PvE Frost Death Knight Addons & Macros

wotlk classic pve frost death knight addons & macros

Beyond directly making your character stronger through talents, equipment, enchants, etc, there are 2 more things you can use in order to improve your performance as a player: addons & macros. It cannot be understated how much of an impact they can have on your gameplay — increasing your DPS or healing by a large percentage, preventing you from dying, etc. You will need the best addons & macros to be the best Frost Death Knight you can be!



Frost Death Knights do not require a whole lot of addons or macros, only having the need for a few essential tools that most classes and specializations will want to acquire as well.

  • DeadlyBossMods – Allows you to track boss abilities. A must-have for raiding.
  • Details – Shows you how much damage, healing, etc everyone in your raid is doing. Flex on your friends!


WeakAuras is a versatile addon with almost limitless possibilities. It allows you to install mini-addons created by other players, which are confusingly also called “WeakAuras”, in order to perform specific tasks, such as tracking the cooldown of a spell, having a visual or audio notification when something procs, giving you a warning when a boss uses an ability, etc. You can find WeakAuras that suit your needs on wago.io. It’s strongly recommended that you use WeakAuras; they’re a huge quality of life boost.

As a Frost Death Knight, there are several things that you will want to keep track of, luckily, WeakAuras can provide you with enough tools in order to make your experience a lot easier. First and foremost, you will want to keep track of your diseases and runes. You can create separate notifications for each of them, having them displayed as customized bars on your screen showing you a clearer duration of both your diseases and the time left on each separate rune until it recovers.

Secondly, it would be a good idea to individually create WeakAuras for effects such as trinkets or Hyperspeed Accelerators, allowing you to properly time your burst window with your trinket procs.



Burst Macro

As a Frost Death Knight, you only have access to two burst abilities, namely Empower Rune Weapon and Unbreakable Armor. You can choose to macro those two abilities together, along with your potions or Hyperspeed Accelerators or you can choose to make an individual macro that does not utilize Empower Rune Weapon but maintains the other elements.

One great thing about Frost Death Knight’s main burst tool is that it synchronizes with Hyperspeed Accelerators, having exactly the same precise cooldown.

#showtooltip Unbreakable Armor
/Use [Combat] 10
/Cast Unbreakable Armor
/Cast Empower Rune Weapon
/Use Potion of Speed
#showtooltip Unbreakable Armor
/Use [Combat] 10
/Cast Unbreakable Armor
/Use Potion of Speed

Rune Strike Macro

The only ability that you possess which is not affected by Global Cooldown is Rune Strike. However, Rune Strike has a prerequisite in order to be used, it requires you to either parry or dodge an attack. In the rare cases that this happens, as an example from bosses that deal AoE physical damage, you can bind this ability to every single one of your abilities in order to cast them both at once, providing you meet the requirement.

#Showtooltip Obliterate
/Cast Obliterate
/Cast Rune Strike

Attack Macro

In order to make sure that your character actually attacks its target without having the need to right-click it, you can add another segment to your previously made “Rune Strike Macros”

#Showtooltip Icy Touch
/Cast Icy Touch
/Cast Rune Strike


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8 months ago

Yeah josh you judgy cunt fuck outta here

1 year ago

Hey would be nice if you could post the rune grace weak aura! thanks

1 year ago

Man so much wrong misleading info about macros and rotations. Just refer to logs and see the opener and standard rotation. Yikes.

Reply to  Josh
1 year ago

Hey Josh, thanks for the feedback. We are working on updating some of these older guides that were dropped before Classic WotLK even released. In the meantime, if you have any macro/rotational questions feel free to ask in the comments here, and one of our experts would be happy to help 🙂

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