Cooking Guide 1 450 WotLK 3.3.5a
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: December 30, 2019
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

Cooking is one of the three secondary, universal professions in WoW. Along with First Aid and Fishing, it’s an essential skill for players of all races, classes, and levels. As you progress through Azeroth, you’ll learn a number of recipes, and at higher levels, these can provide you with unique buffs that give you an edge in PvE or PvP.

Completely leveling your cooking also means that you can prepare large meals called feasts, like the Fish Feast, that multiple players can eat at once. In addition to standard health and mana replenishment, these also provide powerful buffs to as many members of your party as can eat.

In addition, many players choose to level their fishing alongside their cooking, preparing what they catch to decrease the amount of time it takes to level both. The first section of this guide explains how to level Cooking without that, but keep reading after to see how to power level both.

Training Cooking

Old World

Like most professions, trainers in any major capital city will be able to teach you from Apprentice through Artisan. There are some recipes, however, that require players to be in specific locations to purchase, so it’s advisable that Alliance players start in Stormwind and Horde players start in either Orgrimmar or Thunder Bluff.


Once you’ve crossed through the Dark Portal, the Master Cooking trainers will be in your first questing area along with the other profession trainers. For the Alliance, the Master trainer is Gaston in Honor Hold, and Baxter in Thrallmar will do the same for the Horde.


The Grand Master trainers in Northrend, like the Master trainers in Outland, will be in your faction’s first questing area. In Valiance Keep, Alliance players will need to speak with Rollick MacKreel, and Orn Tenderhoof in Warsong Hold will train Horde players.

Unlike most professions, once you have access to Dalaran, each faction still has specific trainers. For the Alliance, this is Katherine Lee, and for the Horde, it is Awilo Lon’gomba. The only truly neutral cooking trainer in Northrend is Bethany Cromwell at the Argent Tournament Grounds.

Because there are recipes that need to be purchased at specific locations, there is no immediate advantage to leveling cooking entirely in Dalaran, even if you intend to purchase the materials from the AH.

Required Materials

Old World



Leveling Cooking

Old World

1 – 40: Spice Bread

Before crafting the next set of items, it might be worthwhile to purchase Recipe: Smoked Bear Meat. While it is not explicitly necessary, if you are close to either of the NPCs that sell it, farming bear meat can be faster than the alternative. The recipe is sold by:

40 – 80: Smoked Bear Meat or Spiced Wolf Meat

Once you reach at least skill level 50, make sure to train up to Journeyman Cooking.

Between 80 and 225, there are a number of faction specific recipes that make power leveling significantly easier. Because of that, certain sections below will be marked to indicate which they are for.

[Alliance] 80 – 130: Boiled Clams and Crab Cake

*Starting at 85, you can make Cooked Crab Claw, which is learned from Recipe: Cooked Crab Claw, sold by Kendor Kabonka in Stormwind. This is also a good time to purchase Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omelet.

[Horde] 80 – 90: Smoked Bear Meat 

  • Continue using Bear Meat to make Smoked Bear Meat.

For the Horde, between 90 and 130, the fastest recipe to make is Dig Rat Stew, which is learned by either completing the Dig Rat Stew quest offered by Grub near Crossroads for the Recipe: Dig Rat Stew, or by purchasing it from him directly if you’re a higher level player.

90 – 130: Dig Rat Stew

Starting at 125, you’ll be able to train Expert Cooking.

Before you continue onward, all players will need to purchase Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omelet. While the Alliance will have already visited their vendor, Kendor Kabonka in Stormwind, the Horde will need to seek out either Keena at Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands or Nerrist at Grom’gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale.

Horde players should also take this opportunity to purchase Recipe: Roast Raptor from either of their vendors.

130 – 175: Curiously Tasty Omelet

To cook the rest of the raptor parts, all players will need to purchase Recipe: Roast Raptor, which is sold by a number of vendors throughout Azeroth. In addition to the previously mentioned Keena and Nerrist for Horde players, the recipe is sold by:

175 – 225: Roast Raptor

After you’ve reached 225, you can learn Artisan.

Before continuing with Artisan, you’ll have to purchase another recipe: Recipe: Monster Omelet. To find this, players can either venture to Felwood or Winterspring. In Felwood, Alliance players will need to speak with Malygen south of Felpaw Village, and Horde players will need to find Bale in Jadenar. Either faction can instead go to Everlook in Winterspring to speak with Himmik as well.

If you’ve chosen to go to Felwood, this is also a great time to pick up Recipe: Juicy Bear Burger.

225 – 250: Monster Omelet

250 – 285: Juicy Bear Burger

285 – 300: Smoked Desert Dumplings

Once you’re done preparing the Dumplings, cross through the Dark Portal and find the Master trainer in Outland.


Before beginning to level your cooking in Outland, all players have the choice between purchasing Recipe: Ravager Dog or earning Recipe: Buzzard Bites. Buzzard Bites are learned as a reward for completing Smooth as Butter in Southern Hellfire Peninsula, and Recipe: Ravager Dog can be purchased from Sid Limbardi in Honor Hold by Alliance players and Cookie One-Eye in Thrallmar by Horde players. If you choose to get both recipes, crafting any combination of the two will work to help you level.

300 – 325: Ravager Dog or Buzzard Bites

After making your Dogs or Bites, you’ll need to go purchase the either Recipe: Talbuk Steak or Recipe: Roasted Clefthoof in Nagrand. Horde players will be able to buy them from Nula the Butcher in Garadar, and Uriku in Telaar will sell them to the Alliance. Like the Dogs and Bites, both can be purchased and created at the same time, as both meats are easily farmable in Nagrand.

325 – 350: Talbuk Steak or Roasted Clefthoof

After you’ve finished in Nagrand, you can take the zeppelin to Northrend and learn Grand Master Cooking.

Before you begin leveling your Grand Master Cooking, all players will need to complete their faction’s version of the Northern Cooking quest. It involves simply gathering the meat necessary to craft your first recipe, Northern Stew, and then teaches it to you.


350 – 365: Northern Stew

365 – 375: Rhino Dogs

After making enough Rhino Dogs to reach 375, all players will have to complete another quest chain to learn the next recipe. To begin, speak with Grimbooze Thunderbrew and take the Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor quest. This will begin the chain that teaches you to make Kungaloosh, a fruity beverage which can be made with materials purchased from vendors. After completing The Taste Test, you will learn the recipe and be able to continue.

All the reagents for Kungaloosh are sold by Applebough, the fruit vendor in Dalaran. Each individual drink should cost 66 Silver.

375 – 400: Kungaloosh

After you reach 400, leveling Cooking becomes a slower, more time intensive process. Like other professions, Blizzard has added daily quests and tokens for Cooking in WotLK. The Dalaran Cooking Award — the reward from these quests — can be traded in for recipes from 3 different vendors. In Dalaran, Alliance players can trade them into Derek Odds, and Horde players can go to Misensi. All players can purchase recipes from Mera Mistrunner at the Argent Tournament Grounds.

The daily quests to earn the Cooking Awards are:

As a final note on these, each of these recipes will require the use of Northern Spices, which can be found in the Daily Quest reward bag, traded for 1 Cooking Award, or purchased from other players.

400 – 425: Any of the recipes learned from trading in Dalaran Cooking Award 

From 425 to 450, there are a couple of options available. The first is that you continue completing daily quests, learning new recipes, and cooking them until you reach 450. This is entirely doable, but it may take a bit of time. The second option it to save your tokens and purchase either Recipe: Small Feast or Recipe: Gigantic Feast. While neither of these may have an immediately practical use, they remain yellow through 450, which most of the other recipes purchased with the daily tokens do not.

425 – 450: Any of the Dalaran Daily recipes or Small Feast/Gigantic Feast

And you’ve capped congratulations! Keep reading for a guide to leveling fishing and cooking at the same time.

Cooking and Fishing

Leveling Cooking and Fishing at the same time can make the process for capping both significantly faster. The primary difference between leveling cooking with fishing and leveling without is the need to constantly purchase new recipes to match the fish you’re catching. Below is a list of fish to catch and the necessary cooking recipes to take you to 450 in both.

Old World

1 – 50: Brilliant Smallfish

50 – 80: Longjaw Mud Snapper

80 – 140: Smoked Sagefish

140 – 175: Bristle Whisker Catfish

  • Recipe: Bristle Whisker Catfish
    • Fishing and Cooking Supplies Vendors in Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, and Undercity. Other vendors in various places throughout Azeroth.

175 – 225: Sagefish Delight

225 – 250: Spotted Yellowtail

250 – 275: Nightfin Soup or Poached Sunscale Salmon

275 – 300: Lobster Stew or Mightfish Steak or Baked Salmon


300 – 340: Feltail Delight or Blackened Trout

340 – 360: Golden Fish Sticks


361 – 380: Grilled Bonescale

380 – 415: Grilled Sculpin

415+: Dragonfin Fillet or Snapper Extreme


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2 years ago

You should have mentioned, that to get, Smoked Desert Dumplings- Sandworm Meat, you have to complete a quest chain first.

Last edited by Pavel
That One Guy
That One Guy
1 year ago

I found that in patch 3.3.5a to learn Kungaloosh, you need to go down into The Underbelly in Dalaran and find Washed-Up Mage and talk to them to learn it. Not sure if there’s Amy prerequisite quests for it or not but I did do the quests stated above for it though so that may be it. Hope this helps everyone else 🙂

Last edited by That One Guy
Reply to  That One Guy
3 months ago

You have to complete that chain, but the chain in Sholazar gives you Kungaloosh as a reward. To get the cooking recipe you have to talk to the mage in Dalaran.

2 years ago

Allerian Stronghold is not in Nagrand. It’s in Terokkar Forest. Just want to make sure that’s cleared up. I basically discovered the entirety of Nagrand looking for it to find out myself.

Last edited by Kero
Reply to  Kero
2 years ago

Sorry about that, got that corrected to Terokkar Forest!

Last edited by Furious
Reply to  Furious
1 year ago

also stonebreaker post is in terokkar as well

Last edited by Rob
1 year ago

Bale is at the Blood Venom Post just north of Jadenar not in Jadenar itself.. i spent an hour looking for him and went all the way inside the cave looking.

Last edited by reaperofbeef
2 years ago

It was very interesting farming critter rats for cooking at an alliance camp. 🙂 it was an adventure, i love this game

Last edited by Watachiro
That One Guy
That One Guy
1 year ago

Did the quests as stated above to learn Kungaloosh but it did not teach it to me after I completed The Taste Test and my cooking is at 384 when I did said quest.

Last edited by That One Guy
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