tbc classic pve arcane mage rotation, cooldowns, & abilities burning crusade classic
  • Author: Amery
  • Date: May 29, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Single Target/Boss Rotation

With each of the three specs you will end up using a different filler rotation on bosses with the standard rotation being spam Arcane Blast (AB) with Presence of Mind (PoM), Arcane Power (AP), and Icy Veins (IV) used instantly, first AB you cast should be one used with PoM with AP and IV casted on your second AB along with Cold Snap to instantly reset your IV cooldown, once the first IV ends you’ll use your second one (only useful for Arcane frost due to having Cold Snap).

Once your mana reaches around 15-20% you’ll switch to a filler rotation depending on the bosses health, for each spec this is different.

  • Arcane Frost will go into a 3AB -> 3FrB (Frostbolt) rotation until you regen enough mana to continue casting
  • Deep Arcane goes into 1 Arcane Missile -> 1FrB rotation for the same reasoning, reason for this filler instead of a 3 frostbolt rotation is to allow a full tick of mana outside the 5 second rule and generate more mana than Arcfrost will
  • Arcane Fire will go into either a 5 scorch -> 3AB rotation or a 1 Scorch -> 2 Fireball rotation depending on mana

AoE Rotation

For AoE (Area of Effect) you’ll simply want to get up near the mobs use Icy Veins and Arcane Power and spam your Arcane Explosion (AE) until all the mobs are dead or only one is left, if only one is left use either Ice Lance or Fireblast to finish the mob off.


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7 months ago

Do you use lower rank of frostbolt to regen mana?

cringe daddy
cringe daddy
Reply to  Diadrin
7 months ago

nobody cringe me bro

Reply to  Amery
7 months ago

Ty for the reply! In bad gear, would you recommend using a lower rank? I was in Kara last night, and max rank frostbolt made me lose a tiny bit mana, and not be net positive.

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