Black Morass Attunement Guide

Tbc Black Morass Attunement Guide

Attunement for the Black Morass dungeon starts with completing Old Hillsbrad Foothills. Get a group for it and head to the Caverns of Time.

Tbc Caverns Of Time Map Dungeon Entrances
Caverns Of Time Map

  1. Upon entering the Caverns of Time, you’ll find the Steward of Time. Dismount and from them, accept the quest: To The Master’s Lair. This will now take you to Andormu.
  2. At Andormu, turn the quest in and accept the next quest: The Caverns of Time. Follow the NPC around until your quest finishes.
  3. Head back to Andormu and hand it in. Accept the next quest: Old Hillsbrad. Now you can actually enter Old Hillsbrad Foothills.
  4. Now enter Old Hillsbrad Foothills. Run through the tunnel and speak to Erozion at the end to turn your quest in.
  5. Accept the next quest: Taretha’s Diversion.
    This also gives you Pack of Incendiary Bombs that are needed to set fire to the buildings, so even if you’ve already ran the dungeon spear to Erozion again.
  6. Speak to the dragon nearby and have him fly you to the keep. Once you’re there, head to the lower level and fight your way into each building.
  7. Inside each building, look for a barrel that you can use your Pack of Incendiary Bombs on. Do this until all five buildings are set on fire.
  8. Now head back to the upper level and enter the keep. Inside, go down a staircase near the center room to take you into a jail containing Thrall.
    Before proceeding, make sure all party members hand the quest in and accept the follow-up. It will automatically start and won’t prompt other group members to start the quest!
  9. Turn in your quest and accept the next quest: Escape from Durnholde. Now follow Thrall all the way to Tarren Mill as he looks for Taretha. Kill all the NPCs that spawn around him.
  10. Eventually, he’ll find Taretha in the inn and the final boss will appear outside. Kill the final boss and watch the scene until the quest completes.
  11. Once you’re done, go back to the entrance to find Erozion to turn the quest in. Accept the next quest: Return to Andormu.

Leave Old Hillsbrad Foothills and speak to Andormu to hand in the quest. Now, accept the follow-up quest: The Black Morass. You can now enter Black Morass.


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