al'ar the eye tbc guide
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: August 23, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

One majestic looking creature, Al’ar is the first boss players encounter when venturing into The Eye. Al’ar has two phases during the encounter, between which he casts Rebirth, just like a Phoenix would do.


  • Flame Buffet – An ability that causes hefty damage that can lead to a wipe if it is allowed to happen multiple times.
  • Flame Quills – This ability causes damage to all players on the upper platforms when Al’ar flies up in the middle of the room.
  • Spawn Adds – Every 30 seconds, Al’ar will rotate between the upper platforms, and when she does this, adds will spawn (Ember of Al’ar)
  • Rebirth – Once Al’ar reaches 0% health in Phase 1, she will cast Rebirth, effectively resurrecting herself.
  • Melt Armor – This ability reduces the tank’s armor.


tbc wow alar positioning phase 1 1
Positioning for Phase 1 of Al’ar in The Eye

Note: X = Where to tank the adds, Sword = Melee DPS, Bow = Ranged DPS, Circle = Landing Locations

tbc pve alar phase 2 positioning the eye
Positioning for Phase 2 of Al’ar in The Eye


Raid Composition

  • Tanks: (4-5)
    • The main idea to having five tanks for this encounter is so that each platform that Al’ar will be landing on will have a tank ready to pick him/her up, while one tank will remain downstairs to pick up and tank the spawned adds every 30 seconds
  • Heals: While there is no magical number for healers, it may be beneficial to bring 9+ for this encounter as it is fairly easy for high damage to hit your raid
  • DPS: While there is no magical number for either Melee or Ranged DPS, it should be noted that the Ranged DPS will generally be the most prominent players during Phase 1, since they’ll be the ones focusing on downing Al’ar, while Melee DPS will focus more on the adds that are spawned

The Fight

Phase 1

  • Platform Tanks: There should be one tank to each platform (with the exception of if your guild or group is only running four tanks) Al’ar will fly to each platform every 30 seconds, in a random order. Simply tank her when she lands on your platform. Periodically throughout this phase, Al’ar will fly up into the middle of the room, and cast Flame Quills, an ability which damages anyone left on the pillars. To combat this, the Platform Tanks should jump down and join their comrades below. It is important though that these tanks reconvene at the edge of each ramp, ready to get back to tanking Al’ar as soon as possible. Al’ar will then land at a random platform. You should also make sure to be as close to the edge as possible so that healers on the ground can still heal you.
    • Warriors can use Intercept while Druids can use Feral Charge. Paladins are a little unlucky in this case, but they can use Swiftness Potions.
    • If you are running with four tanks, the three tanks on the upper platforms can simply cover two locations.
  • Main-Floor Tank: There should always be one tank left below to pick up and tank the adds that spawn when Al’ar switches platforms. These adds should be tanked away from the raid since upon death, they explode.
  • Ranged DPS: Ranged DPS should always be focused on the boss to get her through Phase 1. They can assist in killing the adds so that Melee DPS have a chance to avoid the explosion damage. Ranged DPS will have to move throughout this encounter so that they can inflict damage no matter what platform Al’ar is currently on.
  • Melee DPS: Melee DPS should always remain on the bottom level, focusing down the adds that spawn.
  • Healers: Healers should focus on maintaining the health of each raid member and communicating with the Platform Tanks if they are out of LoS for their heals.

Phase 1 Notes

  • Al’ar will start at a random platform and will alternate between them randomly. In the pre-nerf version of Al’ar there are a total of six possible platforms, while the post-nerf version sees only four. The location of the other two landings for Al’ar (referring to image) are just above the entrance on the upper platform.
  • The adds that spawn (Ember of Al’ar) will explode upon death, so Melee DPS should be aware of that and move before the adds die
  • If Al’ar lands on a platform with no tank on it, she will cast Flame Buffet, which can prove fatal if she casts it enough times
  • Periodically through this phase, Al’ar will fly up in the middle of the room, and cast Flame Quills on every raid member that is on the platforms – to combat this, when she flies up, the tanks should jump below, and return to the ramp and be ready to get to the platform that Al’ar lands back on

Phase 2

Boss Tanks: During Phase 2, Al’ar will cast Melt Armor on her current target (Which should be the player actively tanking her) Because of this, your tanks should be coordinating their taunts so that when this is active on a tank, they won’t be tanking her.

Add Tank: Having one tank designated to being the add tank is optimal. Most groups will generally prefer a Protection Paladin due to the ease of their AoE threat. It is possible to either kill these adds, or to let your DPS defeat the boss instead while the tank is controlling them.

DPS: All DPS should be focused on damaging the boss. During Phase 2, Al’ar will trigger flame patches on the ground that DPS and healers should always avoid.

Healers: Healers don’t have much to concern themselves with outside the traditional task of keeping their raid members alive.

Phase 2 Notes

  • When Al’ar lands for Phase 2, she will cause AoE damage
  • Throughout Phase 2, Al’ar will trigger flame patches on the ground – they’re easy enough to avoid
  • Depending on your group’s approach, you can either kill the adds before the boss, or have the tank control them until Al’ar is dead
  • The group should stack for Dive Bomb, and then disperse after to avoid the AoE damage


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