Terestian Illhoof Strategy Guide (Karazhan)

Tbc Terestian Illhoof Strategy Guide (karazhan)

Welcome to our strategy guide for Terestian Illhoof of Karazhan in Burning Crusade Classic! Terestian is the sixth/seventh boss within the raid and is one of the several optional encounters. The fight itself is fairly straightforward, but does have a fairly strict requirement of needing at least one or two warlocks. Considering the simplicity of the fight and the nice loot he drops, Terestian will almost always be worth your time. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you should be taking this satyr down!

Getting Started

You can find Terestian Illhoof within Karazhan’s Repository, hidden behind a bookcase in the library. Kill the demons on the way down the ramp, pulling a single pack at a time for safety. Alternatively, your raid can kill Shade of Aran first to clear out all but a single trash pack on the way to Terestian. Either way, make your way to the bottom of the ramp and get prepared for a hectic but quick fight.

Role Summaries


  • Immediately switch to Demon Chains to save the Sacrifice target.
  • Use cleaves and AoE to kill Kil’rek while burning down Terestian.
  • Warlocks should be near portals and use AoE to quickly burst imps down.


  • Heal the Sacrifice target to avoid a death.
  • Watch for whoever is affected with Amplifying Flames and provide extra healing.
  • Pay extra attention to the warlocks taking damage from imp spawns.


  • Pick up Kil’rek if he isn’t dying quickly.

Fight Overview


First, you’ll need to understand the basis of the fight. In addition to facing Terestian, you’ll also face his demon, Kil’rek. This, combined with several small imps spawned throughout the fight, mean that there will always be a lot going on. Kil’rek himself has just two abilities he uses on top of a melee attack. This includes a moderate damage Shadow Bolt and Sacrifice.

Sacrifice is the most important mechanic in the fight because it will one-shot whoever it targets if not handled promptly. Periodically, he will pull a random raid member to the middle of the room and stun them, dealing moderate shadow damage every second. The raid member will be locked down via targetable Demon Chains. These must be bursted down ASAP to save whoever is stunned. While a target is under the effect of Sacrifice, the boss will also heal for double the damage dealt to his target.

Kil’rek isn’t much scarier, only using two non-damaging abilities to pair with his auto attack. This includes Amplify Flames and Broken Pact. Amplify Flames increases how much fire damage a target takes. Broken Pact is a debuff that will be applied to Terestian upon Kil’rek’s death that increases how much damage he takes by 25%. The last thing to understand about this imp is that he does respawn after dying, roughly 45 seconds later.

The last mechanic in the fight are the frequent imp spawns. These appear from the portals he creates early on into the fight. They will continuously spawn fairly weak imps that auto attack and use a short cast fire spell. When a target is afflicted by Amplify Flames, this can quickly get problematic if multiple little imps are hitting them.

Finally, you have 10 minutes to kill the boss before he will berserk. At this point, he will cast his Shadow Bolt rapidly on the entire raid and a wipe is likely.


Putting this all together, the fight is not too difficult. The priorities are clearly Sacrifice and killing Demon Chains while staying on top of imp spawns to avoid overwhelming the raid. You should have two tanks for this fight, one for Terestian and another for Kil’rek. Have the raid clumped up to quickly switch to Demon Chains when the boss casts Sacrifice. AoE damage is recommended to hit both Terestian and Kil’rek.

If your raid DPS output is high, then you can consider killing Kil’rek early into the fight to apply Broken Pact on Terestian. Otherwise, let him die to AoE damage. For the smaller imps, this is why you need one or two warlocks. Have your warlocks near the portals, ready to use Hellfire or Seed of Corruption to quickly burst them down. With two warlocks, small imps will die quickly and won’t ever be a problem. Alternatively, you can use other AoE classes, but they will take longer to kill and slow healer casting.

From here, just burn the boss down as quickly as possible. Switch onto Demon Chains immediately and make sure to keep the target topped up to avoid a death. Assign at least one healer to this to ensure it doesn’t get overlooked. His Sacrifice spell takes 3 seconds to cast, so this should give plenty of warning to prepare. As a final note, mages can Ice Block and paladins can Divine Shield to cancel the effect.


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