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  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: May 5, 2021
  • Updated: June 5, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

While Holy Paladins don’t have a specific rotation since healing is based on reactive actions, there are still some things to keep in mind when healing. Below you will find our tips on how to maximize your healing.

Single-Target/Boss Rotation

  1. Maintain your assigned Aura (You may have to coordinate with other Paladins in your group or you can ask the tanks which aura they would prefer)
  2. Cast Seal of Light or Seal of Wisdom (Depending on the needs of your group)
  3. Use Judgement to apply the chosen seal’s effect (Note: Judgement of Wisdom restores mana upon physical attacks and spells cast)
  4. Because Divine Illumination has a 3-minute cooldown, you’ll likely only use it once during an average boss encounter so it’s recommended to adjust its usage to fit your playstyle and needs as they may change as the fight progresses
  5. Flash of Light is our most commonly used heal because of its quick cast time, and overall low mana cost
  6. We want to be taking advantage of Light’s Grace and maintaining its up time by casting a lower rank Holy Light (For example, Rank 5) since it costs less mana and then switching to a higher rank Holy Light (Rank 11) to benefit from Light’s Grace
  7. Use Divine Favor with Holy Light for a guaranteed critical heal

AoE Rotation

As mentioned above, there is no direct healing rotation since circumstances change so drastically, so quickly, so when facing AoE pulls, it’s important to keep the above in mind.


Paladins are expected to buff group / raid with blessings. Blessings are valuable buffs, but each class requires different blessing to maximize the benefit.
Below we have a list of buffs that are suitable for each spec. First option is considered the best, while second and third are also viable. Use first option unless requested otherwise.


As a Holy Paladin, your main Blessing to use on any tank, regardless of class, is always Blessing of Light (Or Greater Blessing of Light) to increase the amount you heal with both Holy Light and Flash of Light. If Blessing of Light has already been taken care of, here are the others in order of importance:

  • Warrior (Prot): Kings –> Might
  • Druid (Feral): Kings –> Might
  • Paladin (Prot): Kings –> Wisdom


As a Paladin of any specialization, one thing you’ll notice is that some healers will request Blessing of Kings, while others may request Blessing of Wisdom. It is worth noting, though, that if you find yourself raiding with at least two more Paladins, it’s beneficial to use Blessing of Salvation on the healers, as well, since heals still generate some threat. (Threat works as half the damage healed – over-healing doesn’t count – is threat; so, if we healed for 100, we would generate 50 threat) Below you will find the recommendations if the healers have no preference and you are with just yourself or one other Paladin:

As our Blessing of Wisdom maxes out at roughly 49.2 MP5 (ticking every 2 seconds for 19.68 each time) one important note is that Blessing of Kings increases our intellect by 10%, so at 350 intellect, for example, we’d be increasing it by 35. The intellect to mana conversion is 1:15, respectively, equaling 525 mana. To achieve this with Blessing of Wisdom, it would take us (or any other healer) roughly 52 seconds. (525 ÷ 19.68 = 26.67 ((26 x 2 = 52)) So, if you’re in a group, or raid, with players that are able to kill the boss within a couple of minutes, it may be more worthwhile to use Blessing of Kings, unless told otherwise.

  • Druid (Resto): Kings –> Wisdom
    • Druids are given Innervate, which increases their mana regeneration rate significantly while in combat
  • Shaman (Resto): Kings –> Wisdom
    • Shamans are given Mana Tide Totem, which restores 6% of your total mana every 3 seconds
  • Paladin (Holy): Wisdom –> Kings
  • Priest (Holy): Wisdom –> Kings


Blessing of Salvation should be reserved for each DPS in your group/raid. This is mainly due to players, unlike in 2007, not wanting to give the tank(s) much time to build sufficient threat before attacking. While every Paladin can do this, it would typically fall on the Protection Paladin since you have both Improved Blessing of Wisdom and Improved Blessing of Might and Blessing of Kings, while Protection Paladins typically don’t have any of those, but if you do not have a Protection Paladin in the group/raid, it’s worth remembering that Blessing of Salvation should be prioritized for all DPS.

It’s worth noting that if you do find yourself having more than two Paladins in the raid/group, you should also consider using Blessing of Light on DPS since there are plenty of fights that even DPS get damaged. Just as well, if DPS pull aggro on a boss that is immune to taunt, Blessing of Light makes keeping them alive much, much easier.

  • Warrior (Arms / Fury): Might –> Kings
  • Rogues: Might –> Kings
  • Druid (Moonkin): Wisdom –> Kings
  • Druid (Feral): Kings –> Might
  • Shaman (Elemental): Wisdom –> Kings
  • Shaman (Enhancement): Might –> Kings
  • Mages: Kings or Wisdom
  • Warlocks: Kings –> Wisdom
  • Hunters (MM / BM): Might –> Kings
  • Hunter (Survival): King –> Might
  • Paladin (Retribution): Might –> Kings
  • Priest (Shadow): Wisdom –> Kings


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