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  • Date: April 2, 2021
  • Updated: May 21, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Professions are an important part of the TBC endgame. Most classes and specs have one or more BiS items that are crafted via professions, so most people will have them as a high priority.

It’s still unclear what the final version of the changes on Leatherworking Drums will be in TBC Classic, but the initial changes Blizzard has released means that LW will still be important or even mandatory for hardcore guilds. Hopefully we will see more changes on this until TBC Classic goes live.

So, what professions should you choose?

Profession #1 Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing should always be your Primary profession in TBC Classic if you play Retribution Paladin. The reason for this is that you are able to craft weapons that will be BiS until drops from Hyjal/BT in Phase 3.

The weapons you are able to craft, by choosing either Sword, Mace or Axe weapon specialization are:

You can upgrade your weapon to rank 2 right from the start in Phase 1 by farming and doing Heroic dungeons, but you’ll have to wait until Phase 2 until you can upgrade to rank 3.

The Sword and Mace are similar in power, but for PvE the sword is the better choice, many paladins choose the mace however, since the stun proc Stormherald is very good for PvP and it’s not that much worse in PvE.

Profession #2 LW /Engineering /Jewelcrafting /Enchanting

When it comes to your second choice you have a lot more freedom, but if you want to maximize your potential damage in PvE you should choose either Leatherworking, Engineering, Jewelcrafting or Enchanting, since they are the ones that will grant you bonuses that you can’t get without them.

Here’s a breakdown on what you will get for choosing either profession:

With drums causing a debuff preventing more uses in the same group the requirements for LW is no longer mandatory, even for hardcore raiders.

LW is still good and you “need” one player with LW per group to be optimal, talk to your raid leader and ask if you are needed as LW or not.

In addition to drums you can also craft a few BOP items that are good, but not good enough for you to pick LW just because of them.

Here’s a list some of the more noteworthy items you have access to as an Leatherworker:

Engineering will provide many different kinds of tools and gadgets that are helpful in all kinds of situations. If you are continuing your character from Original Classic you probably already have Engineering leveled up which saves you the trouble of changing as well.

Here’s a list some of the more noteworthy items you have access to as an engineer:

Jewelcrafting provides a solid moneymaker by prospecting ore and making/selling gems as well as a small bonus to your character’s power with a special BoP gem that has higher stats.

You can also craft a decent trinket with AP, but it’s worse then many other drops you can get so it’s not worth prioritizing. If you don’t choose JC initially it might be worth swapping over to before phase 5 after you have replaced your Blacksmithing weapon, because you will be able to craft BiS Neck and 2nd BiS Ring.

Here’s a list some of the more noteworthy items you have access to as an Jewelcrafter:

Enchanting is a big gold saver since you are able to easily disenchanting all your greens and blues instead of vendoring them which usually turns into a profit rather then buying enchanting mats from the AH.

If you are lucky and get a hold of a rare enchanting recipe you could potentially earn a lot of gold from it, Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mongoose is one example that comes to mind and are always in high demand.

Here’s a list of the more noteworthy things you have access to as an Enchanter:


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