Avast Ye, Admiral! Achievement Guide

avast ye, admiral! achievement guide

Welcome to our Avast Ye, Admiral! Achievement Guide! You might not have seen it in your achievements section, but that’s because this one is a hidden Feat of Strength. For this one, you will need to get high reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers and then do some quests. In this guide we will guide you through obtaining the achievement, step by step, and provide some useful tips along the way.

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  • While this Achievement is simple to get, it can still prove to be a bit challenging: a significant amount of time will go towards gaining Honored with the Bloodsail Buccaneers before you can do the quest to finish this achievement.
  • While getting the Bloodsail Rep for this Achievement you will also be damaging all your Goblin Reputation: i.e, Booty Bay, Ratchet, Everlook, and Gadgetzan.
    • This means that you will not be able to interact with several NPCs or use the Neutral Auction House. It will also lock you out of some of the other achievements until you gain your reputation back.
    • Check out Step 3 in this guide for some tips on how to restore your reputation!
  • Note that this Feat of Strength is also a part of the larger achievement: Insane in the Membrane.

Step 1: Farming Booty Bay Bruisers

First of all, we will need to complete the quest, which will be available at Honored reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. If you open up your Reputations tab, you will probably start out somewhere between Netural and Hated, depending on how many quests you completed for Booty Bay.

The easiest and fastest way to raise your reputation with Bloodsail will be to sit in Booty Bay and constantly spawn camp the guards that spawn. You will get about 25-27 Rep out of each.

I recommend bringing a couple of friends to make this process go a lot faster.

Avast Ye Admiral Achievement Bloodsail Buccaneers Booty Bay Farming Spot

This spot is the best place to kill Booty Bay guards solo — once you kill a guard, another tends to spawn in this small hallway. If you have a larger group of people, then you can clear both the upper ramp and lower ramp of guards and do it in a very quick time!

If you are doing this Achievement solo, make sure you bring along a bunch of Runic Healing Potions or Runic healing Injector and Food.

Step 2: Complete Bloodsail Quests

Once you hit Honored with Bloodsail, the quest Avast Ye, Scallywag will open up. It will send you to the Bloodsail fleet in the Crimson Vale, off the Southern Coast of Stranglethorn Vale. After you have turned this quest, in you’ll get the quest Avast Ye, Admiral! which will send you back into Booty Bay to kill both Fleet Master Seahorn and Baron Revilgaz.

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Once you kill both of these NPCs, head back to the Bloodsail Fleet and enjoy your Bloodsail Achievement, Title, and Clothes!

Step 3 (Optional): Restoring Your Booty Bay Reputation

You will have two different options for fixing your reputation with the Goblin cities.

  • One of these is very time-consuming, but will let you keep your positive reputation with the Bloodsail.
  • The alternative will require a decent amount of gold and will reduce your Bloodsail rep back down to Hated. However, this option will be a much quicker way to restore your Goblin city rep.

Time-Consuming Method

For the Time-Consuming method we will head over to Tanaris, and then head south to the Lost Rigger Cove. Here we will find the Southsea Pirates — when killed, these will give you 5 reputation towards Gadgetzan, and 3 towards Everlook, Ratchet, and Booty Bay. There is also one more NPC you can kill: namely, Andre Firebeard. He will give you 25 reputation with Gadgetzan and 11-12 reputation with the other three.

Note that if you are using this method, you’ll have to kill around 40,000 pirates to get back to Neutral with all of the goblin cities.

Gold Method

With the Gold Method, you’ll have to find the Bloodsail Traitor outside of Booty Bay, who will offer the quest Traitor to the Bloodsail, which requires 40 Silk Cloth and 4 Red Dye. Completing this quest will result in you gaining 500 reputation with Booty Bay and -500 reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers. This quest will not help you with Gadget, Everlook, or Ratchet reputation.


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