PVE Protection Paladin Tank Gems, Enchants, & Consumables

tbc classic pve protection paladin tank gems, enchants, & consumables burning crusade classic


As a Protection Paladin, we have a few different options to choose from. Based on your level of avoidance and current phase, you may wish to utilize certain gems to reach 102.4% avoidance.

Low-Gear Gems

High-Gear Gems

Meta Gem


Armor Enchants

Weapon Enchants

Enchants That Are Not BiS

Shoulders: Greater Inscription of Warding (Greater Inscription of Warding provides 1.47% total avoidance while Greater Inscription of the Knight provides 1.53% of total avoidance for a difference of 0.06%)

Hands: Enchant Gloves – Threat (Enchant Gloves – Major Spellpower, in combination with Consecration, for example, will increase your TPS from 121.6 to 126.83 – an increase of 4% threat)

Feet: Enchant Boots – Boar’s Speed (Pursuit of Justice increases our movement speed by 15%, while decreasing our chance to be hit by spells by 3% – the two movement speed increases do not stack, so it’s best to get Enchant Boots – Fortitude instead)



Flasks & Elixirs




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2 years ago

Hey! Quick question – what are your thoughts on using Glyph of Power enchant for the helm and using Runic Spellthread for the pants? I also noticed for gems you put the Nimble Fire Opal (5 dodge, 4 hit) which has Hit, as opposed to something like a Vivid Chrysoprase (5 spell hit, 6 stamina) – what’s your opinion on stacking Hit vs Spell Hit? Personally on my paladin I feel I’m very tanky, and my only downfall is when I can’t get threat due to resists / misses / lack of Spell Power.

2 years ago

You have listed Wizard Oils under Miscellaneous consumables, but these override Windfury (can’t have both Windfury and Wizard Oil/Sharpening stone on your weapon at the same time). I’ve read a lot of conflicting things about Windfury versus Wizard Oil (+ wrath of air totem) for protection pally. Can you comment on which is the better option?

3 years ago

pretty sure you want to go aldor for tanking for the increased spellpower for more threat

Reply to  Kurathis
3 years ago

https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=28886 i think this is what he is talking about.
Greater Inscription of Discipline
Binds when picked up
Item level 70
Requires Level 70
Requires The Aldor -Use: Permanently adds up to 18 spell damage and healing and 10 spell critical strike rating to a shoulder slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot.

3 years ago

Do you think that going Scryer might be the play for later phases when the shattered sun pendants come out? i’ve been looking at the different procs and the aldor ones seem way better than the scryer ones. for instance, the pendant of resolve gives 100 dodge rating for 10 seconds to aldor and 100 expertise for scryer. the pendant of acumen gives 120 spell damage for 10 seconds for the aldor or a chance to inflict an extra 350 damage if you’re scryer. the 100 dodge rating for a pure mitigation set and the 120 spell power for a pure threat set seems like a better investment than a 0.06% avoidance difference between the two shoulder enchants. of course, the pendants don’t come out until sunwell.

Reply to  Barl
3 years ago

edit: going Aldor**

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