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Professions are a crucial part of your World of Warcraft character, potentially offering a large boost to your damage, healing, or survivability, while also allowing you to generate some gold. This guide will cover some of your best options for professions as a Beast Mastery Hunter.

Best Professions

As with pretty much every class, engineering is BiS for speedrunning guilds. However, the stats for BM are rather lackluster:
We can’t really use the glove haste enchant (Nitrospeed Accelerators), and the rest of the enchants are more of a nerf than a buff stat-wise (pretty much all other ”normal” boot enchants having better stats than nitro boosts) – the mobility will make up for it in a lot of fights but Phase 1 has few high mobility fights. I would only recommend this profession after Phase 1. and if you are not in any form of speed running guild I would not recommend this profession at all.

Tailoring is your BiS enchant damage-wise, it has a proc for 400 attack power (400 attack power) that at least at the start of a fight syncs with all your cooldowns. The cooldown for this enchant is only 45 seconds making it a passive 133 Attack Power if uptime is perfect. As an additional advantage, this profession is very cheap to level.

Jewelcrafting is slightly weaker for this specific spec, compared to Survival and Marksmanship. it does however offer more flexibility with hit rating dragon’s eyes Rigid Dragon Eye, and still ranks at #2 stat-wise. I recommend using this together with Tailoring in Phase 1 if you commit solely to Beast mastery. The passive Attack Power gained accounts for 108AP if you replace the Bright Dragon’s Eyes for Bright Scarlet Ruby x3. It’s also a very good gold-making profession.

Useful Professions

Blacksmithing gives you two extra sockets, so offers some flexibility. In general however all it gives is +64 Attack Power and so is rather weak for Beast Mastery Hunters.

Gives your shoulder a +80 Attack Power increase, and saves you a lot of gold due to not having to farm Sons of Hodir Exalted rep.
Cheap to level up and a very good gold maker.

Lets you disenchant gear that you won’t use anymore for some easy gold or mats, you can also enchant your own gear and enchant other people’s gear for a fee — this all adds up for a nice bit of gold. Also, this grants +80 AP – x2 40 Attack Power via ring enchanted.

Grants +80 AP but is not as good of a gold maker as the other ones. Enchants your bracers with +130AP — compared to the best non prof – bracer enchant that is (Enchant Bracers – Greater Assault).

Doubles the amount of time your flask lasts but is only a 64AP increase. A good profession for gold generation, but not great for stats. this comes from the passive ability you get called Mixology. Note that in order to get this stat increase you have to be able to craft Flask of Endless Rage.

A farming profession that gives +40 crit, from Skinning, is better than alchemy and blacksmithing for BM surprisingly. but far from ideal. Skinning also just isn’t a great gold-making profession and requires you to do hard labor.

Sub-Par Professions

Gathering profession that literally doesn’t give any stats except for healing over time effect on a 3-minute cooldown through Lifeblood. This is actually a good gold maker though as far as farm professions go, so if you don’t care much about your hunter go ahead and pick it up.

Gathering prof that gives +60 Stamina through Toughness, no DPS increase but a good gold maker if you pair it with herbalism and don’t care about your hunter DPS.


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