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The daily quests available in the Borean Tundra allow you to gain a decent chunk of gold, plus Reputation with The Wyrmrest Accord and The Kalu’ak. All three dailies in this zone are available to both factions. This guide contains both basic info on the daily quests in the Tundra and detailed instructions for completing them.

Walkthroughs – Borean Tundra Daily Quests

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Available to Horde & Alliance

One of the more involved dailies in the area, Drake Hunt has a couple of prerequisite quests, and it’s a bit of a hike to the quest objective.

See Surristrasz (the large orange dragon) in Amber Ledge (45.3, 34.5), who can fly you to Transitus Shield. Once there, you’ll need to start the quest series that begins with Basic Training. This first quest is easy — you just need to kill 10 Coldarra Spellweaver, which can be found all over the Coldarra.

The second quest, Hatching a Plan, is slightly more involved. From Raelorasz, head northwest towards the Nexus — the Dragon Eggs that need to be destroyed for this quest are around coordinates 29, 28. On your way, kill any Coldarra Wyrmkin that you come across, as you’ll need to kill five in order to collect the five Frozen Axes you need to break the eggs.

nexus drake hatchling for borean tundra dailies

Once you’ve turned in Hatching a Plan, Drake Hunt will become available, and you can do it again once per day, albeit for slightly reduced rewards. Once you accept the quest, you’ll receive Raelorasz’s Spear, which you’ll need to use on one of the Nexus Drake Hatchlings found northwest and west of the Nexus. They’re flying fairly high in the air, and can be tricky to distinguish from all the other drakes flapping around. If you’re having trouble targeting a Hatchling, head to the elevator west of the Nexus (22.7, 24.0) and ride it to the top. Hatchlings fly past the top of the platform, and it’s easy to hit them with the spear from up there.

After hitting a hatchling with the spear, don’t attack it — just wait for it to turn friendly, and then return to Raelorasz before the three minute timer on “Drake Hatchling Subdued” expires. Note that you can mount while returning the drake; just make sure it’s following you the whole way back.

Available to Horde & Alliance

  • Quest Giver – Utaik, found in the entrance of Kaskala (63.9, 45.7)
  • Prerequisites – Level 68
  • Objective – Collect 8 Kaskala Supplies
  • Rewards:

An easy daily — unless other people in the area are trying to do it too, in which case it’s a bit of a scramble for the quest objective.

Utaik is easy to find, as he’s by the side of the road as you enter Kaskala with a big blue quest marker over his head. Once you accept the quest, you’ll be able to pick up Kaskala Supplies, which are scattered throughout the zone indicated on your map, and also a lot further out. One area that many players ignore is at 73, 51, east of the village — you can find four Kaskala Supplies here that are often untouched. While you wait for supplies to respawn, you can kill the Kvaldir Raiders that are attacking the village, as there’s a 1% chance they’ll drop supplies.

Available to Horde & Alliance

This daily isn’t too challenging once you learn the proper technique, which we explain in detail below. Additionally, this quest is good practice for Stage 3 of the Malygos encounter.

Before you can pick up the initial version of this daily, you’ll have to do the breadcrumb quest — speak with Librarian Serrah under the Transitus Shield (33.3, 34.5) and accept Corastrasza — you can then fly up to her and turn it in, then accept Aces High!

You’ll need a flying mount to start this quest, since Corastrasza is on the northeastern floating platform near the top of the Nexus. If you want a little bit of extra gold, XP, and rep, you can get the breadcrumb quest Corastrasza from Librarian Serrah under the Transitus Shield before going to see Corastrasza. You’ll need to do the initial version of the quest to unlock the daily, but they’re functionally identical.

location of corastrasza for borean tundra dailies

Once you begin the quest, you’ll be put on a drake that has five abilities (although you’ll only need to use two or three):

  • (1) Flame Spike
  • (2) Engulf in Flames
  • (3) Revivify
  • (4) Life Burst
  • (5) Flame Shield

The targets for this quest are found at the highest level of the Nexus, one level above Corastrasza. Before you engage a drake, make sure you pick one that is at the edge of the group of enemies, and as isolated as possible — you’ll be in trouble if you pick up any adds while fighting a Scalesworn Elite.

The key to not dying during this quest is to keep five stacks of Revivify on you at all times. Get five stacks before you engage the first Scalesworn Elite, and then use the following sequence of abilities: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 5, 3. Repeat this until the Scalesworn Elite is dead! This works because by using the combo points of flame shield, you’re guaranteeing you take little or no damage.

You can also do it the hard way, which is faster but riskier. You still start by getting five stacks of Revivify, but the sequence is instead 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, and you only cast Flame Shield (5) if the Scalesworn Elite casts Arcane Surge. Keep an eye on the spell-casting bar below the enemy portrait, and cast Flame Shield ASAP if you see Arcane Surge channeling.

We hope this guide on Borean Tundra Daily Quests was helpful! If you have suggestions for improvements or strategies you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.


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