Moroes Strategy Guide (Karazhan)

Tbc Moroes Strategy Guide (karazhan)

Welcome to our strategy guide for Moroes in the TBC Classic raid Karazhan! While Moroes is technically the raid’s second encounter, he is the first mandatory fight. The Moroes encounter is just a single phase, but it is quite lengthy and requires careful planning. It is significantly harder than Attumen the Huntsman and will test the limits of your healers. Let’s take a look at how you can topple Karazhan’s steward!

Getting Started

You’ll want to begin by killing all trash within the banquet room because you’ll need space for add management. Pull one at a time and use Shackle Undead on attendants and waiters. In addition to fighting Moroes, there will be four adds that fight alongside him. These four adds are randomly decided out of a pool of six player-class variations. Your raid will need to create a plan for which adds must be killed and which should be CCed before dealing with Moroes.

Role Summaries


  • Use CC on the adds.
  • Follow the kill order assigned by the raid.
  • Interrupt the priests and healers (Millstipe, Von’Indi, and Berrybuck).
  • Have one melee member assigned to soak Blind.
  • Remove Garrote if you can.


  • Priests should be using CC the entire fight.
  • Be prepared to heal the offtank when Moroes uses Gouge.
  • Assign a healer to keep the Garrote target alive.
  • Anticipate heavy damage output for when the boss is 30% health and under.


  • The main tank should grab Moroes and build aggro.
  • Offtank should grab one add and also hit Moroes to generate threat.
  • Remove Garrote if you can.
  • Save defensive cooldowns for when Moroes is 30% health and below.

Fight Overview


Depending on what adds are spawned, different abilities will be used during the fight. These adds can and should be CCed by hunters, paladins, and warlocks to minimize incoming damage. You should kill at least two of these adds, continuing to keep the other two locked down with CC, before DPSing the boss. The order in which you kill them depends on which adds are spawned.

Here is a recommended kill order:

With this in mind, you’ll kill whichever two targets are highest on this list and keep the other two locked down via CC while you wail on Moroes. Speaking of which, Moroes himself is a rogue and also uses abilities like the player class. This includes Blind, Gouge, and Garrote. Blind disorients whoever is closest to the boss aside from his current target. It’s crucial that this is not your offtank, so you must designate a melee member to soak this by standing directly under Moroes. It can be removed by paladins, shamans, or druids if mana is available.

Gouge will stun the main tank and attack whoever has the next highest threat, which should be your offtank. This is why you need at least two tanks. The offtank should have at least one add attacking them to keep rage available. Garrote is one of the most important mechanics in the fight. Every 30 seconds, Moroes will disappear and use Garrote on a random target. This lasts for 5 minutes, causing 1,000 damage every 3 seconds.

Garrote can be removed by a few abilities (Ice Block, Divine Shield, Blessing of Protection, and Stoneform), but these are limited and this means that the damage must be healed through. If the fight lasts for too long, Garrote damage will quickly drain all healer mana. Save any removals for priests responsible for CC and healers and focus keeping other targets healed.

Two final mechanics involve Berserk and Enrage. Both are unavoidable and will increase raid damage. Berserk does damage to random targets and Enrage permanently increases Moroes’ damage below 30% health. No mechanics are individually difficult, but the number of them in addition to manage adds can make the fight hectic. It will be a DPS race to finish the encounter before your healers go OOM from healing Garrote damage.


Now that you know the mechanics to watch for, execution is the next move. It’s much easier said than done, so you’ll need to get some attempts in to understand the rhythm of the fight. Priorities involve killing at least two adds, keeping the other two CCed, healing Garrote targets, having an offtank ready to soak Moroes after Gouge, and ensuring that a melee member is soaking Blind.

Begin the fight by having the main tank pull Moroes. The offtank should grab their add (or two) and follow the main tank. Priests and hunters responsible for CC should head to the other side of the room and manage their add. Give some time for both tanks to generate threat on Moroes before any other raid members touch him.

Focus the first add down as quickly as possible. Switch to the next target once they die. Remember to keep CC up and the raid can now switch onto Moroes. Once Moroes is dead, you can quickly finish off the remaining adds to end the encounter.


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