wotlk classic pve fury warrior talents, builds & glyphs

There is generally one talent build that Fury Warriors will use throughout the whole expansion, the “standard build” listed below. That build features 2 free talent points that you can place in a variety of different talents. We’ll also be providing 2 alternative talent builds, that can be situationally useful.

Notable Talents

  • Deep Wounds: Extremely important talent that causes a bleed effect on the target based on your critical strikes.
  • Armored to the Teeth: Transforms our Armor into Attack Power. Has an interesting interaction with Indestructible Potion.
  • Rampage: Increases critical strike chance of all party members by 5%. Skip this talent if your raid has a Feral Druid — the crit buff does not stack with their Leader of the Pack.
  • Heroic Fury: Utility Talent used for the benefit of the raid group, used to remove immobilizing crowd control and reset the cooldown of Intervene.
  • Titan’s Grip: The Fury Warrior bread and butter talent, which allows us to dual-wield two-handed weapons, providing a large DPS increase.

Talent Builds

The standard build is a well-rounded Fury Warrior build, offering all of the key talents, such as Rampage, Armored to the Teeth, etc.

Note that this build has 2 spare talent points. This is intentional, as you have a lot of options for where to place those extra talents, all of which are valid.

  • If you want to maximize your damage output, you can place both of those points in Enrage. Note however that Enrage only works on fights where you take damage — for many fights, it just won’t do anything. Thus some people prefer to place these points — including the 1 point I’ve already placed in Enrage — somewhere else instead.
  • As an alternative DPS-boosting option, you can put those 2 talent points in Anger Management or Improved Berserker Rage. You could do 1/1 Anger Management and 1/2 Improved Berserker Rage, or 0/2 and 2/2 respectively; they both offer the same amount of rage, 1 rage per 3 seconds, per point. The only difference is that Anger Management offers its rage passively, while Improved Berserker Rage is active, meaning you need to remember to use it every 30 seconds.
  • Another damage-boosting option is Improved Execute, though this is the weakest of the 3 damage-boosting options.
  • If you want some extra mobility, you can put those 2 talent points in Heroic Fury or Improved Intercept. Both are solid options, though the former is arguably slightly more impactful.
  • If you want to help your team with crowd control when needed, you could take Piercing Howl. There are some fights where having an AoE slow is incredibly useful, with very few classes having that ability as readily available as we do.

I would personally take Heroic Fury & Piercing Howl, though you should feel free to take any 2 talents that fit your playstyle!

Click on the picture below to see the talents in detail.

wotlk classic pve fury warrior talents updated 3

Warriors only have 2 shouts that a raid absolutely needs: Battle Shout & Commanding Shout. Thus, if your raid has more than 2 Warriors, some of you can skip the shout-related talents, placing those talent points elsewhere.

Note that similar to the standard build, this talent build has 2 spare talent points, for you to use in different useful talents as you see fit.

wotlk classic pve fury warrior talents no shouts

Warriors have a 3rd, often forgotten shout: Demoralizing Shout. In many raids, a different player will be responsible for keeping up this debuff, which is why this shout is so commonly forgotten. However, if your raid lacks a Feral Druid f.e. it might be the case that you need to be the one to apply this debuff, and having this talent build will make your shout stronger & easier to apply.

Like with the previous 2 talent builds, this build has 2 spare talents, for you to place in any talent that you see fit.

wotlk classic pve fury warrior talents demoralizing shout


Major Glyphs

Glyph of Whirlwind and Glyph of Heroic Strike are absolute must-have glyphs – use them at all times.

The last glyph slot has 2 options:

  • Glyph of Execution is a great choice for single-target boss fights, giving your Execute a little extra “oomph”. Use this glyph most of the time.
  • Glyph of Cleaving is a stronger option for trash, and against boss encounters with more than 2 enemies. Generally better for speedrunning.

Minor Glyphs

Your 3 minor glyphs should be Glyph of Bloodrage, Glyph of Command and Glyph of Battle. Other glyphs can be considered, but none are particularly great.


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5 months ago

On the arms tree I personally feel it’s better to put the point in tactical mastery instead of iron will to more smoothly switch stances and use some abilities.
On the fury tree unbridled wrath is useless, and enrage can override your death wish and ruin your bursts. Piercing howl will only see use on the LK ghosts and heroic fury won’t see much use either. Instead I pick booming voice and commanding presence.
You can have other builds without the talent that buff your shouts or another that you even skip rampage depending on the raid composition and what talent the other furies got but I go with voices and rampage which is safe regardless of the comp and situation.
As for the glyphs I don’t think execution is worth it since execute isn’t such a high priority so I go with cleaving to save a lot of time on the annoying adds.
This guide is by no means bad or wrong but in my experience of playing for many years on private WotLK servers I find my version a bit smother.

Reply to  MF_V
4 months ago

Even if you have 1 feral i feel like it’s still good to get rampage, so if you or the feral dies the raid still has the buff. This goes for pretty much all raidbuffs, it’s quite easy to bring 2 of most buffs to guarantee their uptime.

I agree on the improved shouts:
Unbridled Wrath really sucks.
Piercing Howl doesnt work on most single-targets where you use Heroic Strike and in AoE situations you should use Cleave, plenty of other classes bring slows anyway.
Improved Cleave only affects the bonus damage (224).

Not sure if i agree on the Cleave vs Execute glyph, but i guess that is mostly a personal preference.
Though if you glyph Cleave you should spec Improved Cleave anyway.

Reply to  MF_V
2 months ago

Hey there, thanks a lot for your constructive feedback! We agree on some of your points, so we update the guide slightly to be a bit more clear on some of that information.

5 months ago

Thanks for the info! Looking forward for future posts :).

5 months ago

For fury in later stages you play with rend weaving inbetween the CD’s if you have no slam procc. You throw out the heroic strike glyph for rend glyph at that stage (mostly only in high crit gear so you don’t get rage starved but with ToC gear you can pretty much hard spamm heroic and dont starve yourself)

5 months ago

Rotation and cooldowns page dosent work… pls fix that

Reply to  kayo808
5 months ago

Should be fixed! Let us know if it still doesn’t work.

3 months ago

Heroic Fury resets INTERCEPT not INTERVENE ???

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