Auriaya DPS and Parse Guide


Have a hunter approach Auriaya, shoot her and feign death. 32 seconds from that point, she will respawn in front of the entrance to Vezax. The raid should be pixel stacked on top of her respawn point.

Just before she spawns, every paladin in the raid should use Hand of Protection on your most vulnerable casters. Hunters and/or rogues should be ready to tricks or misdirect the adds onto the tank. Pop Bloodlust or the moment she spawns.

You’ll want to make sure that your discipline priest has a Fear Ward before each fear, and is ready to spam mass dispel until every player is free of fear.

The Main Character

It is possible to artificially inflate a few people in the raids parses by prohibiting AoE from anyone that is not those few players. By leaving the Sentry‘s alive for as long as possible you can allow a few players to do AoE DPS nearly the entire fight. This will slow down the kill of the boss and ultimately make it a lot harder, since the adds do significant, ramping damage to the tank. If you see Auriaya parses at the top of Warcraftlogs with almost entirely Mind Seer or Seed of Corruption damage, this is how.

Heroic Strike
Glyph of Cleaving

Auriaya has a mix of both single target and AOE portions, making the use of both Heroic Strike and Glyph of Cleaving strong. 

Your raid may engage this boss in two different ways, though your approach is practically the same in both scenarios. Whether your raid does the reset pull or line of sight pull, use Death Wish on the Sanctum Sentries and then move over to the boss once they’re dispatched. 

Use Berserker Rage (ideally during the cast as to spend no time feared) or Will to Survive to negate/break out of the fear. 

Opener: *Seed of Corruption of Auriaya / UA > Haunt > Corruption > CoA

*Spamming Seed of Corruption will generally lead to the highest DPS and parse, but will apply the least DPS to Auriaya herself

Pre-Pot: Potion of Speed for Seed of Corruption (Parsing) / Potion of Wild Magic for Auriaya Single Target Opener

Glove Usage: On Pull and Execute (2 Uses)

2min Trinket Usage: On Pull with Gloves (If Seed of Corruption Spamming) / On Execute (Best for Speed Kill and Least Pad DPS)

Talents: Default 55/0/16

Quick Decay
Life Tap
Glyph of Haunt

Infernal is best used on the pull to gain Bloodlust if you have a fast kill time, but if not then just the 1-minute remaining mark is best.

There are two primary ways to approach Auriaya which is either maximizing our personal DPS for parsing or single target nuking Auriaya for the fastest kill speed. It depends on your raid set up which approach you take, for example my raid takes turns on rotation between which set of DPS will AoE the Sanctum Sentries.

If you are primarily looking to parse, I would Potion of Speed pre-pot and use all haste CDs on pull using Seed of Corruption on Auriaya to burn the adds down quickly then resume our usual single target rotation on Auriaya.

If you are looking to just burn the boss quickly for a speed kill, then Potion of Wild Magic pre-pot into our usual non precast opener is ideal. If you are Human look to use your racial Will to Survive on the fear during or near our execute window. If you are an Orc then lining up your racial with a juiced up Drain Soul will be the most effective since Seed of Corruption has a very poor coefficient meaning Spell Power does not scale very well with it.

Multi-dotting the Feral Defender should be done if your dots last the entire time Auriaya is alive. It is not worth it to refresh dots onto the feral defender during execute because of how fast the kill time is. This means that primarily just a Corruption and Unstable Affliction will be enough.

Pray that the Feral Defender doesn’t stun you… ESPECIALLY DURING EXECUTE.

Opener: Metamorphosis/Immolation Aura > Seed until 1 or 0 adds are left > Normal rotation.

If your goal is to increase pure boss dps for a faster kill time, ignore the adds and do your normal rotation on Auriaya.

Pre-Pot/Second Pot: Potion of Wild Magic or if you want more personal dps at the expense of the raid then Potion of Speed.

Potion of Speed in execute.

Metamorphosis: Pop ASAP for add damage with Immolation Aura.

Gloves Usage: On pull with Metamorphosis and on cooldown from there.

Nitro Boots Usage: N/a

Ask for a BoP on the opener if you are using seeding because it is insane threat. Be ready to shatter at any moment if this is not an option.

Get as many seeds off as you can w/ all cd’s until there’s only 1 or 0 adds left and then fully dot Auriaya with the last bit of Metamorphosis to snapshot them and continue your normal rotation.

If you are a human and don’t trust your priests to hit a super early mass dispel, then go ahead and racial trinket one of the fears for more uptime.

Ideal Duration: 90s

The pre-pull (with boss reset strategy):

Drop totems a couple seconds before the boss respawns or is pulled.

Prepot Potion of Wild Magic.

Opener and Rotation:

  • Use any cooldowns immediately and drop fire elemental totem as soon as possible to maximize up time. Perform a standard cleave opener.
  • Prioritize fire nova and then chain lightning as there are 4 adds and the boss.
  • When the adds are all dead you can swap to a standard single target rotation.
  • Use Potion of Speed when pre-pot comes off cooldown. This fight is too short to guarantee lineup with other cooldowns.

Encounter specific notes:

  • A mix of physical and spellpower equipment sets are best on this fight. Use physical weapons once the adds are dead, but use a spellpower weapon while adds are alive.
  • You can drop tremor totem as a backup for mass dispels, but your priests should be mass dispellinging the fears immediately. Don’t do this if you’re the only one with improved strength of earth.

Cooldown Usage (assuming 90s fight duration):

  1. Pre-pot
  2. Mutilate / Blade Flurry spec
  3. Target and cleave off Auriaya at the start of the fight, wait a few seconds for trinket procs then use all your cooldowns minus vanish. Hopefully they proc off your first Mutilate for your SnD. You might need to pre-pop bladeflurry depending on how quickly the adds die.
  4. Once the adds are killed keep on the boss till the end of the fight.
  5. Don’t FoK/AoE the Swarming Guardians as they don’t count toward your parse.
  6. Use vanish for when Auriaya casts her fear (similar to Razorscale) .2-.3 left of the cast, use vanish to ignore being feared.
  7. Human trinket if you are alliance on the second fear

Glyph of Shadow
Glyph of Mind Flay
Glyph of Shadow Word: Death

Potion: Potion of Speed

Pre-pot: Potion of Wild Magic

Opener: Standard

The optimal opener for Auriaya depends on how much AoE damage your group will be outputting. I recommend doing the standard opener on Auriaya and channeling MS on her until the cats are dead.

Use Inner Focus with MS.

If your group has lower AoE damage and you can apply VT to them for the full duration, then you should.

Bloodlust should be used very early, so open with your Shadowfiend before starting your standard rotation.

Seal: Seal of Vengeance | Seal of Command

Glyph of Judgement
Glyph of Seal of Vengeance
Glyph of Reckoning


  • Seal of Command for the start of the fight until the cats are dead.
  • Don’t flip your trinkets here as you want them up immediately for Bloodlust/wings.
  • Swap to Seal of Vengeance once the cats are dead.
  • While you have many ways to get out of Fear, being instantly Mass Dispelled is likely the best.
  • Line up your gloves/pot with wings in execute if the fight is longer than 2:00. If the fight is shorter
    just save your 2nd gloves/pot for execute with hammer.

Coming Soon!

The pre-pull (with boss reset strategy):

●     Prepot haste potion to align with reset timer. Can double max/down ranked Flamestrike before boss appears.

Opener and Rotation:

●     Use any cooldowns immediately and start Living Bombing as soon as possible to maximize uptime. Any of the sanctum sentries that die before your bombs go off are a waste. So you will have to judge to the best of your ability what your raid’s DPS looks like.

●     Prioritize using Dragon’s Breath and Glyphed Blast Wave to get Firestarter procs. Using max rank and 1 downrank for stacking.

●     When the adds are all dead you can swap to a standard single target rotation.

●     Use haste potion when prepot comes off cooldown. This fight is too short to guarantee a lineup with other cooldowns.

Encounter specific notes:

●     One of the fears can be pre Ice Block and removed with a cancel aura. Use your best judgment for when to do this. Although your priests should be on top of using mass dispel.

Cooldown Usage (assuming 90s fight duration):

●     Keep Living Bomb on any target that will survive long enough to explode.

●     Use gloves on pull.

●     Use any on-use trinkets, Combustion, etc on pull.

●     The Feral Guardian that spawns late in the encounter can be used as a secondary bomb target.

For hunters (and most classes) the best way to pull Auriaya is by resetting her with Feign Death. Place an Explosive Trap where she spawns.

Assuming you are the hunter doing the reset, remember to remove any proc trinkets you have, or else you may put them on cooldown for the start of the encounter.

Encounter tips:

  • The moment she spawns, use sapper in conjunction with a Misdirect on the tank.
  • Spam Volley until the Sanctum Sentries begin to die. Then perform your standard single target rotation.
  • The longer you are able to spam Volley, the more damage you will be able to do. This results in a situation where to parse high, your raid needs to agree to only let a couple of people touch the adds.

Glyph of Insect Swarm
Glyph of Starfall
Glyph of Starfire

Pre-pot: Potion of Wild Magic

Potion: Potion of Speed

Opener: Standard

The goal is to kill her fast while maximizing cleave damage with Starfall, just like Kologarn. Auriaya tends to be a longer encounter than Kologarn, though, so you shouldn’t hold Starfall. The Sanctum Sentries die very quickly and you’ll want to ensure that your Starfall hits all of them for as long as possible.

Recommended Talents & Glyphs

90s Ideal Duration


Auriaya is a short and mixed damage type encounter. There is only one mechanic to be respected, there’s not really any positioning requirements, and there’s one timing to be met.

Mechanics Briefing

  1. Feral Defender – Completely ignore these mobs.
  2. Swarming Guardians – Completely ignore these mobs.
  3. Sonic Screech – Don’t stack, your behind boss uptime matters more.
  4. Terrifying Screech – This needs to be mass dispel or gotten out of with tremor totem, if not then use a mobility cooldown to return.

Pre-Pull Checklist

The Encounter
Get a Savage Roar rolling and begin performing a Swipe rotation with Berserking. If there are 2 or more Sanctum Sentry mobs alive, keep swiping. If not, then perform a single-target rotation on Auriaya. Stay behind her and don’t stack for Sonic Screech to continue using Shred.

Parsing on Auriaya is a combination of rotational cleanliness, an okay boss kill time, getting out of Terrifying Screech, and if possible the privilege for exclusive damage on Sanctum Sentries. Prioritize non-Feral Druids if Innervate or Rebirth is needed. Stay behind and within range of the boss.

Glyph of the Ghoul
Glyph of Death and Decay
Glyph of Icy Touch

Encounter notes:

  • If the adds will not be cleaved very much, swap to Glyph of Icy Touch and profit. If they won’t live long enough for a full round of diseases, consider just sticking with Glyph of Dark Death.


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