void reaver the eye guide tbc
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: August 23, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Deemed one of the easiest encounters of Tier 5 content, the Void Reaver coined the nickname, “Loot Reaver,” due to the ease of the encounter.

This is a single-phase encounter, with little to worry about, regardless of your role. Let’s jump into it!


Melee – Void Reaver will cause roughly 3,000 – 4,000 damage.

Pounding – This ability is an AoE that spans several yards (approximately 20) that causes mediocre damage to all caught inside it. This will generally just affect your Melee DPS. Most players will be able to incur the damage since it is fairly easy to heal through. If your healers are unable to do so, simply run out of range to avoid it, as it sits on a 12-second cooldown.

Arcane Orb – When used, Void Reaver will fire an orb at a random player that is outside the range of Pounding. It causes a hefty amount of damage, along with a silence effect. This orb can be avoided by running away. It should be noted that Ranged DPS should never run toward Melee DPS when they are targeted.

Enrage – Void Reaver is fully capable of wiping your raid if he is alive after ten minutes.

Knockback – When used, the player currently with aggro will be knocked back a small distance, reducing their total threat built on the boss greatly.


  • Void Reaver cannot be taunted
  • Void Reaver is immune to health-draining effects (e.g. Drain Life, Siphon Life, etc.)
  • Void Reaver is immune to poisons and mana-drain abilities


tbc pve the eye void reaver positioning


  • Ranged DPS and Healers should be spread out along the edge of the platform, just within range for their abilities. This helps with avoiding the Arcane Orbs.
  • If your group has a fairly-well-geared Holy Priest or Restoration Shaman, your group may opt for them to remain in the middle with the Melee DPS to avoid having to cancel their healing casts in order to avoid the Arcane Orbs. Depending on gear and skill, they should be able to heal through Pounding with Prayer of Healing or Chain Heal, respectively.
  • If your raid group has a Paladin of any specialization in it, then they could use Blessing of Protection on a Ranged DPS, if they were to pull aggro to give the tank(s) some time to build additional threat to compensate.


Raid Composition

  • Tank: 1-4; The idea behind having four tanks is so that the first tank to be knocked back, losing aggro, should have enough time to rebuild threat before the last tank to be knocked back, is knocked back.
    • Tank #1: Knocked back (00:00)
    • Tank #2: Knocked back (00:30)
    • Tank #3: Knocked back (01:00)
    • Tank #4: Knocked back (01:30)
      • In this situation, the first tank would have approximately 1.5 minutes to rebuild threat/aggro, if necessary.
  • Healers: 6-9; It is possible to heal this with six healers, but some guilds may prefer to have a few extra, just in case players are hit by Arcane Orb, including healers, and if they decide their Melee DPS will stay within range during Pounding.
  • DPS (Ranged and Melee): There is no magic ratio for Ranged to Melee DPS, since both mechanics affecting both types of DPS are avoidable, if necessary. It may be beneficial for groups to have a certain number of Hunters in their raid for Misdirection.

The Fight

As mentioned above, Void Reaver has just the one phase, meaning it’s the same fight from the beginning to the end of the encounter.

If your group has chosen to challenge the Void Reaver with multiple tanks, it is likely that with the Knockback ability, your main-tank will lose aggro eventually, and it is hopefully to one of your off-tanks. With a cooldown of approximately 30 seconds, Knockback will be used several times during your encounter. To help with his mechanic, the affected tank should communicate to the raid that it has occurred and to have all classes with threat-reducing abilities to use them, and for one Hunter (at a time) to use Misdirection. Depending on the number of Hunters in your raid, you may also find it useful for one or two of them to use Misdirection on the off-tanks to help build their threat, since apart from Pounding causing damage, they shouldn’t be taking much to generate Rage or opportunity to replenish their mana.

DPS should be monitoring the threat table and do their best to avoid reaching threat above the off-tanks since with Knockback, the tank that holds aggro may lose it, and if the DPS is second in line for threat, then they’ll likely die since Void Reaver cannot be taunted.

Healers should be monitoring the threat table, too, if possible. This is mainly due to the Knockback mechanic so that they will be aware of tank-swapping, so they can begin focusing their heals on the tank actively tanking Void Reaver.

All Healers and Ranged DPS should also be on the lookout for Arcane Orb so they avoid being damaged and silenced. If a Healer were to be silenced, it would cause stress on other healers to maintain the tank(s) and Melee DPS affected by Pounding.


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