PvP Restoration Druid Talents & Builds

wotlk pvp restoration druid talents builds

In this guide, we will talk about two different types of builds. Each of them is designed for a different purpose, which is a reminder as well as a demonstration of how versatile the Druid class is.

First Build (Tree of Life Build)

The first Restoration Druid build comes with the highest healing capacity for your team, giving you access to spells like Nature’s Swiftness and Swiftmend to help you alter the tide of battle by refreshing yourself and your allies.

This build focuses on using Tree of Life as your main form, which is further boosted by the Improved Tree of Life.

Gift of the Earthmother will be a crucial talent for this build, considering how strong Lifebloom is. The build also comes with defensive talents such as the Natural Perfection, which will reduce the amount of damage you receive by 4%. Keep in mind that this effect stacks 3 times.

Second Build (Dotting Build)

The second build in this guide offers quite a different approach for the role of the Restoration Druid, emphasizing a much more aggressive playstyle with a focus on dotting up your opponent and interrupting their actions as much as possible, while also providing healing.

The build provides this by adding more points into the Balance specialization, with its only downside being the reduced amount of healing.

With this build, you gain access to a powerful DoT ability, the Insect Swarm. This ability can severely impact the hit chance of your enemies. In exchange for the Insect Swarm you are forced to let go of powerful healing talents, such as the Gift of the Earthmother and Wild Growth


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Simon lavoie
Simon lavoie
1 year ago

sacrificint earth mother for a inseact swarm ? wtf is wrong with you, what some really freaking bad advice. also, your build is a clicher. the haste gain from earth mother on a spam of wrath equal the dps from insect swarm gain, plus, the haste also affect your hot. its juste right bad.

Last edited 1 year ago by Simon lavoie
dtk maxx
dtk maxx
Reply to  Simon lavoie
1 year ago

its for arena not dragon slaying

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