PvE Restoration Shaman Healing Guide

restoration shaman pve healing guide

Welcome to Warcraft Tavern’s guide on how to play a Restoration Shaman in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic. Throughout this guide you will learn everything there is to know about healing on a Shaman including which gems to use, the optimal talent build and more!

Best Race

With the addition of one of the newest races available to players, Draenei, Alliance players are now able to play Shamans and benefit from their oh-so-sweet totems!


Alliance only have access to one race to choose from when playing a Shaman, the Draenei. Draenei Shamans receive Inspiring Presence, which grants your party (as well as you) +1% chance to hit with spells. Draenei also benefit from Gift of the Naaru, which its heal scales with your level, effectively healing more the higher in level that you are. While this shouldn’t be used instead of a regular Healing Wave or Chain Heal, it can help out in the unlikelihood that you find yourself without mana.


Orc: Orc Shamans benefit from Blood Fury, an ability that grants you extra spell damage and healing on use. While it should be noted that it decreases healing done on you, it should be emphasized that your healing on party/raid members will not be affected.

Troll: Troll Shamans benefit from Berserking, an ability that grants you 10-30% increased spellcasting speed. The amount granted ultimately depends on your current health with lower amounts granting a higher increased casting speed.

Tauren: Tauren Shamans benefit from an increased health pool, thanks to Endurance. They also receive War Stomp, an AoE stun able to affect up to five mobs for two seconds. However, Tauren do have a larger hitbox than other races, so they have a greater risk of being interrupted while casting.

Best Professions


The biggest takeaway from Alchemy is the ability to craft Redeemer’s Alchemist Stone beginning in Phase 5. Also, by selecting Alchemy we are able to create our own consumables, a presumably large expense when you begin raiding or running heroics.


Apart from being able to craft a few pieces that could benefit us such as Hand of Eternity, and being able to craft things like Arcanite Skeleton Key to help open chests, Blacksmithing doesn’t really offer us much. This is further evident since Hand of Eternity is Bind-on-Equip, and can be purchased from your local Auction House.


Enchanting provides players the unique opportunity to enchant their rings. Of the available ring enchants, we’d be interested in Enchant Ring – Healing Power, providing us with a total of 40 increased healing.


While Engineering does include fun items like Blue Firework and useful items such as Field Repair Bot 110G, it doesn’t offer much else in terms of utility for Restoration Shamans outside of Living Replicator Specs, a high level option for your helmet equipment slot beginning in Phase 2.


Jewelcrafting allows us to craft unique gems that only we can use, similar to an Enchanter’s rings enchants. Some of these gems are Blood of Amber and Kailee’s Rose. It should be noted that these are unique and only one can be equipped on your gear at any one time. We’re also able to craft trinkets such as Figurine – Living Ruby Serpent.


Leatherworking allows us to craft fairly powerful gear pieces such as the Windhawk Armor set. However, it is more ideal to equip the Primal Mooncloth set, leaving just Windhawk Bracers to equip. While better, Windhawk Bracers may take more or less time to obtain than Bindings of the Timewalker. Leatherworking also provides opportunity to craft our Phase 5 BiS armor such as Sun-Drenched Scale Chestguard.


Tailoring does provide us with the opportunity to make a wide array of Best-in-Slot gear for healing such as the Primal Mooncloth set. It also allows us to craft powerful gear pieces in Phase 5 such as Robe of Eternal Light.

Gathering Professions

If you intend on picking Leatherworking or Alchemy, it may be beneficial for you to pick up Skinning or Herbalism, respectively.


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