PvE Balance Druid Rotation & Cooldowns

wotlk classic pve balance druid rotation & cooldowns

Balance Druids have a fairly simple rotation, anchored around our 2 Eclipse procs: Eclipse (Solar) & Eclipse (Lunar).


  • Maintain Faerie Fire on the target if no other Balance Druid is doing it.
  • Cast Starfall on cooldown outside of eclipse procs. The first cast should be used as your 1st or second (if you have to throw up Faerie Fire) and you are within the range of the spell. Otherwise cast  Force of Nature to ensure they get hero/lust if you cast that spell at the start of the pull.
  • Cast Force of Nature on cooldown. Your first cast of this spell should be right before hero or lust. Your trees will then gain the haste buff when it is cast. If your trees are not out before the Haste buff, they will not receive it and it will reduce the damage to the trees quite significantly.
    After hero/lust has been cast and force is up for the 2nd or 3rd time just cast it in between an eclipse proc.
  • Spam Wrath during Eclipse (Solar), and spam Starfire during Eclipse (Lunar).
  • Spam Wrath after leaving Eclipse (Solar), and spam Starfire after leaving Eclipse (Lunar), until the next Eclipse procs.
  • Use Insect Swarm right after lunar and keep it up during solar. You may also use it when spamming wrath to proc lunar.
  • The only time to use Moonfire is when moving. it has been shown to be a DPS loss to use it before a lunar

When to use DoTs

Balance Druids have 2 DoT spells: Insect Swarm & Moonfire. They contribute a good bit of damage, but you need to be careful with how you use them.

  • Refresh your DoTs when out of Eclipse. If in Eclipse then use Wrath or Starfire
  • The only time to use Moonfire is when moving. it has been shown to be a DPS loss to use it before lunar
  • Use Insect Swarm right after lunar and keep it up during solar. You may also use it when spamming wrath to proc lunar.
  • The best time to refresh your DoTs & Faerie Fire is when you need to move out of a mechanic (like fire on the ground!) or move to a certain spot. You cannot cast Wrath or Starfire while moving, so this maximizes your damage output.


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Sup yall! My name is Bobodingo and I've been playing wow since its release. I'm an avid player trying to make some good, quality content and share my ideas with the rest of the WoW community. I'm always down to have a conversation and bounce ideas off each other!
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1 year ago
  • “Refresh your DoTs when out of Eclipse.” Yet you also say: “If Eclipse just ended and DoTs are down: refresh Insect Swarm if you just came out of Lunar, and refresh Moonfire if you just came out of Solar.

Now my question is: both dots are down and you left say lunar eclipse. You then refresh Insect Swarm but ignore Moonfire or? It’s unclear to me

Reply to  Devin
1 year ago

The idea here would be to refresh Insect Swarm when you leave Lunar, so that you have it up when you enter Solar and don’t need to refresh it during Solar.

The opposite then going for refreshing Moonfire when you leave Solar, so that you have it up when you enter Lunar and don’t need to refresh it during Lunar.

Generally you do want to refresh both outside of Eclipse though, because they are good damage and you want to not waste Eclipse time, but if you are in a burst period, for example you have Bloodlust or trinkets or similar, you want to spend as much of that time in Eclipse as possible and using DoTs takes away from that.

1 year ago

Question I’ve got. I always precast my next wrath or starfire. So eclipse will proc while I’m in my next cast. Say I procced lunar eclipse and my next wrath is already starting. Should I finish the wrath and then swap to starfire? Or should I interrupt and go right to starfire?

1 year ago

You are writing ;
“Boomkins experience a bit of an odd transformation, going from a 1-button spec to having one of the most complex rotations of any spec in Wrath.”

But at the rotation section, you are writing
“it’s a fairly simple rotation”

As someone who wants to try Boomkin but are afraid of a complex rotation (I am 34 years old and don’t have the time nor energi to top meters with a complex playstyle.

Are they easy or hard? And if you know – are shadow priest better dmg and more easily?

1 year ago

If I were to skip Moonfire & Insect swarm completely in the rotation (Only use them while moving instead), approximately how large DPS-loss are we talking about? The dots seem like the most complex and boring part of the rotation and I would love skipping them if it doesnt make me completely worthless in raids.

Reply to  bobodingo
1 year ago

Some other sites are showing skipping Moonfire completely is a dps gain and helps prevent running out of mana. Any ideas on that?

1 year ago

As far as an opener, is it best to start with Wrath spam to get Lunar eclipse first?

1 year ago

Something I don’t understand : you said “refresh Insect Swarm after Eclipse”. But, isn’t there a loss of time to use a gcd instead of casting another wrath or stellar fire to try proc the next eclipse ?

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