wotlk talent calculator wrath of the lich king talents

Talent Calculator

Use our WotLK Classic talent calculator to plan your builds!

wotlk dungeon & raid loot

Dungeon & Raid Loot

A database of all instance loot in the game with advanced filtering!

wotlk classic gems list and tool

WotLK Gems

Search and filter all gems available in WotLK Classic!

tbc classic realm population burning crusade classic

Realm Population

Find the perfect server for your new character at a glance!

wotlk classic glyphs

WotLK Glyphs

Search and filter all glyphs available in WotLK Classic!

wotlk database


A full featured item, quest, and NPC database for WotLK Classic.

tbc classic armory burning crusade classic

WotLK Classic Armory

Gear, stats, and raid progress of any player that has logged a raid recently.

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