wotlk pvp feral druid talents & builds
  • Author: Nevermore
  • Date: February 9, 2022
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

When it comes to the talents, we have three distinct builds. Each of them has strong and weak points, each one fulfilling a separate role. Druids show their hybrid potential here once again with a variety of build optimizations that they can have.

The first build is a variation of the Shred Build – it has high damage if played properly, since most of the damage comes from proper positioning behind the enemy target. This build provides several interesting effects both for offensive abilities and for mana conservation, while lacking a bit in defensive abilities.

This build lacks points in Survival Instincts, Thick Hide, and Protector of the Pack, but comes with several powerful offensive talents, such as Predatory Instincts and Infected Wounds. To make up for the loss of defensive talents, we will have points spent on the Improved Leader of the Pack, which heals any affected player for 4% of their total health when they land a critical strike.

Primal Precision is a talent that is not usually found in the shred build, but you will want to pick it for the expertise that it offers. Also, have it just in case you will fail to land a finishing move on the target, for one reason or another.

Feral Charge is one of the mandatory talents that will be found in all three of the builds – it provides a massive gap-closer.

Berserk is our most powerful burst ability. In fact, this talent is what makes our burst insanely powerful – just beware that you will not be able to use it in conjunction with Tiger’s Fury.

For the mana-conservation talents, we will have points spent on Natural Shapeshifter to reduce cost of all shapeshifting, and Omen of Clarity, which offers a Clearcasting effect.

The second build focuses on the Mangle ability, with a mix of defensive and offensive talents oriented towards Mangle. This build does not require you to be positioned behind the target at all times.

Just like the previous build, we will have mandatory points in Berserk and Feral Charge. However, this time we will gain one more defensive ability at the cost of another. We will have a point spent on the Survival Instincts, but no points spent on Improved Leader of the Pack.

The main two talents we will spend points on in this build will be the Improved Mangle and Savage Fury.

While we lost King of the Jungle, a talent that provides energy regeneration, we gained Natural Shapeshifter and Master Shapeshifter instead, which reduce our mana consumption and bring us more damage.

The third build is a variation of the first build – it focuses on the Shred ability. Overall, this build is very similar to the first build, with the only difference reflected in some talent points. We will have one more point spent on Natural Shapeshifter, and one point spent on Survival Instincts. Note that the first build has two points on Primal Precision, while the third build has no points spent on it at all.


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Hey there folks, I am Nevermore and have been deeply passionate about WoW for more than a decade. Whether we talk about the hidden mysteries of Azeroth or the otherworldly Outland, my journey brought me here to share the things that I have experienced with you all.
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Feral who actually PvPS
Feral who actually PvPS
10 months ago

Skipping out on Survival instincts in any feral pvp spec seems absolutely insane. Its one point and drastically helps with burst. I get the idea of the first spec being more of a glass cannon, but imo even more reason to have one point for that defensive CD.

Not getting 5/5 in furor is also almost never a good idea. Ferals need to be able to kick casts and the only way to do this is to pop into bear and charge. Switching into bear form and 40% of the time not having enough rage to charge is an absolute waste of mana and utility.

The rest of it is pretty subjective, but 5/5 furor and getting survival instincts seems to be necessary imo. I will also be speccing into brutal impact and primal tenacity. Having a 5 second stun every 30 seconds is absolutely insane crowd control and is absolutely worth 2 points. With primal tenacity, even though its technically a defensive talent, it actually leads to you being to able to do more dmg since now you dont have to be bear form when the kidney shot lands and fears are much shorter allowing you to keep up infected wounds and bleeds.

Primal precision is not good since expertise means very little in pvp, but it is especially bad on the shred build as shred can literally only hit someone when you’re behind them and enemy players cannot dodge or parry when you hit from behind. So that expertise is literally worth nothing when shredding.

tbc feral duelist
tbc feral duelist
Reply to  Feral who actually PvPS
10 months ago

5/5 furor, survival instincts and primal tenacity are 100% MUST have talents. IMOTW is worthless. I’m sorry to say to the author that this guide tells me they don’t pvp at a high level. I’d even go as far to say king of the jungle is also imperative to set up burst and for constant shifting.

Last edited 10 months ago by tbc feral duelist
Reply to  tbc feral duelist
8 months ago
6 months ago

garbage talent builds

1 year ago

Where is best bleeding buidl 😀

Reply to  Frostdreew
9 months ago

The Hole Talents Are Wrong

5 months ago

these are bad

4 months ago

author never played feral druid in their life. may seem harsh but dont write a guide when u dont know what the FUCK u are talking about

9000 iq
9000 iq
3 months ago

Protector of the Pack is worth about 600 resiliance in bear form in terms of base damage reduction. In 3v3, 5v5 the enemy will focus you a lot so might aswell instead of Predatory Instincts. Also, Demoralizing Roar shares debuff spot with Ret Paladin’s Vindication so if you play with Ret there is no point in talenting Feral Aggression, also Infected Wound attack speed reduction doesn’t stack with Improved Icy Touch. Brutal Impact is a game changer if utilized to the max, with feral charge you can lock out a healer from the game for ~10 seconds every 30 seconds. That is without using cyclone. Primal Precision is amazing vs Rogues since slow poison effectively rooting you cant get behind the Rogue and he has 30 seconds of Evasion with Prep, meaning your only way to gain an edge is to get combo points which you cant if he dodges everything, in 2v2 I would definitely pick this up, may also want to consider Thick Hide vs Rogues, if you play 2v2, Rogues are your biggest counter by far. One more thing, speccing into Nature’s Swiftness could be worth if you play 3v3 and 5v5 with no healers (or 5v5 with 1 healer). If you spec that you play a completely different playstyle though, with more bear form instead of cat, its very situational, but there are cases when it just makes you god.

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