PvE Holy Paladin Best Races

pve holy paladin races

Here we will take a look at all races available to Paladins and evaluate them. Note that all racials for a Holy Paladin are extremely minor, but some are better than others.

Wow Alliance Crest Alliance

Draenei and Human are both exceptional choices for a Holy Paladin, and which one is better varies from fight to fight. Draenei will be stronger in shorter, less mana intensive fights. However, if you find yourself starved for mana and forced to auto attack, Human will likely be the better option.

If you are Alliance and want to squeeze every ounce of performance from your character, Draenei may be the choice for you. Gift of the Naaru is an instant cast healing over time spell that scales with your spellpower. While it may not be exceptionally powerful compared to the rest of the healing spells in your toolkit, it is literally free.

Heroic Presence is also an invaluable asset. Every raid will want at least 4-5 Draenei in order to give 1% hit to each group. Ask your raid leader if your guild needs more Draenei.

Hint: Try macroing in Gift of the Naaru with your Holy Light, in order to not have it consume a global. Read the addons and macros section to see how.

A fantastic choice for Holy Paladins. The racial Mace Specialization may not seem like something that would benefit a Holy Paladin, but it does. Since we will be auto attacking to regain mana via Seal of Wisdom, the expertise from this racial will result in less dodges/parries, and therefore more mana.

Humans are also equipped with Every Man for Himself, one of the most powerful racials in the game. If you intend to PvP this racial is an absolute must. And while this won’t directly increase your healing throughput, it may increase it indirectly by freeing you from crowd control effects. That CC break could be the difference between a tank living and dying.

Human Spirit is not extraordinary, as we benefit very little from spirit. 

Hint: Use Every Man for Himself versus Anub’Rekhan’s Impale

Dwarf racials will not boost your healing in any way, but they will boost your defenses. Their passive Frost Resistance is very relevant throughout this ice themed expansion. Stoneform also has some useful applications. 

Hint: Use stoneform versus Grand Widow Faerlina’s Poison Bolt Volley


Blood Elves are the only available race for Horde Paladins, but they are by far the best choice out of the four.

If you are a horde player and disappointed that your only available race is Blood Elf, cheer up. Due to the racial Arcane Torrent, Blood Elves are by far the best race for a Holy Paladin. Arcane Torrent works not only as an AoE silence & interrupt, but it also restores 6% of your mana every two minutes.

Hint: Try macroing Arcane Torrent with divine plea, in order to not have it consume a global. Read the addons and macros section to see how.


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