Day of the Dead Event Guide

day of the dead event guide

Welcome to our guide for the Day of the Dead World Event! Just like the actual Day of the Dead, we will honor the memory of our fallen companions through food and dance. In this guide, we’ll show off the event rewards, and explain exactly how to get them.

The Day of the Dead marks the end of the achievement halloween witch 01Hallow’s End Event, starting on November 1st and ending on November 3rd. Don’t worry about the 2-day timeframe, as this event is very quick to complete.


Unfortunately, you do not get to keep these rewards after the event ends, so enjoy them while they last! The one thing you do get to keep forever is the achievement: Dead Man’s Party. Keep reading to learn how to get all of these rewards!

Event Basics

Before you begin, you will want to go and buy Simple Flour and Ice Cold Milk. This will save you a trip later on. You can find Simple Flour at any Cooking Supplies vendor and Ice Cold Milk at any innkeeper in Azeroth.

Next, head to the graveyard outside your race’s home city. Below is a list of coordinates for graveyards of each respective race:

icon - human male Elwynn Forest
34.7, 50.9
icon - dwarf male Dun Morogh
52.8, 36.7
ui charactercreate races gnome female Dun Morogh
52.8, 36.7
icon - night elf male Darnassus
76.6, 27.4
icon - draenei male Azuremyst Isle
46.5, 54.4
icon - orc male Durotar
47.2, 17.4
ui charactercreate races troll male Durotar
47.2, 17.4
icon - tauren male Thunderbluff
57.3, 18.6
icon - undead male Undercity
68.3, 7.9
race bloodelf male Eversong Woods
47.7, 49.2
spell holy holyprotection Terrokar Forest
39.9, 22
achievement dungeon theviolethold heroic Dalaran
35.2, 39.8

inv misc bone humanskull 02 Dead Man’s Party Achievement

At any of the graveyards listed above you will find two NPCs: Catrina and Chapman. Select Catrina and type /dance to earn the achievement Dead Man’s Party. She will also grant you the buff Honor the Dead, which gives you this sweet costume for 12 hours!

dead man's party achievement

Confused? Consider checking out our in-depth Dead Man’s Party Achievement Guide!

inv misc bone humanskull 01 Macabre Marionette Pet

Speak to Chapman, the Day of the Dead Vendor standing next to Catrina, at any of the graveyards listed above. Purchase Bouquet of Orange Marigolds and Recipe: Bread of the Dead. Note that you must be at the graveyard nearest your race’s major city in order to complete this quest.

Next, equip the Bouquet of Orange Marigolds and use it at the graveyard. Doing so allows you to see and interact with Ghostly Spirits. Among them will be a Cheerful Spirit, with a quest to offer. Speak with the spirit and accept the quest The Grateful Dead. Using the Recipe: Bread of the Dead that you purchased, cook up a loaf on the Ghostly Cooking Fire near the quest giver.

ghostly spirit

Use your Bouquet of Orange Marigolds one final time. Turn in The Grateful Dead quest and enjoy your glorious, limited-time pet, Macabre Marionette!

That’s all there is to the Day of the Dead Event! Be sure to check back with us for a guide on the Pilgrim’s Bounty Event, starting November 23rd!


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1 year ago

You have to be at your own factions city graveyard or in dalaran to accept/see the quest from the Cheerful spirit

Last edited 1 year ago by quriz
1 year ago

quick and ez guide as per usual, ty 🙂

1 year ago

gnomes not mentioned in guide!

7 months ago

Not sure if my co-ords addon is different but the Stormwind/Elwynn ones here took me to where the wickerman was not the graveyard. The Graveyard with Catrina was at /way 39 60 in Elwynn, just in case any other have difficulty.

1 year ago

Factually inaccurate.

Just wasted a hot minute going all the way to Exodar to try to get it as Draenei, gave up and went to SW. Got it on my Draenei. You do not need to use your races main city. Also saw a Blood elf use Org on youtube.

Last edited 1 year ago by notytbh
1 year ago

I just want you to know I slay cats and ride dragons because fk the author

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