind Pass and speaking with Archmage Alturus. Accept both of his quests: Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity.
  2. Complete both quests in the nearby area by using the scrying crystal where mentioned and killing ghosts. Return to Alturus when you’re done to hand them in.
  3. Pick up the next quest in the series: Contact from Dalaran. Now go to Dalaran Crater in the Alterac Mountains to find Archmage Cedric and hand the quest in.
  4. Pick up the next quest: Khadgar. From here, go to Shattrath City and speak with Khadgar to finish up.
  5. Accept the next quest: Entry Into Karazhan.

Entry Into Karazhan

This quest requires you to enter Shadow Labyrinth, which requires a short attunement process that we’ll outline below. 

Shadow Labyrinth Attunement

  1. Get a group for Sethekk Halls. Loot the Shadow Labyrinth Key from the chest that drops after killing the final boss, Talon King Ikiss. This will give you access to Shadow Labyrinth.

First Key Fragment

  1. Once you’re attuned, get a group together for the Shadow Labyrinth dungeon. Clear through it and kill the final boss.
  2. Make sure your party is prepared for a fight before proceeding! After killing Murmur, loot the arcane container in the room.
  3. Kill the First Fragment Guardian that appears and loot the First Key Fragment. Head back to Khadgar in Shattrath City to hand it in.
  4. Then pick up the next quest: The Second and Third Key Fragments.

Karazhan Attunement First Key Fragment

The Second and Third Fragments (Steamvault)

This quest will send you into both The Steamvault and The Arcatraz. Because of this, we’ll split it up into two sections.

  1. Part one involves the second fragment, which is found in The Steamvault. So you’ll start by getting a group together for it.
  2. This time you’ll find the arcane container next to the first boss, Hydromancer Thespia.
  3. Once again, prepare for a fight with a guardian. Open the container and kill the Second Fragment Guardian. Loot it for the Second Key Fragment.

The Second and Third Fragments (Arcatraz)

The final fragment is located in The Arcatraz, which requires a flying mount and that you have completed The Arcatraz attunement quest line.

You can also skip this process if you have a friend or party member that already has a key for the dungeon or is a rogue with maxed lockpicking.

  • Once you’re attuned, get a group for The Arcatraz. Fight your way through the dungeon until you reach Zereketh the Unbound, who you don’t actually need to kill.
  • Kill or run past Zereketh until you find the room with a bunch of voidwalkers in it. In this room, you’ll find another arcane container.
  • Make sure your party is prepared for yet another fight. Open the container and fight the Third Fragment Guardian to loot the Third Key Fragment.
  • Now return to Khadgar in Shattrath City to finally hand in the quest. Pick up the next quest in the series: The Master’s Touch.

The Master’s Touch

  1. Make sure you’ve completed the Black Morass attunement, then get a group and also ensure that everyone in the party has completed attunement for the dungeon.
  2. Speak to Sa’at to hand in your quest and accept the next quest: The Opening of the Dark Portal.
  3. Open up the dark portal and complete the dungeon. After the dark portal opens, speak with Medivh to turn your quest in. Accept the next quest: Return to Khadgar.
  4. Before leaving, hand in your quest with Sa’at. Accept his last quest: Hero of the Brood. This can be turned in outside the dungeon.
    This step isn’t a requirement for attunement, but offers free reputation and a ring.
  5. Return to Shattrath City and talk to Khadgar. Hand in your quest to finally receive The Master’s Key.
  6. Congratulations, your attunement for Karazhan is now complete! Feel free to take Khadgar’s next quest while you’re here as it will continue your quest line into Karazhan!


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2 years ago

Thanks man, good guide.

2 years ago

Thanks boss, really helpeful!

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matt sheridan
matt sheridan
2 years ago

you dont need SL key to do SL

Reply to  matt sheridan
2 years ago

While that is true, it’s recommended that you aim to obtain the key in case none of your other party members have it.

2 years ago

You don’t need attunement anymore. Only need someone to open the door for you

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