Jewelcrafting Guide 1 450 WotLK 3.3.5a
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: December 5, 2019
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

Jewelcrafting is one of World of Warcraft’s most valuable professions. Since being added in TBC, it has allowed players to put stat boosting gems into their armor, and it has allowed Jewelcrafters to sell these cuts on the Auction House for massive profits. In WotLK, Blizzard made Jewelcrafting even more essential to endgame content. Cut gems like Luminous Ametrine, Regal Dreadstone, or Sundered Eye of Zul are necessities in any raider or endgame PvPers gear. And with the addition of daily tokens, Jewelers can purchase designs like Design: Nightmare Tear, to create the +10 to all stats, any socket gem. The versatility of Nightmare Tear is just one of the numerous advantages the profession offers to all classes.

To find gems, Jewelers must use their most essential skill: Prospecting. This allows players to search raw ore for gems to cut, destroying the minerals in the process. Because of this, Jewelcrafting is usually paired with Mining as a gathering profession. If not, purchasing ore to prospect and gems to cut can become quite costly, and it may take awhile for you to break even.

Training Jewelcrafting

Old World

Unlike other professions in WotLK, Jewelcrafting must still be learned from specific trainers. While these NPCs will be able to take you from Apprentice through Artisan, they are only available in the capitals added in TBC. This means that the Horde must venture to Silvermoon City and find either Kalinda or Aleinia, and the Alliance need to go to Exodar and speak with Farii.


Once you reach Outland, the training process standardizes with other professions, and the Master trainers will be in your faction’s respective starting area. For the Horde, this will be Kalaen in Thrallmar, and the Alliance can learn from Tatiana in Honor Hold.

In Shattrath, there are also neutral trainers. Hamanar and Nemiah of the Aldor and Kirembri Silvermane of the Scryers will be able to continue teaching you.


Like Outland, the Grand Master trainers in Northrend will be in your first questing area. The Alliance in Valiance Keep will learn from Alestos, and Geba’li at Warsong Hold will teach the Horde.

Timothy Jones in Dalaran is the neutral trainer closest to an Auction House and can teach all preceding trainer’s recipes. If you are power leveling with access to Dalaran, he is your best option. Oluros at the Argent Tournament Grounds in another neutral option.

Required Materials

Old World



Leveling Jewelcrafting

Old World

1 – 30: Delicate Copper Wire

30 – 50: Tigerseye Band or Malachite Pendant

After you make your rings or your neckalces, go train up to Journeyman Jewelcrafting.

50 – 80: Bronze Setting

80 – 100: Simple Pearl Ring or Gloom Band

100 – 110: Ring of Twilight Shadows

110 – 120: Heavy Stone Statue

After making these statues, Alliance players will need to find Neal Allen at Menethil Harbor in Wetlands, and the Horde will need to talk to Janida at Freewind Post in Thousand Needles. Each will sell Design: Pendant of the Agate Shield.

120 – 150: Pendant of the Agate Shield

After finishing these pendants, you should learn Expert Jewelcrafting.

150 – 180: Mithril Filigree

180 – 185: Solid Stone Statue

185 – 200: Engraved Truesilver Ring

Once you finish these rings, you can go train Artisan Jewelcrafting.

200 – 220: Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing

220 – 225: Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior

225 – 250: Thorium Setting

250 – 260: Ruby Pendant of Fire

260 – 280: Simple Opal Ring

280 – 290: Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night

For this step, most power leveling guides recommend creating the Onslaught Ring using Powerful Mojo, but for the purposes of power leveling, Essence of Undeath is much easier to farm and makes for a quicker leveling process.

290 – 300: Emerald Lion Ring

Once you’ve finished the Emerald Rings, you can cross through the Dark Portal and become a Master Jewelcrafter.

Burning Crusade

TBC is where Jewelcrafting opens up to a number of options. At most of the skill level sets below, there are numerous choices of which patterns to cut. For each level range below, you are free to make any combination of the listed cuts, and the choice of what to craft is yours.

300 – 320: Brilliant Golden Draenite, Glowing Shadow Draenite, Inscribed Flame Spessarite, Radiant Deep Peridot, Solid Azure Moonstone, Teardrop Blood Garnet, or Prismatic Black Diamond

TBC also offers a number of Jewelcrafting designs for purchase based on reputation. For your next set of options, it is possible to level entirely using recipes learned from a trainer, but the following designs are also available as rep rewards:

320 – 325: Bold Blood Garnet, Bright Blood Garnet, Gleaming Golden Draenite, Jagged Deep Peridot, Luminous Flame Spessarite, Royal Shadow Draenite, Sparkling Azure Moonstone

325 – 335: Mercurial Adamantite

The next set of cuts also have options which can be purchased as rep rewards. Like before, you can still progress using cuts from a trainer, but the additional rep options are:

335 – 340: Dazzling Deep Peridot, Delicate Blood Garnet, Potent Flame Spessarite, Rigid Golden Draenite, Sovereign Shadow Draenite, Smooth Golden Draenite

340 – 350: Heavy Adamantite Ring

Once you complete this set of rings, you can take the zeppelin to Northrend and reach the final stage: Grand Master Jewelcrafting.


Like in Outland, WotLK offers long periods of leveling where the choice of cut and gem are individually inconsequential, as long as your skill level goes up. Begin by purchasing between 50 and 60 of the WotLK green gems (listed below), and continue crafting until you reach 395.

350 – 395: Any yellow cut of Bloodstone, Chalcedony, Dark Jade, Huge Citrine, Shadow Crystal, or Sun Crystal

395 – 400: Bloodstone Band, Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Crystal Citrine Necklace, or Sun Rock Ring

400 – 420: Stoneguard Band or Shadowmight Ring

420 – 425: Dazzling Forest Emerald

After cutting these Emeralds, the next step is to craft meta gems. While some of these recipes can be learned from trainers, the overwhelming majority are purchased from various vendors with tokens from Dailies or are dropped from mobs throughout Northrend. Read on after the leveling guide to find out more about Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token and the Jewelcrafting daily quests. The non-trainer meta gem designs are:

425 – 440: Austere Earthsiege Diamond, Beaming Earthsiege Diamond, Bracing Earthsiege Diamond, Chaotic Skyflare Diamond, Destructive Skyflare Diamond, Effulgent Skyflare Diamond, Ember Skyflare Diamond, Enigmatic Skyflare Diamond

440 – 441: Icy Prism

441 – 450: Meta gems

  • Until you cap, continue making any of the meta gem cuts. It can take anywhere between 13 and 15 gems, so be patient.

Once you’ve finished your final meta cuts, you’ve capped! Congratulations! Keep reading to find out more about Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token, and how to purchase high level recipes by completing daily quests.

Dailies and Jewelcrafter’s Tokens

To purchase meta gem and epic gem designs, all players will need Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token. Like other professions in WotLK, Blizzard implemented a daily quest and token reward system to purchase new recipes. But, it is especially important for Jewelcrafter, as a large number of endgame recipes come from Tiffany Cartier in Dalaran’s Underbelly.

To begin the daily quests, players will need to speak to Timothy Jones and finish the quest Finish the Shipment once they’ve reached skill level 375. This requires you to bring one Chalcedony to Timothy and will open up all other daily quest options. Each daily involves farming a specific item from different mobs in Northrend and then combining them with two WotLK Uncommon gems.

*Keep in mind that after completing 1 of the daily quests, all others are closed for the day, so it’s advisable to pick your quests based on which gems you have on hand or have easy access to through the AH, an alt, or your guild.*

The complete list of Dailies is:

Epic Gems

Finally, WotLK has 6 different epic gems: Ametrine, Dreadstone, Cardinal Ruby, King’s Amber, Eye of Zul, and Majestic Zircon. These can be prospected from Titanium Ore, found in an Icy Prism, or transmuted by an Alchemist from a blue gem and an Eternal element. Each of these gems is rare on their own, but by purchasing recipes using daily tokens, they can be cut into even more precious forms.

Like most designs, Epic cuts will cost you 4x Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token, meaning you must make sure to choose your recipes wisely. One way to figure out which recipes are most worthwhile is to review price trends on the Auction House or check which raw gems are the cheapest. Another important consideration could be what your guild or PvP team will need or what content is coming up and how players will want to gem for it.

And that’s it! Good luck cutting your gems!


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2 years ago

Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing requires 2 Mithril Bar, not Truesilver Bar

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2 years ago

Hey Amnesiac, good catch! We’ve gotten that updated.

Last edited by Furious
1 year ago

Amulet of the Moon is a much better way to level from 120-150, the recipe is available near the trainer and the mats (lesser moonstone) is extremely cheap compared to moss agate

Last edited by sticky
1 year ago

Excellent guide. Thank you.

Last edited by ggggggggggggggggg
1 year ago

a lot of these are missing the quantities needed. For example Mercurial Adamantite requires 4 Adamantite Powder for each one.

Last edited by matt
2 years ago

HI ty and i thing its better to tell where can find these and from witch OR yo will get them

Last edited by Ivar
6 months ago

Probably one of the worst guides for jc. Vanilla part at least is horrible, half if not more of the items you craft turn yellow/green way before the specified skillpoints the guide tells you to get crafting them. You’re better off just crafting whatever you have orange and see yourself which mats are easier to get. 2/10

4 months ago

Shittiest guide ever, with the counting of mats required. always have to comeback to buy more stuff.

Natasliah Backwards
Natasliah Backwards
1 year ago

1-300 mats are too inaccurate, i used like a half of them to reach 300 & had to sell them back in AH … -.-”

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1 year ago

if you play on pserv there is probably a buff giving you change to up 2 skill points at one craft. Exactly like it is on sunwell for ally race now.

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