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The daily quests in Zul’Dark work differently than in most zones — instead of simply accepting Dailies from various NPCs, you’ll go to Commander Kunz, and he’ll give you a quest to visit four different NPCs. You’ll then need to complete one of three random quests from each of the four NPCs, and then return to Commander Kunz. Returning to him with all four quests completed within 20 minutes gets you a bonus — opinions vary on whether it’s difficult to pull off or not. The following quests are all available to both factions, and offer reputaton with the Argent Crusade.

Prerequisite Quests

Before you can do the Zul’Drak dailies, there are a couple of preliminary quests you need to complete for Commander Falstaav; make sure you pick them both up and do them at the same time.

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Available to both Horde and Alliance

  • Quest Giver – Commander Falstaav (39.4, 67.0), found at the top of the western steps of the Argent Stand
  • Prerequisites – Level 74
  • Objective – Destroy 10 Scourge at the Argent Stand
  • Rewards

Once you’ve grabbed this quest and Parachutes, go west down the stairs and start killing Scourge — any of the enemy mobs will do. You can try to find mobs that are fighting Argent Crusaders, as they’ll have lower HP. If you accidentally aggro more mobs than you can handle, just run back to the steps and let the NPCs there rescue you. While you probably won’t get all of the kill credits, it’s better than dying!

prerequisite task objective locations ludrak
Both quests can be done in the area west of the quest giver

Available to both Horde and Alliance

After getting this quest, go west down the stairs and find Argent Crusaders that aren’t in combat (you can’t give parachutes to NPCs that are engaged). Select them and then click the Crusader Parachute — you’ll equip them with a parachute, protecting them from being dropped to their death.

argent crusader already with parachute
If you’re unable to give a Crusader a parachute, make sure they don’t already have one

As far as the rewards go, unless you’re in the unlikely position of one of the other items being an upgrade, you should choose Blade of Valorous Service, as it’s worth a lot more gold than the other options.

Walkthroughs – Zul’Drak Daily Quests

With both of Commander Falstaav’s quests complete, you’ll now be able to accept the patrol quest from Commander Kunz, who is just a bit east of Falstaav, near the center of the structure. After doing the initial quest (Pa’Troll), you’ll be able to do Troll Patrol on subsequent days.

Available to both Horde and Alliance

To complete this quest, you’ll need to visit four Argent Crusade posts and do whatever task the captain at each post assigns you. The first time you do this quest (when it’s called “Pa’Troll” instead of the daily version, “Troll Patrol”) the tasks each captain gives you will be predetermined; when doing it subsequent times, each captain will give you one of three random tasks. If you complete all four tasks and turn in this quest before twenty minutes is up (as in, you still have the On Patrol buff), you’ll be able to take the Congratulations quest, which is just some free additional rewards.

  • Quest Giver – Commander Kunz (40.3, 66.6), found just west of the large map in Argent Stand
  • Prerequisites – Level 74
  • Objective – Turn in the quest
  • Rewards

If you still have the On Patrol aura when you turn in Pa’Troll or Troll Patrol, you’ll be able to then accept and immediately turn it in this quest. Note that this counts towards your 25 dailies. The rewards are nice, and the Patroller’s Pack can net you a decent chunk of extra gold depending on what items you end up rolling in it.

Make sure you do this quickly if you’re almost out of time — once the twenty minutes are up, you won’t be able to turn this in even if you turned in the patrol quest under the time limit.

Patrol Tasks

If you plan on abandoning the quest and restarting it if you can’t do it in under twenty minutes, then it’s best to start with whatever side of the loop gives you the most trouble. For the majority of players, that’s going to be Alchemist Finklestein’s task (because it has the most variance), and so the suggested route is designed accordingly. Server population is something to consider, however — if you’re usually fighting to nab quest objectives before other players, you may want to do a flyover of Captain Grondel’s quest location and do his first if the mobs/objectives there haven’t been cleared recently.

routing for zuldrak dailies
  • Quest Giver – Alchemist Finklestein (35, 52), found in the building north-northwest of the main Argent Stand structure
  • Prerequisites – Level 74
  • Objective
  • Rewards
    • Lab Work
      • 2,100 XP
      • 62silver (1gold 88silver at level 80)
    • The Alchemist’s Apprentice
      • 5,300 XP
      • 1gold 58silver (4gold 76silver at level 80)

This NPC is found north-northwest of Commander Kunz. There are a lot of mobs on the direct route, so you may want to instead follow the road north and then turn off the road once the building is west of you. It should be easy to find on the map once you get close enough. In the building, it’s easy to spot the Alchemist, since he’s by a cauldron. You’ll get to do the much easier Lab Work the first time, which only requires you to collect four ingredients and then return to the NPC.

building of alchemist finklestein

Subsequent runs of this task will instead have you doing Troll Patrol: The Alchemist’s Apprentice. After you accept this quest, you’ll need to talk to him again, and select the option that says “I’m ready to begin…” He’ll tell you what ingredient he needs first, and the ingredient will remain on screen for a while. (If you forget what you’re looking for, just check your chat log.)

Once you’ve got the ingredient, go up to the cauldron and right click, and the alchemist will tell you what the next ingredient is. While the recipes vary significantly, they all follow the same pattern:

  • Ingredients 1-3 are common
  • Ingredients 4-5 are uncommon
  • Ingredient 6 is rare

“Common” ingredients can be found in either room, “uncommon” ingredients are only in one room but on many shelves, while “rare” ingredients are only found in one room and in one location.

The real challenge is quickly finding the igredients, so below we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible with the alphabetical list below. Items in Green are in the southern (left) room, ingredients in Blue are in the northern room (right). Uncolored items can be found in either room. Rare ingredients also have their specific shelf indicated.

The next task on your list is with Captain Grondel, who is found in a small structure that’s just east of the ‘D’ in “The Argent Stand” on the map. Inside, speak with Captain Grondel — if you’re currently on Pa’Troll, you’ll be offered Creature Comforts, while if you’re instead doing the daily Troll Patrol, you’ll be offered one of the three random Troll Patrol quests (of which Creature Comforts is one).

captain grondel's building v2
The NPC for this task is found in this nondescript structure

All three quests Captain Grondel gives you are completed in the watery area northwest of his building, and all are straightforward. Don’t restrict yourself just to the area that is totally underwater — there are Mossy Rampagers and quest objectives on the drier land west to the west as well.

  • For Creature Comforts, all you have to do is find the Dead Thornwod — it can be a bit hard to spot because it’s the same color as the rest of the area, but if you’re lucky you can get multiple quest items in each Dead Thornwood plant.
  • Couldn’t Care Less asks you to kill 7 Mossy Rampagers, which is simple unless there are too many other players killing them. If that’s the case, do yourself and your fellow players a favor and kill the Lurking Basilisks if you can’t find any Mossy Rampagers — these creatures seem to share the same spawns.
  • For Whatdya Want, a Medal?, you may want to use a macro to find the corpses: /target drakkari corpse will highlight the closest one and make them easier to spot. Because you aren’t technically looting the corpses, you can pick up the medals while in combat. You can also remount immediately after clicking a corpse for the same reason.

The next NPC is found southeast of Captain Grondel, up against the wall that connects Drak’Sotra to Zul’Drak, on the border with Kolramas. In the ruins, speak with Captain Rupert. If you’re currently on Pa’Troll, you’ll be offered Throwing Down — otherwise, like before you’ll be offered one of three random Troll Patrol quests.

location of captain rupert v2
Captain Rupert is in these ruins

For Throwing Down, you’ll need to go up the stairs to the east — all the mounds are in the area northwest of the stairs. Try your best to avoid the mobs guarding the craters as you throw the grenades into them — you’ll need to be basically point-blank to throw the grenade into the crater. The spawn locations are fixed, and there is one more than you need.

location of nerubian craters

Done to Death is similar, although the objectives are a bit more spread out. You’ll need to burn Defeated Argent Footmen, who can be found southwest, west, and northwest of the quest giver. For some reason, it doesn’t always let you use the oil on the footman to the southwest, so you may need to stick to the area west of the quest giver.

Intestinal Fortitude is probably the easiest of the three, since you can stay mounted while interacting with the recruits. Find Crusade Recruits that are cowering and speak with them — there’s a single dialog option, just pick it and they’ll pep right up. Turn on NPC names in the interface options if you haven’t, since it’ll make them much easier to spot (they’ll be the only green NPCs around).

The last Captain you need to visit is found west-southwest of Captain Rupert — the simplest way to get there is by following the aqueduct columns southwest and then heading west once you see Captain Brandon’s building. If on your first Pa’Troll, you’ll be able to accept Something for the Pain, otherwise you’ll be offered one of three random quests.

location of captain brandon v2
Captain Brandon is found in this building
mater water poppy

Something for the Pain requires that you collect 5 Mature Water-Poppy — it’s easy to tell where you can collect these, since they only grow in the water-filled fields west of the quest giver. They can be slightly hard to spot, since they’re surrounded by slightly smaller poppies. However, they have the tell-tale sparkle, and you can always just move your mouse over the field until you get the cog cursor.

ancient dirt mound

Can You Dig It? is similar, in that all you need to do is collect 5 objects. For this quest, head to the dirt just southwest of the quest giver, where you’ll find a bunch of dirt mounds. Using the spade while near one will either reveal an Ancient Drakkari Chest or — if you’re unlucky — a troll mob. Druids can go into flight form and lose aggro, otherwise it’s kind of a pain if you keep digging up trolls.

High Standards is the best one to get, since all you have to do is plant a banner on three nearby pedestals. The three pedestals form a triangle, so it’s easy to find them. From the quest giver, go northeast down the stairs and continue that direction until you get to a pool of water. Face north, and you’ll see the first pedestal just ahead up some stairs (1). Click the banner to plant it and then go east across the courtyard to find the next pedestal — you can actually see it through the trees from where you planted the first banner (2). The final pedestal is south-southwest across the courtyard, facing the first pedestal.

If you’re more of a “stare at the coordinates addon” kind of navigator, we’ve got you covered:

  • North – 50.4, 73.2
  • East – 53.3, 72.4
  • South – 52.6, 75.6

We hope this guide on the Daily Quests in Zul’Drak was helpful. If you’ve got any suggestions for improvements, or strategies for the quests you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below!


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