PVE Protection Paladin Tank Guide WotLK 3.3.5a

Welcome to the Protection  Paladin PVE guide for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

In this guide you will learn how to properly play a Protection  Paladin in dungeons and raids, whether those might be normal or heroic. Protection  Paladin is one of the most resilient tanks you can have in the game due to its high amount of defensive cooldowns and overall utility.

Best Races

Considering the expansion we are reviewing is Wrath of the Lich King, the paladin class has somewhat of a one sided availability when it comes to races that are able to select this class with Horde having just the Blood Elves and the Alliance having several choices which range from Human, Dwarf and Draenei.


  • Blood Elf: The only race that can select the Paladin class in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the Blood Elves offer  three distinct racials abilities:Arcane Torrent, Arcane Affinity,Magic Resistance. Magic resistance is the only racial that is going to  help you mitigate some of the magic damage done by mobs and bosses. Arcane Torrent will also offer a 6% of your total mana pool restoration, which is a solution to the Protection Paladin’s bane, this being its everlasting mana issues.


  • Human: One of the three available races for the Paladin class in Alliance, which has several amazing racial abilities, among them being Diplomacy which increases your reputation gain by 10%, this will help you out grinding your  reputation for the item enchants more faster than the other races. The extra expertise from Sword Specialization and Mace specialization combined with the glyph of Seal of vengeance will help you cap expertise really fast.Those two racials will help you min-max your stats better. Sadly The Human Spirit  will not offer any specific benefit for the Protection Paladin since spirit is not one of the stats that we aim to get.

Humans also benefit from one extremely strong racial, Every Man for Himself, altho this mostly has a pvp application, it also has a huge application in PvE scenarios in order to evade certain stun or incapacitated effects from dungeons and raids.

  • Dwarf:  Due to the nature of the expansion, frost damage is especially expected to be encountered during dungeons and raids,  Frost Resistance helps you mitigate some of the damage you receive, for example fights such as Forgemaster Garfrost where you will be having a stacking debuff on increasing frost damage, while just like the human race, Mace specialization will help you with expertise in order to min max your stats in a more efficient way. The Dwarf race has one more interesting defensive racial ,Stoneform, as a Protection Paladin, it can be combined with divine sacrifice in order to provide utility to the whole raid or just on its own in case you’re being hit too much, the racial offers you 10% armor increase while also removing poison, bleed effects and diseases. While everything that Stoneform offers can be already done by the paladin through the use of cleanse, the 10% armor increase is a very welcome addition.
  • Draenei: Another suitable choice for the Paladin class, the Draenei race has one major racial ability which is able to buff up the entire party , Heroic Presence, a highly sought  buff which increases the entire party’s hit rating by 1%. While this may not seem like much it offers the opportunity for all the players benefiting from this buff to increase other valuable stats while not being forced to reach the hit cap, for example the affected party members can forgo 1% hit rating from their character build in order to optimize other stats such as agility, armor penetration or spellpower.

Other than that, the racials work for any specialization so it does not offer anything special for Protection Paladin in particular.

Best Professions

When it comes to professions  it really depends what you are aiming for, gold farming, gameplay improvements or  overall min maxing.

  • Mining will generate you a good source of income while also generating enough raw materials to level up professions such as Engineering or Jewelcrafting. Most people underestimate the profitability of mining but rest assured that it will make you go a long way. Not only it will provide you with a sustainable source of gold but it will also provide you with a special passive that will enhance your PvP potency, Toughness which will increase your stamina by 60 at max rank. (Toughness was added in Patch 3.0.2)
  • Jewelcrafting is one of the professions which can lend you plenty of gold while also contributing to the min-maxing aspect of the game, a jewelcrafter can create special gems like the Solid  Dragon’s eye which will offer you a huge boost to your stamina, an aspect that is very important for every top notch tank
  • Engineering while may not boost your performance like it does for a dps, nitro boots are still a viable option and it also brings  Jeeves to the party/raid, which is a very useful multipurpose npc for reagents, repairs and access to the bank
  • Enchanting will bring you special enchantments for your rings boosting your stamina, while this is a nice bonus that can make the difference between defeating a boss or wiping endlessly due to not being sturdy enough, enchanting is pretty expensive to  level up, but it can bring you overall gold through disenchanting and trade with players
  • Blacksmithing while people argue that Blacksmithing can be useless, it does indeed provide you gear during your leveling experience and also can bring in some useful ways of making money through  trading items on the auction house such as the rods that enchanters need. The Icecrown Citadel recipes can help you create some items useful for a while which are also bind on equip items so u can sell those as well on the auction house.


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