wotlk classic pve fury warrior talents, builds & glyphs

There is generally one talent build that Fury Warriors will use throughout the whole expansion, the “standard build” listed below. However, this guide also features 2 slightly modified versions of the standard build, which provide different situational benefits.

Notable Talents

  • Deep Wounds: Extremely important talent that causes a bleed effect on the target based on your critical strikes.
  • Piercing Howl: Applies the “Daze” effect, which improves the damage of Heroic Strike and offers some small crowd control
  • Armored to the Teeth: Transforms our Armor into Attack Power. Has an interesting interaction with Indestructible Potion.
  • Rampage: Increases critical strike chance of all party members by 5%. Skip this talent if your raid has a Feral Druid — the crit buff does not stack with their Leader of the Pack.
  • Heroic Fury: Utility Talent used for the benefit of the raid group, used to remove immobilizing crowd control and reset the cooldown of Intervene.
  • Titan’s Grip: The Fury Warrior bread and butter talent, which allows us to dual-wield two-handed weapons, providing a large DPS increase.

Talent Builds

The standard build is a well-rounded Fury Warrior build, offering all of the key talents, such as Rampage, Armored to the Teeth and Piercing Howl. This build will be used by most Fury Warriors, but bear in mind, if your raid already has a Feral Druid, you should go for the no Rampage build instead.

wotlk pve fury warrior talents 0

This build is the nearly same as the standard build, with the only difference being trading the point spent in Rampage for an additional point in Enrage. You should be using this build if your raid already includes a Feral Druid, as our Rampage and their Leader of the Pack do not stack, thus the point in Rampage is wasted.

wotlk pve fury warrior talents 1

This build is also similar to the standard build, but plays somewhat differently. It foregoes Piercing Howl, meaning our Heroic Strike deals less damage. However, we take an extra point in Unbridled Wrath, so coupled with the fact that we no longer need to keep up Piercing Howl, this build ends up casting Heroic Strike more often, alas dealing slightly less damage per cast.

wotlk pve fury warrior talents 2


Major Glyphs

Glyph of Whirlwind and Glyph of Heroic Strike are absolute must-have glyphs – use them at all times.

The last glyph slot has 2 options:

  • Glyph of Execution is a great choice for single-target boss fights, giving your Execute a little extra “oomph”. Use this glyph most of the time.
  • Glyph of Cleaving is a stronger option for trash, and against boss encounters with more than 2 enemies. Generally better for speedrunning.

Minor Glyphs

Your 3 minor glyphs should be Glyph of Bloodrage, Glyph of Command and Glyph of Battle. Other glyphs can be considered, but none are particularly great.


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16 days ago

For fury in later stages you play with rend weaving inbetween the CD’s if you have no slam procc. You throw out the heroic strike glyph for rend glyph at that stage (mostly only in high crit gear so you don’t get rage starved but with ToC gear you can pretty much hard spamm heroic and dont starve yourself)

24 days ago

Thanks for the info! Looking forward for future posts :).

16 days ago

Rotation and cooldowns page dosent work… pls fix that

Reply to  kayo808
13 days ago

Should be fixed! Let us know if it still doesn’t work.

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